Drafted Into A Project

Mike has been working on a boat for the past few years.At first he decided to build one from scratch, which he did. It was just a little guy, something to tool around with in the harbor. Mike is one of those guys that gets an idea, figures out how to do it, and then does it, which is one of my favorites of his qualities....more

Working Wardrobes: Are You Wearing That?

 What to ditch, what to try and what to buy this season.  While walking past clothing stores with a group of friends, we saw something startling in a shop window. We stopped and stared and it was not a pretty picture. We saw our own reflections. We looked so somber, all dressed in black and gray. ...more

Trying Out BlogHer for the First Time

I've never used BlogHer before and I'm happy that I found it! This is my first attempt to blog using the BlogHer platform.As a test-drive of sorts, this is going to be a bare-bones blog post. I won't be uploading photos or using headings - for now, that is....more
Good job...I'm going to wade in this weekend with my first BlogHer post. Until then I'm loving ...more

An Inspiration...

After reading the link below on the Wal-Mart President I was intrigued (click on the link below).As a female in business it is difficult to find women that inspire you. There tends to be 3 types of female executives out there- ‘girlie girl’s', ‘women’s lib’ or ‘one of the boys’. Well what happens if you don’t fit into one of those categories?What if I want to dress pretty, but don’t want to be treated differently then the guys?What if I like to have a door opened for me, but don’t want people to have to watch what they say around me?...more

Title and Tribulations- Mommy, Mrs. and President…

Balancing the worlds of raising 4 amazing kids, protecting a loving marriage, and growing a career. In todays world of divorce, small families, and stay at home mom’s I am working to break all sterotypes and show my children that it is possible to have a marriage that continues to improve everyday, learning to live with a Stay-At-Home Dad, witness the development of well adjusted kids all the while of earning the title of President of a constantly changing company!Pulled in every direction, trying to balance it all!...more



Desire - Mama I Made It


Desire - Mama I Made It


chasing my dream

i have this big huge dream to become an incredible actress someday. i recently dropped my blog and stationery shop to pursue said acting dream. it was amazing fun. i know it is what i am meant to do. God created me for several purposes and this is one of them. ...more

A Day Of Appreciation

We know that life has been a little chaotic lately and nothing seems to make sense. Your plans have gone awry due to no fault of your own. It seems as if the universe is not cooperating with you at this time. You've tried to resolve the problems that have come your way, but there are no answers that come to you.  At this point, it's time to pause for awhile and turn things around. Instead of pounding your head against a wall that you can't seem to find, think of all the things that you have at this time that makes your life fortunate....more