Spotted: Mini Cupcake Company on the Rise

Photo of Lily Brynes is courtesy of Lily & SPOTS NYCMillennials know what other millennials crave. That’s personalization, according to SPOTS NYC. The company can print photos, logos or messages on mini cupcakes within 48-hours....more

when your 'last resort' is your 'dream come true'

If you had told me even five years ago that I would be experiencing a major career switch before the age of 25, I would have thought you were crazy. I was IN LOVE with my social media position at the Oxygen Network, and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else....more

Work/Life Balance: So Hard to Achieve, and Yet so Necessary

                If you know me, then you know I love me some Manhattan.  I can’t get enough, and the fast-paced, high-energy and exciting environment give me an insane thrill.  One thing I’m NOT a fan of, however, is New Yorkers inherent obsession with our careers and a sheer inability to ‘disconnect’ from work.  EVER....more

Debunking 4 Myths of Retirement

CarlyT Wonderful and valid points, thank you! I'm interested in reading the stories you've ...more

What's Your Career Plan B?

   Have you ever thought about what you would do, if your current current career was no longer an option? What is your plan B? ...more

Changing How We Define Success

My friend’s 16-year old daughter loves to cook.  She takes the culinary class offered at her school, pores over the glossy photos in cookbooks and makes a mean pineapple chicken.  When I asked if she was going to pursue culinary arts in college she sighed and said that she didn’t want to work in the restaurant business.  She explained that the hours were terrible and a lot of restaurants fail....more

Somewhere In-Between

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” -Woody AllenAs a twenty-something, I often feel that I am trying to find a comfortable middle ground between making things happen and letting go. I firmly believe that the universe is working with me to help me achieve my biggest dreams, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder, exasperated, why the universe has to be so slow about it....more
Rita Arens I can't tell you how comforting it is to read your words! I definitely appreciate the ...more

Being open to whatever comes next

Do you ever wonder where your life is going? Question whether you’re on the right path or making the right decisions? Like, all the time? Not my friend Sarah. Sarah is blessed with the ability to go with the flow, take opportunities as they arise, and have faith that the steps she is taking are leading her in the right direction....more

Career: One more Deal At The End Of Life

I pride myself on being a critical thinker. So I can forget to express appreciation for the people and things that inspire me.So it is with former First Lady Barbara Bush. Her wit and fortitude. along with that almost savage self-depreciation lend her a unique charm. She must be a delightful human being...more