Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Making Progress Personally and In Business 1-30-12

There are some great opportunities available to make progress personally and in business.Additionally, those that teach, and radio/television personalities that reach groups will have an advantage today, propelling their cause.Use this persuasive energy while you can.Opposing Energies: procrastination, fear, lazinessThis is a window in time that sparkles opportunities to master yourself with groups and organizations, based upon your marvelous thinking, gift of gab, and even creative writing!...more

2012 and Small Business - Better? Worse? or the Same?

Recently I came across a news item that had me scratching my head. While times have been, well, interesting the last few years, I just don't understand what the doom and gloom is all about. If you predict bad times...guess what you'll get? Bad times. Because you've already pre-written a foregone conclusion. ...more
@BlogHer I say better for sure !more

The 5 Basic Principles on Managing Up

Managing up means focusing on the relationship with your boss to obtain the best results for yourself, for her and for your organization, according to Joanne Murray, Managing Up, An Overlooked Factor in Career Success (2008).  Michael Watkins, in Harvard Business School article: How to Succeed With Your New Boss (2002), says "Managing up is as important as managing down."...more

It Takes An 'Army of Entrepreneurs' To Build A Business

When my daughter was born in 2007, I was overjoyed and terrified. Of course I was nervous about being a first-time mom. But what really scared me was the possibility that the company I had built over a decade might sputter and fail if I diverted my focus, even for an instant....more

Working from Home: A Survivor’s Guide

10 Tips for Women in BusinessWorking from home sounds like the perfect gig. What’s not to like about videoconferencing in your slippers, ditching the daily commute, and getting out from under your boss’s watchful eye? Plenty, actually!...more

Making A Reader Friendly Weblog - What You Need To Realize

Creating your initial blog can be confusing, and most likely couple of beginners consider creating their weblog reader friendly. Accomplishing that feat will go far to guarantee you numerous returning visitors if you offer great value to them. That sounds simple and it can be relatively simple, however it takes sincere effort and correct attitude. But it all starts with making your existing readers feel good about your weblog....more

2011 week one down

Its been a long first week, I was out sick, was told to stay home from the restaurant by the doctor.  My employees all tried to step up to the plate but you know how that goes for some when the cats away the mice will play.  I should point one person to be in charge and only one and tell the rest not to call me.  I am hoping for a better years, I first have to get myself bailed out of bad choices made the past year.  Taxes, management, cheange of menu, hours etc.  Its hard making it as a small business with no working capitol, just what you bring in.  I have op...more


In June of 2011 I created a blog called Beautiful Dawn Designs (named after my mom). Initially, it started off as a creative space; a place where I could share my latest graphic designs. However, I've recently found myself dedicating more and more time to designing. What started off as my personal creative outlet, has now become a part-time job (I wish all work could be this fun!)....more

New Year, New Goals

Last year you took the leap and started your own business, or maybe you embraced your inner entrepreneur and set out to start your own business this year. Either way, you've been focusing on what it means to look to the future and set goals. This has been a hot topic with clients over the last month: looking to 2012 and going for it. Whatever "it" is, this is the year they want to step out and step up their game....more

Six Business Points That Getting Stuck In The Snow Taught Me

 Pretty evening view out the hotel window. The streets are iced....more