The Requirements For Providing A Good Credit Card Application Report

The business credit card has a high efficiency when it comes to granting, obtaining, and expending loans. There are application forms that must be filled by the applicant who applies for business credit card and it can be done with the use of internet. The customer is granted a line of credit that he can access and expend when he/she is in need. Some of the customer possesses good records of credit history. The limit for the credit will automatically rise then; the increase of the loan amount will be attained by exerting much effort....more

Why Do Women Under Charge?

At the last few Rockin Mompreneur Eventswe covered a sensitive but HUGE topic on why women under charge for their products/service. Why do we feel that our business, products, services are not worthy? Why do we feel that no one will pay for what it is worth? Why do you give huge discounts and then in return put yourself in a position where you make nothing? Let me tell you that I am here to change your mindset about how you charge....more

How to Build Strong Customer Relationships

A small business without customers is like summer without the beach, winter without hot chocolate, spring without flowers, and fall without pumpkin spice flavored... well, everything. The customers make small business possible. And accordingly, small business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to gain and keep customers. Forming strong relationships with your customers from the get-go is the best thing a business can do. If a customer feels a strong attachment to your business, they will certainly return for more. ...more

Motivation: You Can Start Living The Dream

Moving forward requires three things: preparation, dedication and revelation. To succeed, you must depend upon God for direction daily. - Thomas Dexter Jakes...more

5 Ways Social Media Could Be Hurting Your Business

At the next Rockin Mompreneur event I will be discussing how to build your business using social media. Today’s post is equally important....more

Do I Need to Invest in Technology for My Start-Up?

When I started my cupcake business in November 2012 I used three things to get me going – my laptop, a £20.00 hand-whisk and a second-hand mobile phone.  It takes very little by way of investment in technology to start most businesses these days - maybe this is why in November 2012 alone over 9000 start-ups were born in the UK?  One thing holding many of us back from starting that freedom business...more

Make Your Business Successful - Work According To A Plan

It is thrilling to make your business successful by working according to a plan.  Almost everyone has heard the expressions, "prepare for war in the time of peace" and "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Both these expressions, are a perfect ways to describe how you should work for the success of your business. No matter what the business type, from a small mom blog to a Fortune 500 company, in order to be successful, a business has to operate according to a plan....more

We're Already Leaning In

The lower level of the Beacon Hotel in Washington, DC, thrums with enthusiasm.At table after table, everyone from CEOs and academics to developers and policy wonks swap stories of surviving sequestration, jockeying for promotions, and the art of snagging that corner office. With every shared anecdote comes another chance to network; each handshake ideally ends with an exchange of business cards and a promise to reconnect later....more

Commit to Making Your Business a Success By Showing Up Each Business Day

It is thrilling to commit to making your business a success by showing up to work each business day. If you ask most employers what they want most from an employee, one thing that will almost always make the list is for the employee to be dependable and show up to work each day. After all, employees are needed to do the tasks that make the business run. Interestingly, many entrepreneurs do not show up at their own businesses each day. They fail to show up literally and figuratively. This is a mistake that should be avoided, period....more