A Day Of Appreciation

We know that life has been a little chaotic lately and nothing seems to make sense. Your plans have gone awry due to no fault of your own. It seems as if the universe is not cooperating with you at this time. You've tried to resolve the problems that have come your way, but there are no answers that come to you.  At this point, it's time to pause for awhile and turn things around. Instead of pounding your head against a wall that you can't seem to find, think of all the things that you have at this time that makes your life fortunate....more

Here I Am Still (Poem)

I knew what I wantedWhen I was eighteenI knew what I wanted When I was twenty-twoThings didn't turn out The way I wanted them toThe years have changedAnd I have changed too...more

The Goldilocks Leadership Style

Getting it “just right” for maximum results through others We’ve all heard the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears as a child. How this brave, young girl ventures into the home of a bear family while they are away and samples their food and sleeping amenities. This little girl is somewhat particular and discards 67% of the items she samples. Some food she tastes is too hot, some too cold, and one is ‘just right.” Same with the beds she samples....more

Be The Person Decision Makers Love to Hire and Promote!

Have you ever noticed that some professional women seem to get the best projects, clients, contracts and assignments, and their work is always in demand? Business women looking to move up must be constantly reinventing themselves, determining what skills they possess, acquiring those they need, and broadening their professional goals. Human resource professionals agree that executives consider the following skills and attitudes among the most important in promoting professional growth:...more