The Importance of International Mentors

In today’s global marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly common for women to work abroad, especially now that such experience has proven to fast-track your career. But even more than traditional domestic assignments, a strong mentor relationship remains one of the most important aspects of a successful assignment for globetrotting professionals.Mentors are "safe ground" in that they provide counsel outside the traditional corporate hierarchy and within an environment built on trust and open, honest dialogue....more

Putting the WAH! in WAHM

So I just got this fantastic new full-time job. It's my dream come true: I spend the day in great company, with smart, funny women who are creative, talented and bracingly honest. I get to use both sides of my brain: strategy and business brain and well as emo/writing/community/build-a-better-world brain. (Woot!) And I get a paycheck every two weeks. (I know, I'm pinching myself.)The other amazing benefit? I get to work from home. Let me tell you how totally amazing this is! ::insert crickets chirping:: ...more
Perfect and eloquent, Stacy, just as one would expect.  I only HOPE one day I can experience all ...more

Do You Have a Life Plan? You Should...

Do you have a life plan? If not, it’s time to think about creating one. We are not talking about some 20 page research paper with charts and graphs and maps. Just a general snapshot of where you are right now in all the areas that matter and where you’d like to go in the future.This should take no more than 30 minutes. This is your life we’re talking about…you can find 30 minutes. And if you can’t …we need to talk, you and I.How would you rate your life on a scale of 1 – 10? – Are you satisfied with that rating? What would you be satisfied with?...more

Nifty Things I Did in Year Fifty (50)

I have to make a few notes based on the tendency we all have to reflect at the end of each year, on the events, the people, the things that have happened that made it all combinations of happy, sad, joyous, painful, emotional, exhausting, invigorating and just generally the human experience.Here are a few notables:I went on a cruise to Alaska, with my Mom. It was the first thing we've done togther in a couple of decades, of that length of time, anyway....these next few are from that experience~...more
Hi, Julie! Intrigued by your post and got really elated when I read your enthusiastic list of ...more

Never Too Early to Start Exploring Careers With Your Kids

Sutton Foster poses with the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical....more

When I Grow Up...


Working moms multitask 48.3 hours/week ... and like it less than dads do

It's no surprise that moms multitask more than dads (48.3 hours/week vs. 38.9 hours/week); though I must admit that I was shocked to hear dads multitask 38.9 hours/week! I wonder if this means watching football and surfing the Web ... which is about the only time my husband can multitask. (This is no secret by the way. He'll be the first to admit it.)But I was also surprised to read that women find multitasking to be a much more negative experience - until I thought about it more ... and kept reading. ...more

These are the Only Two Suckers I can Trust

“This afternoon I am not going to have you up on your feet bopping to the music. I am going to make love to you. I am going to sing songs that you make babies with.” With that introduction, she kept her promise. ...more

I am, most definitely, mad.

Today was the first day back at work after a wonderful Thanksgiving break. And I opened my inbox - which I had not checked even one time over break because I refused to get sucked into work on my time off - to five different emails asking me to do five different, time-sensitive things. And this was on top of the five different time consuming things I had been asked to do before break....more

Planning For Success

What do you think of when you think of success? Perhaps it’s becoming a doctor, computer analyst, web developer, therapist, pilot, entertainer, pastor, roofer, painter, architect, landscape or interior designer, lawyer, nurse, policemen, chef, executive or business owner, mother or father…? Webster defines success as; a favorable completion of something. The gaining of wealth, favor, or prestige. Whatever career paths you decide upon or have decided upon don’t forget to consult the Lord! Opportunity is available to all that put forth the necessary exertion....more