Ah...Monday Monday

I cannot be the only one....whose family has an allergic reaction to Monday mornings, although our allergies aren't sniffy noses or red eyes, rather they manifest themselves as moans, groans, and stomach aches that appear mysteriously.  In the midst of all this Monday morning agony there are shoes and socks to find, lunch boxes and juice boxes to pack, and car keys forgotten on the hook by the door all keeping us from getting a move on....more

Don't Be a Doormat!

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to become more assertive and ask if I can have unlimited changes.  Is that cheating?  It's like asking for a million wishes if granted only three wishes.  Seriously, I bombard my brain with ideas for self-imporvement all day, everyday.  Worse than that, I structure my kids days and life to what I believe will raise them to be happy and healthy boys.  Contrary to popular views, I think my boys are struggling and need the right boost....more

Teaching Children To Cope With Change

We know that young children feel safe and secure when they have a steady routine.  Knowing what comes next is how they measure time.   They feel more self-assured when they are with people they know and trust in a familiar environment.  The same is true for older children and adults.  Rare is the adult who thrives from the knowledge that change is coming.  Even more unusual are those adults who institute change.   It is so unusual that we have come up with names for them - “change agents.”  But then life changes and we look at each other and say,...more

Leaving behind the silver lining

Recently, in a forum I participate in, I spoke about change with someone who was sharing their story. Her story was how she responded to change. My response was that change comes whether we want it to or not. Change just is. It often comes to us unbidden and without warning. Sometimes, we beckon it to come, and it shows up in a package that looks completely different from what we were expecting. ...more

NaBloPoMo: If I Could Change One Thing About Myself

"If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?"  If I could change one thing about myself is ...more

The Neverending Story of Change

on feeling defeat

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of this post right now. But instead of focusing on the details-what I want to put out there and what I choose to bury deep, I am going to go broad.Defeat. Powerlessness. Anguish.These come up in our everyday lives in certain levels of minuscule and magnitude. It's easy to find them. Try hopping in line at the grocery store....more

When plans change...


...but how do you want to feel?

I’m home, after a day of inspiration. And like I’ve been for the past few months, I’m tired. I’m not bone tired or weary, but I’ve just noticed that I’m not as energized as I used to be. There are many very specific reasons for that, but they all boil down to one: change....more

Let's try something different...

Twelve years ago, I remember a clear, warm evening in San Francisco. I was at the Cheesecake Factory with my best friend. I think we had just come back from a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. It was my aunt’s birthday and I had forgotten to call her to wish her a Happy Birthday, but I knew my mom was enjoying the day with her. Early the next morning, I had weird dreams about a brownstone crumbling around me. I was trying to escape. I had my kitten in my arms. We all know what happened next. Fear like I’ve never known coursed through my brain....more