Navigating Career & God: Produced by Faith

Is your faith integrally involved with your career choices? How do you navigate the waters of career in a way that aligns with having a desire for a deeper relationship with God? Those are a few of the questions considered in this post from A Diva State of Mind about her own career in fashion inspired by the book Produced By Faith by DeVon Franklin. ...more

What Did College Really Teach Me?

When you're in high school you can't wait for college. Once on campus, you yearn for graduation. It's always about preparing for that "next step". What happens once you graduate to "real life". Then what? Lady Unemployed looks back and ahead in this reflective post that ponders - why wasn't I told more about the "how" of pursuing my dreams? ...more
What college taught me: how to snort cocaine. Alas, true story.more

Career Mom vs. Stay at home Mom… Why the fight?

So I could be crazy, but I always feel like there is this invisible line that has been drawn in the sand between stay at home moms and career moms. In my head I picture a boxing ring, and that loud obnoxious announcer yelling through the speakers, ‘…and in this corner we have the full time Career Mom. Challenging her in the opposite corner we have the Stay at home mom. Good luck. Let’s get ready to rumble…’...more

Book Report: Lean In Chapter 2

Sit at the Table  This was a great chapter about speaking up, standing up and leaning in. Women often feeling not worthy of praise, opportunities or recognition because in the back of their mind’s they could have done better, someone else could have done it better or they were only doing their job. Sherly calls this the Impostor Syndrome, I call it mental trash. That voice that says you can't do something or you aren't worthy?...more

Interview: Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

Lisa Jackson recently retired as America’s top environmental CEO. For four years, she was the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a job that put her right in the middle of the nation’s most important and high-profile environmental controversies. (She was also the first African-American to hold that position.)...more

Territorial Educators of Young Children - Conduct of career and remuneration

CareerEducators of young children are likely during their careers benefit from advancement to the rank of principal educator of young children and the rank of chief educator of young children. Subject to the existence of a vacancy, the appointment to a higher grade is decided by the territorial authority, after registration on a table Annual Progress established by order of merit after consultation with the Joint Administrative Committee, either choice after professional examination and in accordance with the quota rule. ...more

Epiphany ...more

6 Tips on Addressing Cover Letters

Often the hardest part of the job application process comes after compiling a resume and cover letter together and getting ready to send them both off in an email... only to realize that you aren't particularly sure who will wind up opening and reading your cover letter. How do you decide who to address your cover letter to, no matter whether the company is a start-up of 10 team members or a corporation of over 10,000+ employees with international branches? Here are a few of my tips on how to do it and a few extra rules of thumb when it comes to cover letters....more

A One-Time Motel Maid Looks Back on Success, Then & Now

My experience as a young girl of what the term "work ethic" really meant began with a fib. I was 14, growing up in southern California. My mother had divorced when I was 5, left to raise me and my two younger brothers. She didn’t have a formal education, so she had to work two full-time jobs as a waitress to make ends meet. ...more
Based upon this post, I have no doubt you would still be successful if you were 14 today and ...more

What do you want to do with your life?

What do you want to do with your life??? This is most properly the most difficult question a lot of people are asked, well anyone who is over 20 and not in their perfect job, which quite frankly there are a lot of people who work to live and not live to work....more