Mid life transformation -- Day 1

I made it through day one without computer games.  I managed to take all my medicines and I left the house.  Three simple actions that I've been struggling to complete.  Today I was able to manage them all.  One day at a time is true.  Once today I had to decide that I could stay off the computer games for an hour that was all I could agree to.   Even if it was one hour at a time; I made it!  ...more

Losing My Leaves Like the Fall Trees

“All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.” ~Donald MillerAhhhh…to be a tree! There is so much we could learn from trees. Especially this time of the year as they are losing their leaves. I think about the leaves that I am having to shed in my life right now and this quote met me in that place… slapped me in the face really....more

We, the People...

http://fromgrindtowhine.com/2012/10/12/we-the-people/We, the People…OCTOBER 12, 2012...more

Relax! It's only life after all

 I love First World Problem memes but not just because they're amusing. They also remind me of something really important: Not to take myself so seriously. ...more

The Trail Through The Woods

I read a book years ago called Women Who Run With Wolves. It describes how dealing with our issues is similar to walking through a dark forest. As we walk through the woods shivering and frightened of the shadows that lurk behind every tree, facing our fears, we can finally emerge on the other side greeted by the sunlight beaming from a clearing that welcomes us from our journey. ...more

She's Got The Look

There's two sides to every story...This is mine Here is my post for this week, for those following my personal journey this is gonna surprise you. http://gailsforum.blogspot.ca/2012/09/shes-got-look.html ...more


Have you ever met anyone who completely blew your mind with the story of how they overcame struggle like being in poverty and then building their own business; struggling with morbid obesity and through healthy means  transforming their body; or even how they were stuck in a horrible job only to create the job of their dreams?  I call these situations: game changers.  ...more


Let me just say...You can't change people, Only how you receive(react to) them. Don't get mad at someone when they reveal The REAL... B mad @ You.We especially as women believe we can change people, after time they'll .... do this or do that or Love me the way I want.  You know what people are not manufactured here on earth so no ingredient we try to mix in will change the out come of the CAKE.They have to want to change themselves.  ...more

Be the change

I would like to thank my wonderful partner for her help in making this Vlog happen. A fellow polymath, she is a talented photographer, poet, sausage maker, cook, gardener, creator of Calgary Food Heroes and most recently, videographer! Without further ado - my first Vlog! ...more

With space to swing your arms around...laughing loudly

This title of this blog is from one of my favorite songs by Kate Havnevik, "Unlike Me."  I first discovered this song while watching my favorite TV show, Grey's Anatomy, a few years ago.  It has become a regular rotation on my ipod playlist, and always give me a sense of hope and renewal whenever I listen to it. ...more