Should You Worry About Counting Calories?

As a Dietitian, I'm used to friends and family coming to me with their nutrition concerns. Recently, a friend told me, quite dismayed, that her favorite quinoa bowl contains over 1,000 calories. Looking confused, she asked, "Isn't quinoa healthy?" I told her that the amount of calories in a food doesn't determine its nutritional value. Instead, nutrient density should determine the health value of a food. ...more
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Think Before You Drink That Protein Drink

Ok, so I've been going to early morning spin which means I come scooting into the house just in time to get Lil Man ready for pre-school and Hubby out the door for work. Sometimes I get a shower; sometimes I don't. And breakfast, well that has to be something super quick and on-the-go.Lately I've been getting a protein shake from the gym. I love them. I do. I have them make it with chocolate instead of vanilla. I mean they taste so good. But then I started thinking. You know, maybe they taste a little too good?...more

5 Yoga Poses That Will Burn Calories

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... each one associated with food, food, and more food. Prime your body to burn more calories with these five dynamic yoga videos. The best part is that you can do these poses at home, and continue them for the whole year. ...more
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Beginner's Guide to Calories and Fitness

Trying to figure out why you aren’t losing weight, or getting the results you want from your fitness routine can be frustrating.  Or even if you’re new to this stuff and just don’t know where to start, sometimes just giving up can seem like the easiest way to deal with it all.  It’s all really not that complicated, it just takes a little effort, some research, and some serious determination....more

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

All Calories Are Not Created Equal...more

Please Don't Starve Me

When you don't feed your body properly or you think that by not eating you will lose more weight, you are actually doing the opposite of want you really want to happen.  If your body thinks that you are starving it or if you don't eat (on a regular basis)  it will conserve or hold on to your fat for the energy that it needs to work.  Actually, if you eat a larger amount of healthy food instead a smaller amount of unhealthy food, you will lose weight. ...more

Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly?

When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of my grandparents, and I would visit them almost daily. I especially loved the barbeques in the summer. Grandpa would always buy watermelon and Grandma would make a pie. There were times when I would fill up my plate with the goodies but wouldn’t be able to eat it all and my Grandpa would ask, “Were your eyes bigger than your belly”? This term meant, you thought you could eat more than your belly could hold. As kids, we would seldom overeat....more

How to Eat to Support Your Exercise Routines

Maintaining the proper nutrition to support your workout is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will provide you with the energy you need to keep going. Learn how to fuel your body for an intense workout and make the most out of your exercise routine....more

Tortilla Soup Has NO Calories

Okay, technically tortilla soup does have calories, but I'm a bit amazed at how few.  The chicken broth base has next to nothing.  The gobs of vegetables we added has next to nothing.  The chicken we cooked and threw in is really what did it and even that was pretty minimal for an evening meal.  Of course, tortillas in tortilla soup could certainly up the calories, but we forgot to put those in and never even noticed they were missing- the soup was THAT good.So this starts opening up the world of foods for me....more

Losing Weight is No Easy Thing

I watched the Biggest Loser a few times and recognized that what they were doing was hard stuff, but not until I finally decided to lose weight did I fully understand just how hard it is to do what the contestants have been doing.I am lucky in that I was given a chance to stay home with my kids and not work for a period of time.  Working, taking care of life and taking care of myself wasn't happening and I'd been slowly and steadily gaining weight.So, beginning on January 3, 2012 I became a stay at home mom with enough time to finally focus on myself!...more