The start of a new month, better things to come.

Ok it’s the first of the month, and another day of 100 degree weather that keeps people from getting out and eating out at the restaurants.  Today I had a couple of orders to fill for coconut pies and had to get the daily special ready, meatloaf and twice baked potato casserole with slaw and homemade bread.  It’s really just raised and bake bread but I brush it will melted butter while raising and sometimes put a topping on it.  Taste great, I hit it will butter as soon as it comes out of the over just to give it that extra butter flavor and a nice buttery looking crust. ...more

A Sweet And Sticky Assault

Everyone knows cops and donuts go hand in hand. Just for the fun of it I looked into the history of this tag team match. Most agree it became common for the two to be linked due to donut shops being the place to buy coffee and a sweet snack early in the morning. This was before Circle K and 7-Eleven appeared on every corner. Donut shops also have a history of allowing uniformed police officers inside before hours to fill up on coffee while the fresh baked wonders are being prepared....more
@victorias_view At the time, the humor escaped me but now it's one of my funnier moments as an ...more

Lives of girls and women

(Thank you to Alice Munro for the title of this post - her book 'Lives of Girls and Women' is 40 this year and so am I.)...more

So You Want to Work in the US? Let the Green Card Maze Begin...

For many, the dream of coming to America in promise of a brighter future is a strong one. The country is a melting pot and from the early days of Ellis Island to now, people come from all walks, races, and countries to contribute to this country. For some, that promise is denied because of the inability to secure a green card. ...more
Such wonderful advice on this topic!  Australia's visa programs seem very similar to America's ...more

Your Brand is YOU; Your Branding is YOU in Action

Your Brand is YOU, Your Branding is YOU in Action In the first part of our five part brand power series, 3 Keys to a Brand That Stands Out, we established the overall idea that “you make a stand with your brand, when you put your stake in the space and build out your tribe and community”.  ...more
Great information - thanksmore

Set a Standard of High Expectations With Accountability

Advice for Women in Leadership Professional ball teams with a chance of getting to the championship set high performance standards for their team members. It is imperative that professional women in leadership positions do the same in business. It has been my experience in consulting with organizations the past seven years that few business leaders are consistent enough in communicating job performance expectations....more

Help Wanted

It was about twelve years ago that I conducted my first job interview.  As I questioned the candidate, it became obvious to me that I was more nervous than he was.  As I fumbled my way through my inquiries, I realized I had no idea what I was doing.  Fortunately, I managed to get through it, and over time, I was able to hone in my interview skills....more

Roundup - 25 Career and Business Women Bloggers Worth Reading

In my role as Section Editor for Career & Business at BlogHer I get to scour the internet looking for quality content to help you succeed. Career and business is central to many of our lives and yet it can sometimes feel hard to find voices that resonate with our heart, provide practical advice, and generally make us feel not so alone in our own journey. ...more
Nice inspiring blog with lots of information. Good job!more

How to Manage Your Career or Business When Personal Crises Arise

All the business and career advice in the book is great. But, what happens when you're on the path to where you want to go when life intrudes in a major way? Do you stay on the path? Can you do it all? Do you have to give up the dream? I had to walk this very path last year myself and I learned a lot about myself and business in the process. ...more
Thanks for the great advice. My mom is getting older and is beginning to have health problems. I ...more

Why Do We Mock Work at Home Moms?

Stay with me…If you are a stay at home mother… You are a lazy freeloader who doesn’t do anything.  Because we all know taking care of kids all day long, while keeping up with household chores, running errands, and whatever your day consists of really is nothing… right?If you work out of the home… You are a bad mother who should have never had kids to begin with!   Want to work?  Skip kids and just have your career as a baby… right?...more