10 Things You Could Do With an Extra Hour per Day

Have you ever stopped to think about how you could spend an extra hour a day if you had one? I surely have, quite often actually…and here are some of my suggestions.1. Write the novel you’ve always wanted to writeAt the normal average of writing 500 words per hour, you could finish and proof a typical 80,000-word novel in 6 months. See you on the bestseller’s list…2. Participate in a daily exercise program...more

Patience is a bitch

Patience is not my strong suit. I find it especially challenging when the things I want are so close within my reach that I can physically see my competition slowly chipping away at my security of obtainment. What am I referring to? Let's just say it falls under the "career" category. And now I’m expected to “hang out” until a decision has been, resulting in a stand still of focus on all my other goals. Perhaps this would be easier if I wasn’t already being forced to wait for other things I desire. At least this particular decision should come to a conclusion this week, hopefully....more

Burying the Lead

As much as I enjoy writing, there’s one writing task that I find difficult to do: write my resume.  Actually, writing anything serious about me is tough.  I’ve always chalked it up as a “girl thing”, the inability or resistance to promoting my career successes.  You know us girls – unless it’s promoting the fabulous new shoes we’re wearing or our ability to uncover fashion bargains, we tend to lay low when it comes to self-promotion. My guess is that many of you share the same feeling when it comes to writing and/or revising your resume.  What to leave in?...more

Less Than Half is Talent

Today I heard a radio interview where Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr., Professor of Music at the University of Pennsylvania, shared all the details of what made Whitney Houston's voice "the voice". Longing to sing professionally myself, I hung on to his every word. Later, as I compared his professional views with my experience as a singer, I found a universal truth invaluable not only from the standpoint of singing but in any area where one would hope to transition talent to a sought after skill. ...more
 @the.me.i.be I always use Beyonce as an example of this, too. I'm not a fan, but I respect the ...more

Put Your Best Foot Forward

I was suppose to receive a call end of last week or early this week to see if I would make it to a third interview with a company I've applied to. Since I have yet to receive this call, anxiety started to kick in today and I began to ask myself these questions:...more

I am Looking for a Job for You!

Job hunting is difficult and it takes lots of time and consistency.  You have to be stubborn to find a job and put up with all the time it takes to submit online applications.   Often times the employer’s electronic application system malfunctions and sometimes does not let you complete one section that then prevents the application from being complete.  Determination pays off though.Cece is extremely motivated  , and as a matter of fact is looking for a job for Yun!...more

Balance-Schmalance: Just Take a Business Trip!

I’m always looking for a way to have a little time to myself. And one of the truly bizarre truths of being a working mom is that business trips = time to myself. I’ve been at the BlogHer offices in California all this week. First of all, it’s truly great to see co-workers who are mostly just voices on the telephone or words in my email. But second? I got up yesterday and the day before and this morning and exercised for 45 minutes!...more
There is NOTHING better than aloneness in a hotel. I watch the Today show while getting dressed ...more

The Glass Ceiling: Sometimes it’s not about sex

There’s merit to the feminist narrative that says professional women aren’t hired for the top jobs as often because corporate cultures aren’t accommodating and sexism still exists – but sometimes it’s not about that at all. Sometimes, high-achieving women leaders are just not ready, or we aren’t investing in ourselves appropriately or we stress the wrong things in the interview. And while the former issues seem bigger than us as individuals, we can sure as heck prepare better for an interview!...more

Social Media Jobs Across the United States

Turning your hobby of blogging into a job can be incredibly appealing, and many people have done just that, taking jobs in the social media sector. Utilizing data from Onward Search, Mashable took a look this week at the common salaries for social media jobs, presenting a range based on 20 cities in the United States. But the infographic was helpful even if you don't currently hold a job and want to see how you measure up against others in your area. It can give you a sense of what jobs exist out there in the social media world; ones you may not have known about until now. ...more

What I Do

You may have seen the “What I Do” meme floating around. I saw Professors, Stay-at-Home Moms, Stage Managers, IT peoples. But no PR. And if ever there was a profession where people give you blank stares, it’s mine.So I made one."It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins." Follow our adventures at www.streamdoubletrouble.com...more