The Turkey is Dead, the Belly Button is Gone, and Other News from Yosemitebear Mountain Farm

These California days have been bright and sunny with billowy clouds like children draw.  Where is the winter?  More worrisome, where is the rain?...more

Foto Friday #17 - Beachin' It

Ahh. It’s Friday again. One more week closer to spring, warmer weather and Vegas! Since I’m dreaming of warmth on this bitter day in New England, my photo for today’s Foto Friday is just what I feel like staring at today.Let’s begin shall we… ...more

10 Stereotypes You Face When Traveling Globally as a American-Californian Woman

stephliebold heheh Yes I guess so! I'd actually prefer Dr Dre's 'California' to Katy Perry's ...more

Day Trip to Catalina Island

We woke up Saturday morning with no plans at all. Around 8am (yes, we are early birds!) we decided that a day trip to Catalina Island sounded fun....more
Wow-great guide. I'm moving to Phoenix in June and we will try for a weekend trip to San Diego ...more

Let It Rain

 Well, it happened! We had our first rain in what literally feels like forever. Let’s be clear, it was more like a mist! Regardless, we seized the day (you only live once, right) and we enjoyed every second....more

It Matters That I Run. It Matters That You Do Too.

 I’ve always been a fighter for the public interest, making a difference through my work as an attorney and legislative advocate, but I never planned to run for office. To impact women’s underrepresentation in elected office, I joined groups like Emerge California and EMILY’s List, which are designed to train and support the next generation of women elected officials. I’ve campaigned for Representatives Julia Brownley and Lois Capps in California and strong women like Senator Elizabeth Warren on the national stage....more
Congratulations, Sandra Fluke, on all of your campaign successes thus far.  You are a role model ...more

Back from California

 We just got back from visiting our son and daughter-in-law in California. Beautiful sunny weather and a great visit.  Grown children are such a blessing. We talked and talked about lots of things, global to personal. We are very blessed....more

Wineducation: Go Californian

You may follow what is trending on twitter, buy the latest “it” shoes from Nordstroms, or covet the newest must-have gadgets, but do you devote any time to what is trending in the world of wines?   Admittedly, I am an on-again-off-again wine trend follower. I enjoy visiting Google News and typing  “wine” in the search queue to see what interesting tidbit of information pops up, but for the most part the job of mom-wife-wine drinker is a lot to handle, so the wine trends fall off my radar....more

Fly Girl in Training: Short cross country practice

 Mid-December cross country flight over Lake Berryessa in Northern California. ...more

Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes Of The Sportmen's Lodge Up Do

Hotel With Rat Pack Past Gets New Glamor & Tech For Today's Guests....more