I Promise Myself...

I am constantly trying to figure out different ways of being more, doing more and acheiving more.  I think this is a lifelong way of being with a very positive outcome.  While searching around on Pinterest I came across the "I Promise Myself" creed from The Secret.  I want to explore some of the promises periodically through the blog....more

How Photosynthesis Changed My Life

 In my search for finding peace and happiness I come to the same conclusions over and over again.  For some reason, I need hundreds of different ways and avenues to arrive there.  I want proof that I am right.  Proof.I know the answer.  I know the answer is to let go, to go with my flow.  I know it’s all about love, filling myself with love.  How good that feels, how when I am full there is nothing wrong in my world.  I know the answer is all around me, in life, in nature....more

Do You Embrace Change?

How do you feel about change?  If you’re anything like me, you probably have mixed feelings about it.  While it often depends on our perception of the type of change – big or small, good or bad, needed or unnecessary, easy or hard, etc. – most of us seek and fear change simultaneously....more

How to Deal with Change

I saw a wonderful photo that depicts my thoughts on how to deal with change. It's a Chinese proverb exemplified by a comparison and contrast of the two approaches we will take when we are faced with change. Change is inevitable; I believe most of us will admit that. Nevertheless, what matters is what we do with that change. Here's the proverb:When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.When change hits my life, I'm busy building windmills. How about you?  ...more

How Heraclitus Fluxed it All Up

Have you ever heard about him?   I named my kids Jara, Reign and Credence and people often say… “how interesting.”  Imagine introducing Her a clitus.  That’s how it’s pronounced. I lived in Regina Saskatchewan and that was bad enough.  My whole life every time I said I lived in Regina most people would crack up like a 10 year old boy because Regina rhymes with…. ...more

Mid life transformation -- Day 1

I made it through day one without computer games.  I managed to take all my medicines and I left the house.  Three simple actions that I've been struggling to complete.  Today I was able to manage them all.  One day at a time is true.  Once today I had to decide that I could stay off the computer games for an hour that was all I could agree to.   Even if it was one hour at a time; I made it!  ...more

Losing My Leaves Like the Fall Trees

“All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.” ~Donald MillerAhhhh…to be a tree! There is so much we could learn from trees. Especially this time of the year as they are losing their leaves. I think about the leaves that I am having to shed in my life right now and this quote met me in that place… slapped me in the face really....more

We, the People...

http://fromgrindtowhine.com/2012/10/12/we-the-people/We, the People…OCTOBER 12, 2012...more

Relax! It's only life after all

 I love First World Problem memes but not just because they're amusing. They also remind me of something really important: Not to take myself so seriously. ...more

The Trail Through The Woods

I read a book years ago called Women Who Run With Wolves. It describes how dealing with our issues is similar to walking through a dark forest. As we walk through the woods shivering and frightened of the shadows that lurk behind every tree, facing our fears, we can finally emerge on the other side greeted by the sunlight beaming from a clearing that welcomes us from our journey. ...more