How to prepare for an Interview

Preparing for that dream job can be so nerve-wracking. I think the first time I interviewed I was fumbling over my words and kept repeating myself because I was so nervous. Lets just say I walked away from that interview more concerned that it was over than if I actually got the job. As time passed I realized I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was and probably could have done some more prepping beforehand. Coming to terms with this reality, I came up with questions they may ask me in an interview....more

Feedback: The Art of Receiving and Giving

Survival in the business world can be a cumbersome ordeal, that harshly diminishes any hope of achieving what you set out to do when you got there in the first place. One of the biggest challenges that comes with that territory is coming to realization of the evitable….feedback. Most people come in thinking that I’m doing good and the only thing people should be telling me is that “I’m doing good”. Well ladies and gent this may not be the case....more

Definition of an Introvert

Introvert: (n)  - a shy person : a quiet person who does not find it easy to talk to other people....more
I am an ex extrovert who turned introvert because I don't like people any more. I'd rather be by ...more

tip jar: leveraging linkedin to brand yo’self – part 1

howdy ya’ll! i decided to re-visit the “tip jar” series that i had a few years back and provide some “tips” to help you in your professional careers!...more

The Importance of Taking the Time to Do Reviews

It’s that time of year again. Time for turkeys, ham, stuffing, gravy, family toasts, tiffs over where the Christmas party will be held, and, of course, time for year-end reviews. As a mother of two, the word “review” firstly makes me think of the school reviews my husband and I sit through regarding how our boys are doing in elementary school. Though as a business owner, the word applies to my reviewing  employees. It’s an important thing to do, review, both in the school and office setting.Here are three reasons to take your employee reviews seriously this year:...more

Putting Myself Out There

I cannot be the only one...who sometimes gets lost in her daily routines, so lost that when the frenzy finally calms down for the day, and she thinks about the world outside of her harmonious home life, she isn't really sure where she fits in anymore. I dream big about the ways I am going to put myself out there for the world, let my talents shine, but then something happens....more

Surprising Myself with a Career vs Family Decision

I’m a hard worker. When it comes to my professional life, I work my butt off. I’ve always been that way and figured why do something halfway when I can do it and be the BEST at it? Yeah, in case you forgot… I’m very Type A....more

I am a Brand

Today was a big learning day. I sat in a training learning how to create a resume and look for  jobs. It sounds so vey simple. But it's not. Today, I learned that I am a brand.I am not longer Susan that has worked at this job A, job B, etc. Now I am someone who has collaborated, designed, implemented, or organized certain accomplishments within the jobs that I have. It was quite the discovery to learn that I am a product. I have to sell my skills, talents, and abilities to employers who may see hundreds of resumes a day. ...more

A mostly untold story of odd jobs past

When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I experimented with many jobs, out of necessity, out of curiosity, and – at least once – out of sheer ignorance....more