A woman's job

Women are a very special kind of being, they have given birth to many a statesman, can carry the whole community on their backs, are the mothers of all civilizations. Over the centuries we have been living with hidden secrets, secrets that cause a deep emotional pain, secrets that have taken away our joy, and we no longer see the beauty of life as it was before we were contaminated by the toxicities of life. Absent husbands and fathers are like a black cloud over our heads, we are often blamed for wanting or expecting too much of them....more

My BlogHer '10 Business Cards, and What You Should Think About When Designing Yours

[Editor's Note: While this post references BlogHer '10, the advice about creating effective business cards is still top notch. I thought for those of you preparing for BlogHer '11 this post could serve as a great support to your experience. Thus, no worries - it is STILL 2011 and BlogHer '11 is in San Diego regardless of what references are made within the post. Enjoy! -PaulaG] ...more
I live in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida.  I am a Training Instructor in Employee ...more

Playing Dumb - Players Responsibility During NFL Contract Talks

I am grateful the NFL contract talks are over. Not because I'm a big football fan by any stretch of the imagination...but because I was damn tired of watching players who earn tens of millions of dollars shrug their shoulders and play dumb. Last week all parties agreed to a 10-year contract to end the months long lockout. The agreement benefits all involved and drives home just what an insanely big business professional football is in the United States: ...more
Amen to that. Same can be said for the NBA and WNBA.... maybe not parity due to length of ...more

Is the Unemployment Crisis Serving a Meaningful Purpose?

Is it possible the unemployment crisis our country is experiencing serves a meaningful purpose for our society as a whole? As crazy as this sounds, I believe it is possible we have been handed a golden opportunity to finally begin living the life we are here to create and enjoy. So many of us live the life we think we should be living while we struggle and try to survive a reality we don’t really care for. It seems a shift has taken place in our country, a shift that is pushing us to move into our fullest potentials....more

Lessons Learned from Your First Job Ever

Think back... way back in time (or maybe not so far back depending on your age...) -- what was your first-ever job like? What did you learn? ...more

Oh Yes - thanks Wander... the exhilaration of your first-ever paycheck!

That would be fun to ...more

Life Lines: Moms of the world unite!

Because it's time to stand up and be counted! And why do I say this?  Because, whether we like it or not, moms are the most down-trodden, under-rated ("Oh? You are only a stay at home mom?" said with a smirk and a pitying look in the eye!) work horse, load-carrying multi-armed machine put on this earth!Mom is put upon: "Mom! I need this project finished by tomorrow morning!" said with a wail at 10 pm at night....more

Why Being a SAHM Isn't Enough Anymore

I totally get this. I started having health problems in my twenties, so my career pretty much ...more

How Not To Fall Victim To “The Motherhood Penalty”

It’s a fact, Ladies. The most fulfilling experience of our lives – nurturing little beings into wonderful adults – is statistically killing our careers. At least that’s what the data says. ...more

Like what you share here... keep up skills and stay relevant even with small efforts while you ...more

Manifestation: Developing a Blogging Practice Makes Perfect

Julie Weckerlein will be speaking on The Write Brain: Essential Blog Content Development Workshop panel at BlogHer's 2011 conference on August 5, 2011. It's an extended session running through two afternoon time slots, from 1:15 to 4pm; Julie's "Manifestation" portion of the workshop starts at 3:15pm.  On a late summer evening in 2001, I was seated in a dark corner of my then-fiancé's living room in Erlangen, Germany, silhouetted by the blue glare of his family's ancient HP monitor.I hit "publish" on my first introductory entry, and thus officially began a personal, and ultimately professional, blogging career that's spanned a whole decade and an entire globe.It's pretty safe to say I've blogged about all sort of topics in just about every environment possible.In 2003, I typed out pregnancy updates from the cluttered office of my Italian townhouse, my first home as a married woman. Busted! Micro-blogging from DisneyWorld, Summer 2009. ...more

Amazing post! My problems start when I think of who would be interested in what I'm writing. I ...more