Who She Was...Who I Am...

My Grandmother was at every school function, volunteered for every field trip and never missed an activity. I never really thought about the 'how' when she did that and still provided for us. I guess I was a just a kid and expected it. Looking back I realize she was an entrepreneur before it was the thing to be. My Grandmother has creativity in every finger. She sold hand-painted glasses, artwork, acted as the local seamstress, fixed things, cleaned houses. You name it she did and she earned from it. ...more
That's so wonderful to realize what person influence the person you are today.  Your grandmother ...more

13 Signs You Know It's Time To Quit

When we are first starting out in the workforce, it's easy to be convinced that we need tolerate a lot of bullshit. Warren Buffet says,"Staying at a job to build up your resume is like saving sex for old age."It's completely ludicrous. There comes a time to put your foot down and move on.  ...more

8 Life Lessons I Learned as a Waitress

Waiting tables was a big part of my life in college. I started my first serving job when I was 19 at an Irish Pub in town. I had bartended, but had never waited tables before. And I spent the next three years at that job. It was both the best and most stressful job I had ever had. The people I worked with became some of my favorite people, and I spent more time with them each week than my college friends....more

A reader asks: "What kind of job can I get with this degree?"

It is commonly thought that the whole purpose of going to college is to get a job. The path in life is supposed to go like this: we’re born, we go to school so that we can learn, we learn so that we can get into college, we go to college so we can get a job, we get a job so that we can make money, we earn money so we can have a family and start the cycle all over again....more

Is College Really Necessary?

Today I am going to discuss a controversial topic and that is, Is college necessary?In light of the skyrocketing costs of college, the lack of jobs being provided to students after graduation, and other issues, many people feel that a college education is no longer necessary. People believe that you can have a great career without receiving a college education. Still, many believe that a college education is valuable in today’s society....more

How to Ace Your First Week of a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but also stressful. There's always a learning curve in any new office, no matter how much experience you are bringing with you. However, if you start off on a good foot, you set yourself up for success in your new job. Some of these might seem obvious, but maybe not for everyone. Here are my tips to help you ace your first week.  ...more

7 Ways to Successfully Cope with a Stressful Work Environment

My last job environment was stressful... really stressful. The work itself was fine; it was the same work I had been doing for over a year, and for the most part, I genuinely enjoyed it. The stress had less to do with the work itself, and everything to do with the environment created by my employer. Simply put, it was awful....more
In the last few months before quitting my job, I did reach out more to my peers. Since they ...more

8 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

In college, I was an active person. It wasn’t that I worked out a lot or played sports, it was inadvertent, but true. It was roughly a 10-minute walk to my classes from the dorm I lived in, and the house I lived in during my junior and senior years; I typically made that walk several times per day. ...more
I realized finally that sitting at my desk all day was killing me! I'm not the "gym" type of ...more

Students say that family comes first

I said a lot of dumb things when I was in my 20s. As I am now older and (presumably) wiser, I take comfort in the fact that everyone says dumb things in their 20s. In your 20s you suffer from an optimistic idealistic attitude about...well, everything. ...more

How to Balance Blogging With a Full-Time Job

Learning how to balance blogging with a full-time job is something most bloggers have to deal with at some point. While many of us have the aspiration of one day being a full-time blogger, most of us don't start out that way. Instead, we blog as a side-hustle, sometimes for years, before we can make the leap. I started my blog a year ago. Sometimes it feels like that was an eternity ago! But compared to other larger blogs, mine is still a baby. So, at least for now, it has to be a side hustle along with my full-time job. My job is unique in that we have months at a time of absolute chaos, followed by months of little to no work at all. So during certain parts of the year, finding time to work on this blog is not a big deal at all. But during others, it takes my last shred of time and sanity to get my posts written. Luckily, the last year has given me ample time to nail down some tried and true strategies for balancing blogging with my full-time job. ...more
I'm not working but I'm a mom - and my baby doesn't let me get much done during the day... I've ...more