Raising rates? But why?

Do you have a degree in nutrition? If not, you might want to check out the laws in your state to ...more

LinkedIn’s Newest Features for Businesses (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote about the newest features that professionals can use on LinkedIn.  One of the topics I discussed is how LinkedIn is enhancing its platform and reaching new target audiences. One of those target audiences is business owners. In this part, I will focus on the features LinkedIn provides to businesses to help them establish their LinkedIn Company Page....more

Self-Employed But Not Self-Interested: Female Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are starting trends that extend beyond their bottom line. These women are the owners of start-ups that create businesses or organizations that give back. Through this social work, their businesses become even more impactful as local communities and economies depend on these women. So what is it that drives these them? More than just maternal instinct, logical decision-making combined with compassion for a cause sets a standard for savvy women and men around the world....more

I have no idea what I'm doing (but maybe that's okay)

Laser Launch blog party (part deux) is a collection of behind-the-scenes stories of online busines...more

HAPPY ... Dance along

The feel-good post of the year! Check it out! HAPPY ... Dance along.http://www.blazonlaurels.com/happy-dance-along/ Hollan McBride, M.A.Corporate Engagement OfficerBlazon Laurelswww.BlazonLaurels.com...more

How to Get Organized Fast for Tax Season

Welcome to March Madness AKA the month that many a small business owner, entrepreneur, and freelancer will spend frantically diving through months of receipts, documents, and additional necessary paperwork to get organized to file their business taxes in April. While the expectation here is that all documents have been some filed accordingly throughout the year, the reality is usually a bit more scattered....more

3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From "Frozen"

Even though it came out right around Thanksgiving last year, I can’t quite seem to “let it go” when it comes to the Disney film Frozen just yet. It can be pretty easy to dismiss Disney films as being for kids only, but these movies pack a pretty powerful punch when it comes to teaching lessons about friendship, family, and leadership....more
Wow ! Couldn't agree more I loved the way you have correlated the insights from the movie Frozen ...more

10 Ways of Making Money Online

Are you searching for ways to make money from home? Luckily, chances of starting to earn online are immeasurable. These are real jobs with real effort rewards and not those websites that require you spending the whole day in front of a computer with little earnings.1.      Tutoring...more

"I Don't Care About You": Thoughts on Accessibility and Disability Sensitivity

When I see buildings with a low degree of accessibility, outdoor wheelchair ramps covered with accumulated ice and snow, buildings with power doors or elevators that aren't functioning, stores that use aisles as display space for merchandise which makes the store difficult to navigate, I wonder if the people in charge of the building really realize what kind of message I, as a disabled person, come away with. ...more
benzeknees You're dealing with some difficult issues here. Sizism and ableism often walk hand in ...more