Friday Wrap-Up

This week has flown by far too quickly. A few extra hours in the day would not be frowned upon. I have been enjoying this warmer weather, but I pretty sure that it's done now.House is up for sale, again. Hoping for a quick & painless sale. The process is annoying and tiring but when I get aggravated and impatient with the process, I have to remember that it's a means to an end....more

Device Used In Hysterectomies Might Have Caused Cancer

Device Used In Hysterectomies Might Have Caused CancerAll women need to read this! Even if you aren’t going to have a hysterectomy, you’ll probably know someone who is, sooner or later.There’s been some lawsuits filed for this problem. The American Recall Center has all the information. ...more

When Your Mom Friend is Living Your Worst Nightmare

I was a worrier before I had kids, so imagine what happened to my worry when I popped out two in one shot. Then double it. Then double it again. I worry about EVERYTHING. One of them has a bruise, I’m convinced it’s leukemia. I get a cough for a few days, it’s lung cancer. Someone complains of a headache, it’s a brain tumor. Basically I’m terrified that everything in my life is an indicator of cancer....more

One Year

One year today.  I lost my daddy.  To cancer.One whole year.How did that happen?  It seems like last week, some days.  Last week.Others?  A million years.  So much can happen in one year....more

Torsion is Better Than Cancer

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I was too worried to concentrate.My friend Sweet Pea was on a gig far from home when she had monster pain in her abdomen. She has PCOS and it felt like another cyst was busting, which is hella ouchy. She took herself to an urgent care center and they did an ultrasound.The doctor made a frowny face....more

We are so proud: He graduated at the bottom of the class.

My cousin will graduate from the nursing program at Ball State University today. Last night I went to the pinning ceremony and was the first to stand in ovation when the audience was invited to acknowledge the accomplishments of the 2008 baccalaureates. I stood because she is one of the dearest people in my life. I stood because she has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and despite all, she has achieved her dream. I stood because she is graduating with honors at the top of her class....more

New evidence that "Chemo Brain" is real

If you've struggled with the brain fog that accompanies chemotherapy, you know: "Chemo brain" is real. But it never hurts to have a little scientific proof backing you up!Researchers from West University School of Medicien and West Virginia University Hospitals witness changes to brain function after chemo, including major decreases in brain metabolism.Specifically, the noticed that the regions of the brain that used less energy after chemo were the ones responsible for plannng and prioritizing. Ready for the REALLY serious stat? ...more