Have you ever met anyone who completely blew your mind with the story of how they overcame struggle like being in poverty and then building their own business; struggling with morbid obesity and through healthy means  transforming their body; or even how they were stuck in a horrible job only to create the job of their dreams?  I call these situations: game changers.  ...more


Let me just say...You can't change people, Only how you receive(react to) them. Don't get mad at someone when they reveal The REAL... B mad @ You.We especially as women believe we can change people, after time they'll .... do this or do that or Love me the way I want.  You know what people are not manufactured here on earth so no ingredient we try to mix in will change the out come of the CAKE.They have to want to change themselves.  ...more

Be the change

I would like to thank my wonderful partner for her help in making this Vlog happen. A fellow polymath, she is a talented photographer, poet, sausage maker, cook, gardener, creator of Calgary Food Heroes and most recently, videographer! Without further ado - my first Vlog! ...more

With space to swing your arms around...laughing loudly

This title of this blog is from one of my favorite songs by Kate Havnevik, "Unlike Me."  I first discovered this song while watching my favorite TV show, Grey's Anatomy, a few years ago.  It has become a regular rotation on my ipod playlist, and always give me a sense of hope and renewal whenever I listen to it. ...more


Start With Yourself

"Cut me down, but it's you who'll have further to fall" -Sia, Titanium lyrics: David GuettaI believe in the natural goodness of all beings. No one does anything because they want to feel worse. We are all trying our best to get on with life and to feel happy, fulfilled and content. For a few people this seems to mean cutting down other people in order to bring them to their own level, rather than working on building themselves up....more

Go Ahead and Make the Change!

I know I have mentioned in past blogs about going through changes and different stages in one’s life.  This is the one constant thing in life, perhaps the only thing we can count on!  Change can happen from outside events or your own actions.  I know many people that would not force change in their lives.  This could be because they feel their life is good in every way so why should they rock the boat, or they could be too frightened to face the unknown.  Another perspective is that if you wish to change that must mean you are unhappy with your life which could refl...more

Change the World

Great post! And thank you for your comment on my Midlife and Tattoos post!more


Recently a few of my friends have mentioned that they thought I was brave.  Me?  Brave?  I feel so incredibly far from brave!!  Most days I feel filled with fear and trepidation.  I'm still crying on a regular basis and I would describe my average day's feelings as anything but defines brave as "possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance".  Someone dear to my heart defined it as "being afraid and doing it anyways".  I think I'm definitely more of the second definition than the first!...more

If Only

If only...two of the saddest words a person can utter.If only someone loved me.If only I had the perfect job.If only I was beautiful.Those two words make the presumption that everything would be all right if just these one or two things were different.  The truth is, even if something was different there would still be something we wish we could change.  It's part of the human condition to wish for better but we need to learn how to live in our own skins and circumstances....more