Leaders are Superior Deciders

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are faced with endless decisions. The effect of every decision can impact the forward motion of the organization, address critical business needs or simply keep operations steadfast.  Decisions are part of the bosses daily to do list.  How decisions are made reflects your effectiveness and judgement....more

Motives Cosmetics Full Coverage Makeup

I just had to share with you all just how WONDERFUL the Motives cosmetics line is. As you can see, this young lady had a tattoo on her back and we used Motives foundation and it completely covered her tattoo....more

Reading Between the Lines

I’m not good at reading between the lines. Vagueness or ambiguity is totally lost on me. That’s probably why I was not too good at dating.  Never understood why guys could not be honest and direct enough to say, “You’re nice but I’d just rather be friends”.  Tough words to hear, but much better than waiting to see if he’s going to call you again. ...more

Undooced: Fired Because You Don't Blog -- Or Your Employer Doesn't Know You Blog?

Some of you noticed a post that went up Friday and then later in the day mysteriously disappeared. Yeah, hey, my bad. Despite what you might expect from a blogger I'm really a pretty private person and it was too much too soon. Deep breaths. Let's try this again and see if I can leave it up for good. ...more
Was blogging a part of your job desriptionmore

Wrap It Up Days

In the past, I have had the pleasure of working in Sales and Marketing departments for some pretty interesting organizations. As an entrpreneur who is about to relaunch my site, and co-owner of a full design studio, I still find that I am very much wearing my sales hat....more

What’s Your BlogHer ’12 Follow Up Strategy?

After all the parties are over, you’ve traveled home, and recovered from re-entry into regular life, what’s next? What is your plan to follow-up on the connections you made and put what you learned into action? It’s all in the follow-up.  Whenever you attend a live event it is only a start to the work that will follow. You’ve made some new connections, deepened existing relationships, and learned a ton.  So what are you going to do with it? Here is a –4-part system for taking action without overwhelming the heck out of yourself. ...more
 @Laine Griffin Great plan!  Taking time to work "on" the business is so critical, and so few do ...more

110 Short and Snappy New Solo Business Owner Tips

Woa! Before you scan down the page. This little list is my list. These are my thoughts based on my experiences. I hope you have a very different list, you do don't you? Go ahead and share them in the comments,when you get there. ...more
Ah, love this list- especially the points about not building on someone else's land and taking a ...more

I am a sex worker

I am a business woman, an entrepreneur, a CEO of my own company; and sweeter than coca cola and Pepsi combined. I am a sex worker - a paid companion. ...more

Starting a New Business? Take a Vacation.

Today I wrote a blog post about why I'm forcing myself to slow down and actually take a vacation right after starting my new consulting business. Working women: What do you think about this? Is it hard for you to take a break?...more

I'd Like To Turn In My Cape, Please

I am not Super Mom. I tried to be, believe me. It seems like these days when you leave the hospital with your new little bundle of joy, you also get a cape packed in with the coupons for diapers and formula. ...more
 @ActivityHero Why thank you! :)more