My weekly ramble

Campbell downtownPublishing a post every got a bit challenging this weekend. It's hard to take the time to post something good when you're planning and celebrating your birthday party. My post from yesterday was a bit blah. Happy birthday to me! We had a wonderful night with close friends, champagne and cake at midnight and with lots of laughter and dancing and almost no political conversations. And today my family and I rode our bikes to Campbell downtown for a birthday brunch (acute lack of clean dishes)....more

My weekly ramble

Ewoldsen TrailJulia Pfeiffer Burn State Park, Big Sur, California...more

My 3 favorite spots to eat in Big Sur

This was my NaBloPoMo entry for November 5th, but somehow it didn't go through yesterday. It still counts to me, since I posted it on my blog yesterday ;-) ...more

The Real Cost of Living in California

They say home is where the heart is…but what if your heart can’t afford to live there?I hail from California, but moved to Washington nearly two years ago. Usually, someone gets pretty excited when they hear this. They picture clear, blue oceans and pristine beaches filled of happy, smiling people who all get along with one another. They also picture celebrities walking around and glamorous cities. In other words, they picture brochure versions of San Diego and Los Angeles....more
I'm originally from Seattle but live in Canada. I've dreamed of living in California my whole ...more

The All New Winter Fest Comes to Orange County

 The weather has dropped by a few degrees and Southern Californians are bundling up and preparing for winter!  And why not?  There are so many great things to look forward to.  Ice skating, ice tubing, holiday m...more

7 Weird Things About California

California is certainly the Golden State, what with being sunny practically year-round. It’s the land of sunshine, beaches, and the famous In-N-Out. Not only is it one of the most popular states in the entire country, but it also has some pretty weird quirks that make it sound out from the rest.These are seven of those weird quirks:...more

Flowers in a drought

Despite the blessedly beautiful storm clouds covering my neighborhood right now, California is in a terribly, ugly, awful, persistent drought. Thinking about the lack of water and related consequences gives me heartburn at night, and we've made extra efforts to be water conscious around Redden manor. Short showers. Saving grey water. Letting the lawn die.What I won't give up? Flowers, tomatoes, and trees....more

The Turkey is Dead, the Belly Button is Gone, and Other News from Yosemitebear Mountain Farm

These California days have been bright and sunny with billowy clouds like children draw.  Where is the winter?  More worrisome, where is the rain?...more

Foto Friday #17 - Beachin' It

Ahh. It’s Friday again. One more week closer to spring, warmer weather and Vegas! Since I’m dreaming of warmth on this bitter day in New England, my photo for today’s Foto Friday is just what I feel like staring at today.Let’s begin shall we… ...more

10 Stereotypes You Face When Traveling Globally as a American-Californian Woman

stephliebold heheh Yes I guess so! I'd actually prefer Dr Dre's 'California' to Katy Perry's ...more