To The Manor Retired (An Eleventh Hour Conundrum)

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When You Get a Text that Makes You Match Socks

"I quit." It came as a text. In one of those fun-looking little speech iPhone bubbles. This wasn't a fun bubble. It was an explosive one. Annihilating my favorite time of day, that second cup of coffee on my lounge with my dog, after dropping kids off at school. An explosive tiny bubble from the woman who has been helping my mother. ...more
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As she fades

My mother’s heath has been on the decline for the past few years.  I don’t even like to say she’s sick because no one knows what is wrong with her. They throw around some phrases like “toxic neuropathy” but really they don’t know what happened or what’s going on or what’s going to fix it or even if they can. She’s been tested for everything several times (and I mean everything, she still gets a Lyme’s test every three months as well as lupus)....more

Easier Said Than Done . . .

Sunday, December 19, 2010 Does My Nine Day Stay in the Hospital Count as a Break From Mom . ....more

Best wishes.

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Elder Care Need Globally

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