Reasons to Feel Good About Leaving a Job

Leaving a job you established yourself in is difficult; I know this from experience.A few years ago I left an extremely awarding and fulfilling position in order to advocate  for my son with a disability.  The sad reality of the situation is the district I live in placed money above the needs of a large number of children; and I was the only parent to fight tooth and nail to make sure my son received the education and assistance he needed. ...more

Carinne Bird - Telling the Story


Defining What Success Means to You

Stop and think for a moment: what does success look like to you? It’s different for everyone. For some, their success will be defined by their career. A corner office, a large staff working under you, perhaps running your own business. For some, it’s defined by personal accomplishment. Getting married, having children, having a fulfilling home life. Others define success based on how they are perceived by the outside world: a large house, a nice car, a top-notch wardrobe. The definition is subjective. We all have our own personal yardstick for success....more

How do beauty gurus on YouTube make money?

Many future gurus are curious how established beauty vloggers have turned a hobby into a full time job. Here are the standard ways Youtubers make money from their videos:1. Adsense:...more

Is Your Lack of Reading Affecting Your Success?


The Best Jobs for College Students

I didn’t have a job my first semester of college. I lived the quintessential college life of going to class, going to parties, studying, and napping. Was it awesome? Yes. Was I broke? I sure as hell was. By the time my second semester rolled around, it became clear that I was going to need a job. My second semester, I had been offered a job coaching soccer at my high school. So I lived at home, commuted an hour to school three days per week, and worked three jobs. I coached soccer, I bartended, and I worked at a gas station. That was stupid....more

Encouraging Girls to Believe Shatters Mold for Young Women

It’s a great time to be a girl.Locally and across the country, in schools, on athletic fields, and in the workplace, girls and women are breaking out of stereotypical female roles and they are garnering a lot of attention for their success....more

How to Build Your Internship Wardrobe

Today’s post is part of my series of college posts in the spirit of back-to-school season. These days, I rarely buy clothing that I can’t wear both to work and in a more casual setting. The work week is five days per week and the weekend only two, so versatile pieces are my game....more

Professional Women Opt Out

Sometimes, you can't help overhearing a conversation. Five women were having coffee at Starbucks, surrounded by their collective seven children. From their talk, it was clear they were professionals who had opted out of their careers to raise their kids. One confided that her husband was angry about the financial pressure he felt at being the sole earner in the family....more