Nicki Minaj Onika (2014) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

 Pop queen Nicki Minaj will launch a new pillar fragrance, her third, called Onika, she announced on her Instagram account...Read more atélène Wagner...more

Actor Kellan Lutz uses Paleo diet for weight loss, better sleep and energy boost

"Twilight" and "Legend of Hercules" actor Kellen Lutz is coming out of the cave about his Paleo diet. He feels it's the ideal choice for keeping him lean and mean, noting that the plan "made me even more healthy" in a recent interview with Knoxville Online.  "I adapted the Paleo diet (which mimics the basics of what cavemen ate), which helped me because I had tons of energy. I was just so in love with the role and being on set that I wasn’t sleeping much," explained Kellan. ...more

The Whole Internet Saw What You Did There

I grew up in a family that prepared me for the real world. I don’t mean that they taught me how to cook, do laundry, and clean a bathroom (and if any of my siblings happen to be reading this: I do know how to do all of those things. I just often choose not to. So there). The most important lesson I learned is that you can’t take things back. If you put something out there, be prepared for somebody to have an opinion, and that it might be something that you don’t like....more

Gwyneth Doesn't Relate to the 'Average' Mom - but She Doesn't Have To

(Credit Image: © TLeopold/Globe Photos/ ...more

The Day I Got a Retweet From Prince

I've had some pretty amazing fangirl moments in my life.  In 6th grade, I met Selena after what would be her final Alamodome performance.  When I was a cop in the Air Force, I was chosen to work Avenged Sevenfold's security detail during their appearance at our base exchange. They later gave my entire shift tickets to their show and backstage passes to hang with them.   ...more
That's awesome! I, too, grew up with The Purple One and Purple Rain is still one of the ...more

Embracing Your Inner Celebrity

Earlier this year, I blogged that I would be writing a series on embracing you. So, after some time, I would like to kick off the series with Embracing Your Inner Celebrity....more

Handling your ‘celebrity’ status as a new twin parent

The first time I pushed my big red twin pram outside the house, I quickly discover that the world loves twins (or at least it felt that way). Little old ladies, clucky women, children, pregnant women and even old grandpas would stop. Some would stop and stare and others stop, stare and then go through the blazingly-obvious-face-palming twin comments. And when you’re exhausted and tired from doing all-nighters with your itty bitty bubbas, patience is at an all time low (especially if bubs are sleeping and their interest is a little on the loud side)....more

Pick The Most Exciting Shopping Spree!

Does anyone remember the old game show called Supermarket Sweep? It aired on ABC years ago, and a newer version was featured on Lifetime network. In this show, contestants competed to see who could fill their shopping carts the fastest with free quality products....more
I picked a book store with Amy Tan, but it would also be fun to have a shopping spree at REI (or ...more