7 Ways to Successfully Cope with a Stressful Work Environment

My last job environment was stressful... really stressful. The work itself was fine; it was the same work I had been doing for over a year, and for the most part, I genuinely enjoyed it. The stress had less to do with the work itself, and everything to do with the environment created by my employer. Simply put, it was awful....more
In the last few months before quitting my job, I did reach out more to my peers. Since they ...more

8 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

In college, I was an active person. It wasn’t that I worked out a lot or played sports, it was inadvertent, but true. It was roughly a 10-minute walk to my classes from the dorm I lived in, and the house I lived in during my junior and senior years; I typically made that walk several times per day. ...more
I realized finally that sitting at my desk all day was killing me! I'm not the "gym" type of ...more

Students say that family comes first

I said a lot of dumb things when I was in my 20s. As I am now older and (presumably) wiser, I take comfort in the fact that everyone says dumb things in their 20s. In your 20s you suffer from an optimistic idealistic attitude about...well, everything. ...more

How to Balance Blogging With a Full-Time Job

Learning how to balance blogging with a full-time job is something most bloggers have to deal with at some point. While many of us have the aspiration of one day being a full-time blogger, most of us don't start out that way. Instead, we blog as a side-hustle, sometimes for years, before we can make the leap. I started my blog a year ago. Sometimes it feels like that was an eternity ago! But compared to other larger blogs, mine is still a baby. So, at least for now, it has to be a side hustle along with my full-time job. My job is unique in that we have months at a time of absolute chaos, followed by months of little to no work at all. So during certain parts of the year, finding time to work on this blog is not a big deal at all. But during others, it takes my last shred of time and sanity to get my posts written. Luckily, the last year has given me ample time to nail down some tried and true strategies for balancing blogging with my full-time job. ...more
I'm not working but I'm a mom - and my baby doesn't let me get much done during the day... I've ...more

How to Stay Productive Between Jobs

As many of you know (because I mentioned it on the blog a few times), I was recently between jobs for about a month and a half. I actually just recently started back at the Capitol a few weeks ago! The experience of being unemployed is still fresh in my mind, and I know better than anyone how disheartening and difficult it can be. One thing that I felt to be most important was staying productive every single day. I pushed myself to apply for a certain number of jobs each day, update resumes and cover letters for different industries, and look for freelance work to get me by temporarily....more

Stress Management: How to Achieve Balance

Stress: a feeling most of us are all too familiar with, especially at this time of year. No matter what stage of life you are in, fall tends to be what is often referred to as "crunch time": when the relaxation of summer is officially over and work or school has resumed in full swing....more

8 Tips to Go From Burned Out to Badass

Around this time last year, I was totally exhausted; I had spent the last two years working 60-70 hours a week. I was often up at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee in hand, answering emails, solving problems, and generally just getting stuff done before showering, taking the kids to school, and heading into the office. ...more
You are absolutely welcome. I love what you wrote: "Stop, Breath, Be." What a great mantra for ...more

Reasons to Feel Good About Leaving a Job

Leaving a job you established yourself in is difficult; I know this from experience.A few years ago I left an extremely awarding and fulfilling position in order to advocate  for my son with a disability.  The sad reality of the situation is the district I live in placed money above the needs of a large number of children; and I was the only parent to fight tooth and nail to make sure my son received the education and assistance he needed. ...more