How You Can Help Save the World

The World Needs You: Here Are 3 Ways You Can Help

Over a month ago, 224 people were killed in the Russian airline crash. Then terrorists went on a killing spree in Paris, France, leaving at least 130 persons dead.Add these to the never ending crises across the Middle East and North Africa, the ethnic cleansing in Central Africa, and the mass exodus in northern Nigeria, and you’d want to conclude that achieving global peace is a utopia....more

How to Do Good While Wearing Your Pajamas

 Any day you can support a good cause while in your pajamas is, in my opinion, a good day.Throw in breakfast for dinner, and it's a great day! ...more

Charity Tuesday: Under the Same Sun

Charity Tuesday.On a Wednesday.Because yesterday was a teacher workshop day.And I didn’t plan ahead and schedule a post.So, we’re doing it today.But usually it will be on Tuesday.Just so we’re clear…Charity Tuesday.What day? TUESDAY. But instead we’re doing it today because of aforementioned reasons.Moving on....more

How You Can Support Women in the Military

I am a big supporter of the military and veterans.  Not just because I love my country and I’m grateful to them for securing our freedom, but also because several members of my family have served, including my mom, dad and stepdad.  There are several worthy organizations that support veterans, active duty members and military families.  Since BlogHer is a community of fantastic women, I thought I’d write an article highlighting what we can do for women in the military, including a special project I’m doing in July....more

You give a little, you get a lot

Every Sunday morning, I give my son his allowance. He does a little song and dance he made up and races to his room to put the money into his three jars. So far, he's completely understood the purpose of his spend and save jars, but we haven't done much with his give jar. He knows that he has that jar in order to give back to the world, but we were waiting for enough funds to make an impact....more

Faith and Love and a box?

It’s the official start of our newest feature here at Back Row Faith – Products with Purpose.I shared a while back about getting a goat for a gift and how much I loved it and I promised to share about more goats, I mean gifts/products with purpose....more

Tea Party Charity Event

 I had a major blogger fail. I brought my gigantic camera to the event like I was a professional photographer…no batteries. So sorry for the shadows on our pics today. The iPhone did the best it could....more

National Good Samaritan Day - Who Have You Blessed Today?

Going through this whole “dissolution of marriage and starting over” thingy can really make one… well, self-absorbed. And rightly so. Anyone who’s ever gone through anything like this knows it’s like getting kicked in the gut. The wind has been knocked out of you and you’re left struggling to get back up and get your bearings.It’s hard and it’s really, really lousy. You have no other choice but to think of only yourself for the time being. Your main focus needs to be your health (mental, physical and spiritual) and your welfare....more