How I Changed My Mind About Marriage Equality

I have wanted to write and share about this for a while. With this week being so pivotal in the United States Supreme Court, it seemed to be the right time for me to do so.I haven't always believed in marriage equality and I am the first to admit that. The idea made me uncomfortable, especially because I didn't know anyone personally (or at least didn't realize that I did) whom it effected....more
@one_woman  This is such a difficult area of life ,and I am so glad that Jesus is compassionate ...more

No take backs: Taking the first step toward change

Remember as a kid when you’d yell “no take backs” while teasing a sibling or friend? It was a silly meaningless game, but in grown-up life when you reach a no-take-back moment, it is exhilarating and terrifying....more
@Darcie thanks for the encouragement. you are so right. I took the plunge and talked to my ...more

Can people really Change

So after watching something on the television that got me thinking "Can people really change?" I mean the term once a cheater always a cheater must have been coined for some reason. Maybe to deter the cheaters maybe to warn the cheatees is that even a word? anyway. Can prisoners really reform?, can addicts really quite?, can bullies stop?....more

3 Strategies for Thriving on Shift and Change for Your Career

You know that feeling when you dive into deep water and there’s an invisible but unmistakable line where you pass from warmth into significantly cooler water?In one instant, I passed through one level where I was managing one of AOL’s call centers, an operation of 250 people, seven days a week, to a completely different experience as the head of corporate training. ...more

Is Your Story in Your Way?

I spent a previous blog separating story from reality. I spent a previous blog separating story from reality. My basic example is this: gravity is real, why we think it works is a story. We all have a story and it colors everything we experience.“Big deal,” you might say. “So we all have a story.” Consider this, what if your story got out of the way of your happiness? I bet that caught your attention....more

The Wine Diaries-Temporary Goodbyes

Four years after my divorce I was faced with the second most difficult decision next to ending my marriage. Do I move on with my life or do I stay where I am in a lonely, isolated and alienating environment? The answer should be easy, right? Not if it involves leaving your children behind. Here is my entry from The Wine Diaries in reflecting on this difficult time and how I came to my decision. If you're facing a turning point in your life you might find some comfort in my story. The Wine Diaries is a more personal blog where I share my experiences before, during and after my divorce....more

Nothing Changes Until You Do

In a recent session with my counselor Eleanor, she said something simple, but profound to me; “Nothing changes until you do.” She went on to say, “Mike, you keep trying to control and manipulate the situations, relationships, and outcomes in your life – thinking that if they changed in the way you want them to, you’d then change and things would be better. It actually works the other way around.”...more

The Inner Path: A New Year, A New Spirit

 It’s that time again! Time to set goals for the coming year. But, the real problem is not setting new goals and resolutions, it's will they stick. Research studies over the years have shown that less than 40% of people who set goals for the new year are successful just after three months of trying....and the reason for that is you never change your behavior. Changing your behavior involves practice, practice and more practice.  Oh, and not just practice, but having a foundation on which you can stand on while practicing.  So now we get to the real reason many goals aren't achieved as planned...more

New Moment in Time

New Moment in TimeI hear of people making these things called “New Year’s Resolutions”. They are the things they want to do differently with another new year of life. They want to quit something, or start something, or finish something, or heal something, or be something. So, they wait for a new year to do their “something”… the fresh smell of the new year is the motivation they need to make a change....more