Entrepreneur at the age of 7

Read the full post about Lily Harwick (age 7) and her company Lily's Looms. Lets help her get her business and dreams launched!http://stephperson.com/lilyharwick Stephanie Person ~ Rockin Mompreneurwww.StephPerson.com...more

Lightening in a Bottle

How to Hire the Right Sales Executive

Finding good sales people might be more challenging than you realize, especially since there are specific characteristics that you need to consider before hiring a new employee or a sales manager. Successful sales teams can be a huge asset to any business, as they form part of the driving force that helps to grow the organization into a profitable, sustainable one.Working with Sales Executives...more

What You Need to Know Before Going into Business with a Girlfriend

Two close gal pals leaving the corporate world behind in favor of creating their own start-up together, selling a product they’re passionate about and being their own bosses. If it sounds like a dream come true, it’s actually a reality I see fairly often. Whether it’s a means of generating extra revenue on the side, finding fulfillment in addition to being a mom, or just filling a need or service that you noticed was previously not being met, starting your own business always has a laundry list of advantages....more

Seven Company Trends for 2014

The business world is changing rapidly. The Internet, social media and other technology continue to dominate sales and marketing as traditional companies fall by the wayside. To remain a leader in your company's area of expertise, it will be imperative in 2014 to keep informed and at the forefront of current and upcoming trends. Here are seven ideas on how business developments are shaping up for 2014.The Importance of Dynamic Content...more

State of Women in Tech

Inspiration and Advice For Women Who Want to Achieve Success in a Seemingly Male-dominated FieldThe field of tech and related industries has long been a male-dominated sphere. 2012 figures say only 9% of CIO’s are female, which is a dismal number. It is common knowledge that women tend to pick college majors other than technology, and few of those who take up tech related majors reach high corporate positions in the field....more

3 Leadership Resolutions Business Owners Need in 2014

Just as your friends and family are making their resolutions to wake up earlier, get a little exercise every day, and to eat out less, you are making your resolutions for how to better run your business next year. Much of running a business shows in how you lead your team. Without a solid, happy, and engaged team behind you, running a business can prove to be a near impossible task.Kick off 2014 with an army of employees behind you, ready to charge the New Year and boost your business with these three resolutions!Pay attention to the little things. ...more
Great post, Deborah! I especially like #3 because empathy is definitely one of the key qualities ...more

Utilizing Business Travel

My husband travels often for business. Most of the time he drives to his out of town clients, however he sometimes has to fly. His work requires that we pay for his business expenses upfront and then submit an expense report to be reimbursed. At first I wasn't happy with this arrangement. He incurs thousands of dollars of business expenses each month, and the thought of fronting this is daunting. But after a couple months it became clear that this arrangement worked to our advantage....more

Book Review: ‘Storytelling: The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism” by Rudy A. Mazzocchi

Storytelling isn’t only for writers or Hollywood producers, and this book is a great resource for people who are starting a business or venturing into the world of entrepreneurship....more