Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula

Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula My name is Lesley Everest, and I am a wildly successful doula....more

Beating the Odds and Surviving

Cancer. The word no one wants to hear. ...more

#HealingStories at BlogHer '15: The Power of Sharing Our Health Journeys Online [full recording]

Storytelling has the power to heal. Sharing our unique health experiences with others can help us cope and can also help many other women on their own unique path to healing.   Care To The People's "The Healing Power of Stories" luncheon at BlogHer '15 in New York City brought together bloggers living with medical conditions as well as bloggers caring for someone facing health issues to discuss how sharing their health journey online has helped them cope....more

Life Changing Decisions

When I walked into the genetic counselor's office last week, I fully believed that I was going to hear that there was absolutely no problems with the test results that I'd had done. I mean, I'm the kind of person that can be visibly as sick as sick can be and yet, my blood work will miraculously look like I'm well enough to run a marathon....more

The Healing Power of Stories: Why Sharing Our Health Journey Matters

Storytelling has the power to heal.My grandma, a woman who spent her life volunteering in hospitals and passed away after a challenging journey with pancreatic cancer, found strength and community in the experiences that she shared.  While she died long before blogging became popular, the memory I have of her delivering flowers to patients or sharing her favorite food tips to ease cancer symptoms, reminds me of the power of stories to heal and connect....more

Buy A Book for A Good Cause!

I’ve posted this before, but it bears repeating.See Sandy James. See Sandy’s husband. See Sandy’s husband fight cancer. Look. Look at the medical bills pile up. Up. Up. Up. See Sandy write. See Sandy write books. Look at you buy Sandy’s books! Look at the medical bills being paid! Look at you being a good person with a new book!...more

Rural women access early cancer screening in Turkey

Cross-posted from UN Women ...more

1 in 8 Thrive! Food and Lifestyle for Women with Breast Cancer launches

This weeks featured recipe is Mom's Lucky Sticky Rice in honor of Chinese New Year.  Check out for more healthy recipes and empowering stories....more

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