Who is Your Ideal Client? (You Might Be Surprised...)

I love Aha moments... more than potatoes mashed with a pound of real butter... more than snoring puppies sleeping soft-belly up... more than baby violet crocuses punching through the last bit of spring snow.A few weeks ago I was coaching a client through some business "muck," and I asked her to write an ideal client profile....more

Tips for New Business Owners

This is a checklist for small business owners who don’t have a business degree. Other business professionals might fall out of their seat reading this because it might imply that starting a business is as simple as a checklist. This list merely skims the surface of a bottomless ocean. But let’s face it, thousands of people out there start businesses with no help, advice, guidance or business degree. So, here you go. As a small business owner, you need to have these marketing bases covered:...more

Transform Failure into Success

Imagine for a moment how differently you would feel about your life if you weren’t afraid of failing.Napolean Hill wrote that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.Fear of failure. We’ve all been there. I know I have. It creates this frozen feeling, a paralysis that disconnects you from the flow of life....more

Words from an Entrepreneurial College student

So many people have brilliant business ideas, some that are executed and some that are not.  I’m here to tell you to risk failure and find that entrepreneurial spirit.  My name is Erica, and I’m a bored 20 year old college student who started XOXO Hint (www.xoxohint.com).  There are many logistics that go into creating a business, but if you have a passion in it, you will find it addicting. ...more

5 Things to Think About Before Slamming a Business on Social Media

Social media is awesome- you can vent about life, politics, post pics of family, post inspiring quotes, right your wrongs and air your dirty laundry. Since Yelp and Google came along, everybody is a reviewer of everything. Business owners need to be on their toes at all times because if someone sees something wrong in your business, they are snapping a pic and blasting on social media about how badly you suck....more

5 Tips to succeed with FRANCHISE!

For many, the dream of opening his own company starts with a franchise. Being part of a network can be interesting for first-time entrepreneurs who need support to develop business plans and learn how to run a business....more

10 Efficient Ways to Successfully Market Your Business on Instagram

It's official. Instagram is now bigger and has more users than Twitter. You know what that means, right? ...more

Why Did Target Suck at Being Canadian?

Is it possible to be stunned and not at all surprised at the same time? That's how I feel about Target's sudden announcement that they are closing all 133 stores in Canada. ...more
jtwpg Yeah, the internet can be crazy sometimes! :)more

You can be successful and not worry about making everyone happy (at the same time!)

One of the biggest stressors of owning a business is a mash-up of making the grand attempt of doing it all. You’re the force behind your business and you want to give everyone the best of what you do, you want that good work to spread and grow your business. But, there is a reality to it:You simply can’t do it all.It is impossible to make everyone happy....more