The Pay Gap Is Your Fault!

Yes, Virginia, there is (still) a pay gap. And, gals, this is your fault! Just in time to open the new year on a note of intellectual dishonesty, here’s a hit parade of recently reiterated alleged facts about why women make less than men in most circumstances. ...more

Some years ago, I worked as a marketing director for a large nonprofit organization. The time ...more

Renee At 27

On February 29th 2011, I will turn 27 years old. Since there is no February 29th 2011, I will have to choose between celebrating my leap day birthday on February 28th or March 1st. Or maybe I will just stay 24 until 2012. ...more

Attention Women of the Modern World

I am reading a fascinating book called "Backwards in High Heels:  The Impossible Art of Being Female" written by Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine.  This book is not a self-help book in the classic sense, as more of a "guide" to the day to day life of women's issues, etc.  The book is broken down into categories such as: Marriage, Career, Love, Food, Health and so on.  Not even halfway through it, I have already extracted many useful and interesting hints, thoughts and views.I can easily get into each of the categories and give my interpretation.  However...more

Are You Afraid of Success?

I think too much.  I'm convinced of it.  When all is quiet in the house and I'm awake, like now in the early morning, I get to thinking.  Deep thinking and reflecting.  I'm not sure that is always a good thing, although I've come up with some pretty good ideas in the early morning.  That's when I usually have an epiphany. ...more

This is Not the Career I Ordered

I became a Social Worker right after I graduated from University.  When my husband was first transferred to the States, I had lots of time one my hands so I decided to try yoga. After my first yoga class I was hooked and became immersed in the yoga community to a point where I was offered a job and soon worked my way up to a senior position at a large yoga company that has studios in New York, Los Angeles and Orange County. After my two youngest were born, my career path took another unexpected turn and I was offered an editor’s position for TheSucculentWife....more

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Pivot Points: It's Time to Take Charge

In conversation with a friend of mine today, we both reached this conclusion: our lives are at pivotal points right now, we just don’t know what we’re pivoting toward....more

Honey, You're So Hot, God Must Have Used You As His Blueprint When He Made Man

These are the words I hope to say to my hubz everyday when we wake up. Yes, this long and hopefully interesting post is about what I've always feared putting into words for the sheer ridiculousness of it. (Hey, I just found out ridiculousness is a word) And the fear that if/when I ever do get married and the guy reads this blog he'll be like, "uko serious?...more

Hello, my name is reality (Part III)

Parts I and II are here. ************************** My daily stops became part of our routine. I could tell she was having a hard time adapting to the reality of her new circumstances, though. Her family visited regularly and she put on an optimistic face, but the permanence of "I may never walk again" is a hard pill to swallow for anyone. ...more

Hello, my name is reality (part II)

If you missed part I, click here. Progress is gauged by the level of music in the OR.  Routine procedure?  ipod blaring.  Tough cases have a soundtrack consisting of crisp orders and little else....more