How to make a geek fit

For those of you not living North of the Wall; winter is not coming....more

Extremely Cool Right Now: #IceBucketChallenge for ALS, A Very Serious Condition

Pour a bucket of ice water over your head. Videotape it, share it on social media and nominate friends to do the same. It’s that easy to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.You can’t help but notice it on your social media news feeds. Matt Lauer accepted the challenge on “The Today Show.” Martha Stewart did it. Politicians are doing it. Here’s the video of me doing it: #IceBucketChallenge...more

100 Minutes of Me Time

There is a phenomenal woman that I work with. Every day she comes into the office a half-hour early, sits in the break room and reads. She regularly encourages other people to take time to do the things they love. And when I once asked her who she could make happier, she said she wanted to make herself happier by putting the same amount of time into her interests as she invests in the people around her....more

The 2016 Diversity Reading Challenge Begins Today!

It's time for diversity! Last year I started a diversity reading challenge for myself and I was amazed at the number of people who were drawn to it. It's so great to know that I'm not the only person who realizes that more books need to feature diverse characters AND that mainstream readers demand them too! ...more


Happy New Year! Challenge : to call or summon,  to engage in ...more

I Did It!! #NaBloPoMo Day 30

I did it! I’ve written every day of National Blog Posting Month. I’ve learned about search engine optimization, and I renamed my blog at the beginning of the month. The old name really didn’t apply anymore. I had written a post entitled, Stepping Aside which explained some realizations I had arrived at over time. Women in their Crone phase of life are often dismissed as emotional and out of control. Menopause is a time of challenge, to be managed....more
Writewhatmatters thank you so much!more

Flash Fiction-Emotions

My Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!“Hey Lazy! Over here!” Whiner and Anger greeted him excitedly....more

Sunday Photo Fiction - Time

Sunday Photo Fiction challenge!...more