Leanne’s Canning Adventures: Pie Filling

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I canned my first batch of pickles....more

End of Spring, Beginning of Everything

Happy 1st day of Summer!The goslings, are almost grown up. They were running, wanting nothing to do with me. They probably thought I wanted to steal their babies.Just a couple of weeks ago. Two families sharing the space....more

Pickled Onions, Jalapeños and Cucumbers

Pickled Onions, Jalapeños and CucumbersRecipe from The TableIt has been so cold outside lately that I haven’t wanted to leave the house. Even Maja (the cat) refuses to go outside. Instead, I’ve been turning to a few indoor projects like painting and canning. I’m definitely better at the latter....more

DIY Christmas Gift: Wine Jelly.

 Christmas is less than two weeks away, which, for me, is pretty sad....more

Canning & Preserving Base Camp

 Canning & Preserving Base CampWelcome to my blog!  Leave feedback in the Comment section at the bottom of the blog.  Enjoy! Needed: -Mason Jars with two-piece lids (1st piece: flat metal disk with a rubber gasket -        2nd piece: screw-on band made for holding the flat metal disk in place)...more

World-Famous Dill Pickles

Yes, they really are "World-Famous".  Just try them to find out why! http://threeheadedchef.blogspot.com/2013/06/toms-world-famous-dill-pickles.html Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)http://threeheadedchef.blogspot.com/...more

Canning Dry Beans at Home

There was a time when I could not fathom the reasons for canning beans at home.  In their dry state beans are already shelf stable, after all.  And they keep longer than their canned counterparts to boot.  But then I had kids.  Kids who grew to have friends and interests and extracurriculars and the propensity for making great messes.  Kids who started to take upentirely too much of my time and mental capacity....more

Canning Meat at Home

While I certainly wouldn't tell you to pass up the opportunity to put a few jars of venison in your pantry should you have the chance (it's a scrumptious treat), just about any type of meat you can think of is cannable, and there's something to be said for having a quick meal on the shelves regardless of variety....more

Whistle While You Work...or Cook

Well, the summer nights are over in Oklahoma and with the onset of freezing temperatures comes...work! Monday evening of this week hubby and I realized we had just a few short nights to finish completely cleaning out our garden....more