What to Consider in Choosing a College Major

Have you make up your mind on the college major you will take? The college major that you take is very important in determining your future. It will determine on what kind of job you will able to apply. It will also determine how high the career you can achieve. Therefore, it will affect the fortune you will have in the future. Choosing the wrong college major will be a very bad idea....more

Five new year’s resolutions to improve your work life in 2017

Is 2017 the year that we say goodbye (and good riddance) to New Year resolutions? Some bloggers are reporting a backlash against the tradition this year, linking this to the dire nature of pretty much the whole of 2016, prompting people to decide that life’s just too short to deprive yourself of the things that make you happy, like ice cream....more

7 Tips to Help Create a Happy Workforce

It is very easy for CEOs, managers and other business individuals to get caught up in worrying if their company is doing well that they forget about things that can make people want to work for them. If you want to have a successful and long-lasting business, it is essential that you take the steps to make your organization a happy place to work. When you have established a happy work environment, it will attract capable and like-minded people and also increase the productivity of your workforce....more

Strategies To Improve Employee Engagement After a Lay Off

Employee engagement is certainly effected during times of job loss. If it’s impossible to avoid the implementation of lay-offs altogether, what are some practical methods you can use to improve employee engagement after the deed is done? ...more

2017: The Year of Being Unavailable

With 2017 here and happening, I am hearing resolution after resolution- just as I do every year. Me? Well, I have a few resolutions. Most of them involve lifestyle changes that need to happen now that I am growing older and my life has in fact changed. But none of this seems as simple as it used to. When I was in my early 20s, I would make a “resolution” that would last for a short period of time. As I have grown older, my biggest resolutions have come at a date other than January 1st....more

Can I? Can't I? Bipolar and Business

I work freelance at writing and editing, and as many of you know, that life is fraught with insecurity. How much work will I get? How much will I be paid for it? Will the check be enough to cover the mortgage and the health insurance? Anything else, like light and cable and phone, which I need in order to work from home?...more

How To Answer The Job Interview Question: Can You Explain Why You Changed Career Paths?

So you've changed career paths. Good for you. The main reason people do this is because they have moved to a career that you have a strong passion for or that it better suits your lifestyle and this is a good life change to make, no doubt. However, moving into a new career, particularly if its in a new industry, can come with a few hurdles. The main one would be trying to establish yourself in your new field when you have no experience and you also need to convince the interviewer that this is the right choice to have made....more

How I'm Hitting My Stride As A Teacher

What determines a person's workplace happiness, or lack thereof?Is it your supervisor's personality? Their management style? Your coworkers? The task you're there to do? The amount of freedom you're given? Or some combination of all of these?I ask because I am happier at work than I've ever been. I've been reflecting on the reasons why....more

Why Flexible Working Is Essential To Support Women

When we talk about smashing the glass ceiling, we’re nearly always talking about getting more women in senior management positions and securing their place in the boardroom. But there is a far more pressing issue that needs to be addressed. Thanks to archaic business practices that encourage women to choose between work or family, women are walking away from careers and trading them in for jobs that simply make ends meet....more

Let’s Go Fishing!

Fishing for trout is like having a career in the arts.Why?Because while good equipment can help, it’s no guarantee that you’ll catch anything.And just because you caught something yesterday doesn’t ensure that you’ll do it again today.Or ever.Amateurs can often do just as well as pros, and children can often beat them both....more