When the Fear of Rejection Becomes too Strong…Fight it with Care

It’s so easy to fall into the too-cool-for-school way of living life. And for many people, it’s more than just a teenage phase.In today’s episode of Soultiply TV, we are diving into the nitty-gritty of what it means to care, and how we can boost the amount of passion we feel in our own lives.WANT MORE?!...more

Obamacare: You Decide What You Pay For

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it is more commonly called “Obama Care”, was instituted in March of 2010 with the promise of increasing the quality and affordability of health insurance. The main goal was to lower the rate of uninsured by expanding insurance coverage and reduce the costs of healthcare for the people and the government....more

10 Good Things About Being An Empty Nester

There was a time when I took pride in the fact that my house was one of the busiest (and noisiest) on the street. I had four children of my own, took care of five others during the after school hours, and maintained a revolving door for all the neighborhood kids to come over whenever they chose.     On one particular rainy afternoon, I counted seventeen kids (ranging in age from 10-17) in my matchbox-sized home. I'm convinced that this is when my love for margaritas began....more

You & Your Lingerie -- Making your relationship last longer

 LINGERIE. What’s the big deal about lingerie? Technically aren’t they’re just underwear? Which means you wear them under clothing, hence, no one else sees them right? – WRONG....more

Caring for a Primrose

The Primrose is an amazing beauty to add color to your house, or a shaded part of your lawn.  After reading this guide, even the first time gardener will be successful. There are a few different types of primroses. You have the English, and the Japanese versions on the primrose are the most common....more


I cannot take credit for this act of kindness, but what a brilliant thought....more
@ddaniels love that!!more

Anubias Plant care.

Anubias CareAnubias are probably one of the most common freshwater aquarium plants one could find in a pet store. They usually have several stems, with broad, thick leaves. These plants are from Africa and they grow very slowly, however they are hardy, which is the primary benefit for someone with hungry fish that like to nibble at plants....more

Grateful Monday Post: What are you doing to take care of yourself today?!

How Can You Take Care of Yourself Today?*I realized two things as I got up this morning. #1, it is Monday, and Mondays are tricky in my world. And, #2, I am still a little “off,”, with an odd ‘sort of sick, sort of not,’ but definitely not feeling 100% well physically.  Together, these two factors could potentially make for a super stressful day for me....more

Taking Care of You + thismom's Ice Pop Recipe

  Taking care of you. Taking care of me. I feel guilty for booking a 60 minute appointment with my RMT because Dear Husband wonders how to put our son down for his nap. Not his fault. I do all of the naps, because I like to. And DH works in the evenings. So I do all of the bed times. Every bath. Middle of the night wake ups. Every night.  Not to mention the other stuff that I seem to do most of. Like the laundry. The cooking. The cleaning. And l work a demanding job outside of the home every day.   I. Have. No....more

A Life of Servitude

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/09/life-of-servitude.html Okay, so you're a mom...you love those kids and are totally dedicated to them and would do anything for them. And, shouldn't one of those things include taking excellent care of one of the most important people in their lives? Yes, I'm talking about YOU, my dear!Motherhood is one of the most cherished, demanding, and respected roles we'll play....more