My FFfAW challenge!Photo Credit: Sonya“Melissa!” snapped Mrs. Gretchen.“Orange clouds?! Purple leaves?!”...more

Flash Fiction Challenge - The Dream

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!Photo by"I'm dying," Katie's lips trembled as she finally decided to say those words out loud.Daddy stroked his little girl's hair....more

Instagram Photo Challenge: #FallinLoveOctober


October Challenge

In August I ran the first ever LGRS monthly challenge. It was a wonderful success and the participants worked incredibly hard for their results....more

Fall in Love: October Instagram Photo Challenge

I’m so excited to finally announce my very first Instagram challenge: #fallinloveoctober...more

Summer Instagram Challenge

 I'm thrilled it's summer! Thrilled! Okay, not officially summer, but summer enough for me....more

Taking the Challenge

People challenge themselves in many different ways. Some jump off cliffs, sky dive, or run marathons. Others continue their educations and receive doctorates, work their asses off at work to be promoted, or work full time while spending all their free time volunteering. All of these are great. I am a big believer in a challenge.I wish I trusted a parachute enough to sky dive. I wish I had the endurance to run a marathon. Since I don’t have those things, I challenge myself in other ways. I challenge myself mentally instead of physically. ...more

Turning It All Off

The other day while mindlessly perusing Facebook, I came across a picture on my timeline that said,“No cellphone, no Facebook, no computer access, no wifi for three months & you get $3 million. Could you do this?”I thought, “Heck YEAH I could do it for $3 million!” and promptly forgot about it. Actually, I guess I didn’t forget about it because it’s been percolating in the back of my mind for days now....more