Nothingness and Happiness Continues

Yesterday my post was about how my answer to the nature of nothingness is happiness....more


As soon as Margie saw Vee kneel next to her to engage with the little boy on the carpet playing with his truck, she knew. She knew the woman was there for a reason. She could feel it.Vee was a dominating presence. She filled a room. Stocky, yet attractive, Vee sat quietly playing with the boy while the rest of the women in the room discussed their ‘mirrors.’...more

Death is a Touchstone

“A soon as we notice that certain types of events "like" to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the attitude of the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy, and even building are based on a "science" of meaningful coincidences. The classical Chinese texts did not ask what causes what, but rather what "likes" to occur with what.” --M.L....more

Cubby's Best Homemade Ice Cream in Town

Went to visit family on the west coast of Florida and wouldn’t you know, his mom craved ice cream! Now ordinarily this would be a great idea, nevertheless the temperature dropped in the 50′s. Well we searched around town and there was the sign and lo and behold it was open, we were tickled....more

Okay, Laurie Hertzel is superior to me in every way and I just have to get over it.

Okay, Laurie Hertzel is superior to me in every way and I just have to get over it.My plan was to take some pictures on my morning walk with the dogs and come back and write a post as nice as the one Laurie Hertzel wrote on Three Dog Blog in which she sees a hawk. But I still haven't located my digital camera (When did I move in?...more

(VIDEO) Celebrate Buddha's Birth! Read Buddhist in Nebraska, The Dalai Grandma, and More

On various days, depending on one's country of residence, at this time of year the celebration of Buddha's birthday takes place. In 1950, the World Federation of Buddhists called on government leaders around the world who had Buddhist communities in their countries to honor Buddha during this time of year. Wikipedia quotes the statement: ...more