"I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face." ~ Langston Hughes   I connect women with...more

Does Louboutin Make Hiking Boots?

To read more form BUTTERFLY go to www.butterfly.pro...more

Change Your Style, Change Your Life

Most people are unhappy. Have you noticed that? I’m beginning to believe that it’s just part of the human condition to feel constantly restless, dissatisfied, and envious of others. We hang so much of our self-worth on comparisons: How do we measure up to other people in our income tax brackets? Neighborhoods? Social circles? And, when we’re feeling particularly vulnerable, how do we compare to the fabulously wealthy, tremendously successful, and impossibly beautiful? And that paradigm sets us all up to feel slighted and dumped-upon and unlucky. ...more

Nice piece! I agree totally. more

Lipstick on a Pig

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Fake it Till you Make It....more

Letting Go (Of my Hair & My Resistance)

I was feeling weighed down. I think I had been for months. It was everything.... the wedding had come and gone and despite my best efforts at time travel, I wasn't able to go back to the wonder of that day. The New Year ushered in a string of loss, and I am nearing the end of writing my book. I was feeling a familiar tug.Tug. Tug. Tug....more

...so many times to do this, having had long hair all my life. Maybe one day I'll get the ...more

Welcome to my new home!

Welcome to my new blog home!! I really was having a lot of trouble with blogger, so I searched and pondered and meditated and prayed (not literally) about where I could take my little blog. I wanted it to be safe and confortable and love its new home, and I think I have found a fit! Moving my blog is a big deal to me! My millions (more like 5) blog viewers weren't able to make comments or easily view my blog without a goodle ID and that was so annoying! Hopefully I'll get the hang of this site asap and my blog will be beautiful and user friendly!...more

The Smell of Cardboard

There is something about spending that first night in your new home.  You turn out the light and know that you are under your own roof and that at the end of the day you have something tangible.  Even though that something tangible is wrapped up in a mortgage....more

Clean Slate part 2

Every once and awhile you stumble upon a defining moment.  They pop up in the weirdest places and are never where you expect them to be.  And they are truly moments, no longer than a breath of time or even a heartbeat, but they can change your whole life....more


"Intuition is the clear conception of the whole at once." ~ Johann K...more

Clean Slate part 1

There is something to be said for leaving it all behind. Four years ago, I packed up a truck, stuffed my Mazda Protege and set out on the road to move to Nova Scotia. It was during the last World Cup that I made my move. It was harder than I thought. I had a good life in Montreal – a great apartment, a great career in the film industry, and a best friend. But it wasn’t, well, right. The city was getting too big, the people too unfriendly, life was just too fast. ...more