The Freedom To Be

Remove all boundaries that keep you from being whoever you want to be. There are no rules, but your own that prohibit you from being unique. You claim to know yourself and who you are meant to be, yet you've only just skimmed the surface of your potential. Even if you were to know all, there is still a part of you that hides, even from yourself. When you are able to acknowledge all parts of yourself, then everything is possible. Every day you have the opportunity to impact the world, but for today it's just about being comfortable with who you are....more

I'm Finally Ready to Blog....about my Daddy

I’ve been trying to write a blog.  A blog about my Daddy.  It’s taken me a few days to fall apart, pick myself up, fall back apart and start again.Daddy told me he had lung cancer on 6/7.  I remember I sat on my deck for 2 hours after that – crying.  How did we not know?  How?  He just had pneumonia….it’s Lung Cancer?  Then it became stage 4.  Stage 4.  I again, just sit and stare.  Stage effing 4 Lung Cancer.  In MY awesome Daddy?  No way....more

New Beginnings

If you could begin again, at what point would that be? What would you do that would be so different from what you have already done? Would you know more than what you know at this time? Would all your experiences, all the people you have met, the special moments be gone from your memory? When you make wishes of this magnitude, do you think about the consequences? Of course not, that is the purpose of "What if's". Going back in time gives you a break from the realities of life. But it's only by going back to the past, that you realize the gifts you are seeking are right in front of you....more

Clearing The Air

Sometimes you may feel as if your head is in the clouds. Your thoughts are muffled and making decisions is harder than usual. It's not as if anything around you has changed. It's just a feeling that all is not right. As if you are flowing against the universal energy and are getting tired of the never ending struggle. Hard as you try you can't seem to think clearly. It may be that at this time, you need to slow down and get back to nature. Take off your shoes and feel the grass growing beneath your feet. Walk in the park and be around the animals....more

A Quiet Voice

Many believe that the louder they yell the more attention they will receive. This may be true, but at what point do others stop listening because all they hear is noise from a disgruntled person. As children, we throw tantrums to get our way, but soon we are ignored. Yelling is not effective because no one can hear what you have to say. What is the point of all the drama, if there is no purpose. It is human nature to listen, so use a quiet voice so others will have to concentrate on what it is that you have to say....more

Who Are You?

Three simple words, yet so challenging. Most would say that they know who they are and where they are going, but when asked the question "Who are you?" didn't know how difficult it would be to respond. It makes you stop and really think about who you are. How do you begin to answer this? Because it's such a simple question, you would think it would be easy to respond to but yet where do you begin to describe all that you are. How long do you think it would take you to answer? There are so many ways that you can respond to this question. But how would you describe yourself?...more

Sweet Memories: Remembering the Sugar in the Sour Moments of Grief

Image from Courtney's blog,

Where Your Path Leads You

Why is it that you need to know exactly where you are supposed to be? If you were to just follow your path with faith, think of what you could experience?  You second guess yourself, questioning the insights you get. You no longer seem to hear the spirit within you. You follow a path that you have created. A path that is comfortable and safe, which has led you in circles. You have avoided experiencing new things because it will take you out of your comfort zone. But what scares you, may be the best thing for you....more
@camii I walked a very similar path when I was younger. I wish you well on your journey to find ...more

Getting Back Time Lost

As hard as you try, you can't recapture time. Special moments that mean so much will eventually fade as time goes on. You are left with only snapshots of time gone by. Pictures of not only the good times, but difficult times as well. But what about those moments that you wish you could do over. Mistakes being made that you know if you had the chance, you could do better. Saying "I'm sorry" to those who deserved an apology, but pride got in the way. Helping those who needed your help, but you were too busy. If only, you could go back and be the person who you are today....more
What a beautiful reminder, Cari.  Thanks for this.more

The Voice Of Compassion

Although you may try to live a compassionate life, it may not be so easy. Many would say that life gets in the way and though they try to be compassionate to others, it is difficult. We agree that it is challenging when you are reacting to others. You are like a mirror, reflecting what is being directed at you. But what if you were to take the mirror down and face others as yourself. Creating a strong foundation for yourself, you will be able to with stand any negativity that comes your way....more