Did You Hear About the Time Lindsay Lohan Stood Up Matt Lauer?

Picture this: You're Matt Lauer. You're feeling pretty good about that. I mean, YOU ARE MATT FREAKING LAUER. You shave, you get dressed, and you go to work, which today involves interviewing THE once-talented-it-girl-turned-total-hot-mess of the moment and you are all pumped up to ask the hard questions, and maybe...just maybe...get some well-lit mascara soaked tears in the process....more

Valley of the Dolls- 2011 edition

Ever since reading Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann I have noticed the similarities between characters in the book and stars of today. Never read it? well, they made a movie....more

Funny you mention Valley of the Dolls!! I just read a great book that reminded me of Valley of ...more

Could you whisper in my ear the things you wanna feel

They played fake alternative music during lunchtime at the restaurant where I worked in college. I never wanted to like Johnny Rzeznik but I kind of did. It was that year when I drove across country when my sometimes boyfriend died. I took off in an old blue Toyota Corolla with three friends who were not in grief and rolled away with my mother’s gas card towards freedom. I am certain we were all pushing towards some sort of hopeful Kerouac moment. We were pushing back the cobwebs of a summer spent working at a Presbyterian Church camp deep in the forest....more

Girl Crush?!?

Holly: It's fascinating the amount of information that you can learn about a person when traveling side by side with them for 96 hours continuous.  I thought I had pegged everything there was to know about Jenn, then she drops the socially acceptable term while in Portland "She so would be my girl crush"....more

Celebrity Style Icon

I saw an article in the back of Lucky Magazine that was about style icons. It really got me to thinking about who my celebrity style icon is. Almost on instinct I thought of Reese Witherspoon and after Googling her casual style I'm totally convinced that she's my style sister...of course with a lot more money and fame and...well...taste....more

Women Bickering : A Woman Thing

We all know that March is National Women History Month. Blogher has profiled and continues to bring their readers some of the most incredible and awesome women on the planet now and somewhere in the hereafter, leaving legacies for generations to come. Okay, having said all of that and truly being awakened to the truth of a women world contributions, I do have a bone to pick with us-sort of. You see, I've been writing about women issues for years....more

The Oscars 2011: Top Ten Red Carpet Looks

The Oscars. An event synonymous with glamor, beauty, and elegance. We watch it to feel for a moment that we are part of that upper echelon of beautiful people, to dream for a night that we could wear a couture dress and float down the red carpet to the adoring cheers and flashing bulbs that tell us that we have made it, we are a true star... ...more

Single Celebrities Who Rock (and Rule)!

By Terry Hernon MacDonald of singlewomenrule.com...more

Look at me! My blog has been shortlisted!

Blimey! Can you believe it? I have been short-listed as one of the Widow Lady's top ten blogs. How cool is that? I am gonna be a mega-star! ...more