New Kelly Ripa Show - Homemade Millionarie on TLC

Have you ever had an idea for a great product and thought to yourself, "If I could only sell this, I would be rich!"? There are many smart women out there with useful inventions and ideas who don't have the time or resources to launch their creations to the next level. TLC has teamed up with Kelly Ripa to create a new TV Show, Homemade Millionaire, to offer aspiring female entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their ideas sold by Home Shopping Network....more

Hi I have the answer and have a patent pending on a sock for women and want to meet kelly for ...more

My relationship advice to newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Omigod! Who'd have thunk it? Pop tart Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand went out and got married! I guess my invitation got lost in the mail....more

Wow, just saw this comment today, so excuse me for not following up prior to now...

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Moms: Is the GLEE GQ Cover Too Sexy?

GLEE may be corny, but that's part of the fun: a bunch of high school dorks find their inner Britneys, and in the process, show the rest of the school that their too cool to be crammed into lockers....more

No one Squeezes More into Their Juice

 Superfruits have made a splash on the red carpet, being coveted by celebrities all over the world.  Most of the time when I hear about celebrity trends I think of expensive anti-aging creams and Vera Wang shoes... both are "must have's" ......more

Rihanna is officially the unoffical spokesperson of abused girls

Oct 0 Rihanna is officially the unoffical spokesperson of abused girls Celebrity,Movies ...more

Harry Potter’s Freddie Stroma naked sex scene in ’′e

Ryan Phillippe of England AKA Freddie Stroma appears butt naked in the thriller The UK flick which hit theaters June 2, features the 23-year-old Harry Potter star alongside Emma Roberts (the one on Julia‘s family tree), Eve (yes, the one you’re thinking of), writer/director/actor/one man show Noel Clarke and fellow Potter alum Helen McCrory (Potter’s Narcissa Malfoy ). Here’s a synopsis:...more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby has better tan than his papi. THEORY: Surrogate mother is black

The first photos of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby have finally hit the interwebs. Three-month-old Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr., was snapped with grandmother Dolores Aveiro (Cristiano’s mother) as they went for a walk in Portugal yesterday....more

Suburban gangsta Nick Carter fights ‘Face of Meth’ Aaron Carter

Nick Carter throws a bitch fit after brother Aaron disturbed his rest by dancing and playing music loudly in an episode of the canceled Carter family reality series House of Carters. MTV’s Clutch blog did a round up of the 7 Totally Ridiculous Reality TV Cat Fights and listed the brotherly blowout among a haul of other hot mess moments in reality tv....more

California's New Anti-Paparazzi Penalties: Should Celebs Enforce Stalking Laws?

In late August, the California legislature overwhelmingly passed amendments to stiffen penalties connected to its current anti-stalking law. You can read the bill here. The objects of the amendments’ affection? Paparazzi who get too close. Lawmakers had sympathy for the idea that there is such a thing as paparazzi being too close, even to celebrities whom we might think don’t deserve such legal protections given that their careers are often spent in and dependent upon being the center of attention....more

They say it really extends to so much - this situation is no exception.

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3 Reasons I Am Better than Gwyneth Paltrow

 So as you all know, The Mister and I are getting ready to go to Spain in a month.  Our friend Kelley, who is an incorrigible foodie, recommended that we check out Spain: On the Road Again, which was a series that aired on PBS about the deliciousness of Spanish cuisine.  Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, an adorable Spanish chica named Claudia and Gwyneth Paltrow (I know, right? RANDOM) all road trip around Spain, trying new things and being fabulous. After watching the first episode something was eating me. ...more