Living out of a Suitcase, sort of, Part Deux

 So, gentle reader, I was true to my word....more

Dealing With Change

There are a million cliche things you could say about change. You could say that it's necessary in life. You could say that without change you have no growth, that it's hard but ultimately rewarding, etc.But when confronted with real change – whether it's small or something that will cause a big disruption in your everyday life – change can be extraordinarily difficult, and something that's a lot easier said than done....more

7 Ways to CHANGE your Husband!

I think every woman thinks at some point that with enough pressure and chatter, she can change her husband. I have thought this countless times to no avail. No amount of pressure and coercing on my part has done any good in moving Hubby toward an idea, attitude, or action. I hate to say it but it's taken me these 2 and half years of marriage to realize that I alone cannot change Hubby. Men don't like to be bossed. They must be gently encouraged or led. Have you ever heard that song from the movie "Hello Dolly!"? So true!...more

Stop Being Narrow-Minded


Clapping and Crying with all the other Moms

Clapping and Crying with all the other MomsLeave a replyI always weep at endings.The end of the school year slays me every time.More than any other ending, it marks time for me. The slash on the calendar is dark blood red. This ending has been earned. Yet I don’t want it....more

Gym Update #4

Hey there! Hope this Friday treats you well! Nothing by way of exciting or adventurous happened this week when it comes to my fitness goals. I have kept at it though and despite missing a day this week, I'm going to call it a success. After all, what I'm aiming for here is not so much achievement and perfection, but progress. Steady and sure progress equals success to me, right now....more

A Path to Peace Through Mutual Respect, Not Agreement

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The Change Challenge

Without change women would not be voting, not working outside the home, not wearing yoga pants and certainly not writing blogs about gender observations.  I think that there are three fundamental change agent drivers for us humans. We can be motivated by one, two, or all three at once but without one of these nudging us along, status quo prevails....more

You're Doing It Wrong: Stop trying to change him

Many people, myself included, love a challenge. Tell me I can’t name all 50 state capitals or put my elbows together behind my back and I’ll jump at the chance to prove you wrong. Give me an words-written-per-hour goal and I’ll do my best to double it. I imagine the thrill of a challenge is among the reasons people run marathons, attempt souffle or decide to get multiple dogs for their one-bedroom apartment. Then there are the people who, upon meeting and subsequently dating someone, take up the challenge of changing another human being....more

Change: The Only Game in Town

Erica works for a company that is always changing and it makes her crazy. “Why can't things just stay the same? Why is there always something that has to be done differently? What is wrong with the way it is now? I want to do my job one way, every day. Instead, my head is spinning,” she tells me....more