Tea Party Charity Event

 I had a major blogger fail. I brought my gigantic camera to the event like I was a professional photographer…no batteries. So sorry for the shadows on our pics today. The iPhone did the best it could....more

National Good Samaritan Day - Who Have You Blessed Today?

Going through this whole “dissolution of marriage and starting over” thingy can really make one… well, self-absorbed. And rightly so. Anyone who’s ever gone through anything like this knows it’s like getting kicked in the gut. The wind has been knocked out of you and you’re left struggling to get back up and get your bearings.It’s hard and it’s really, really lousy. You have no other choice but to think of only yourself for the time being. Your main focus needs to be your health (mental, physical and spiritual) and your welfare....more

How to Conquer Your Clutter

Do you have too much stuff?  Everyone seems to be talking about reducing their clutter.  One trending challenge is to rid yourself of 40 bags in 40 days.   Even some of the young people  I know are joining the 40 day challenge.  I have to wonder how they acquired 40 bags worth of excess before they have even left their 20’s! Our ancestors gathered food; we gather stuff....more

Whats in your Christmas stocking

Let’s have some fun with this ladies. I have changed the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas to give our men some hints of what we want for Christmas. Obviously, some may find the gifts extreme, but keep in mind- you are not the only woman in the world. Across the board, some women desire different things. These gifts are perfectly within reason for some. Based on an actual list.On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a box filled with lots of money.On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me a passport and 2 trip overseas....more

Recap: 2014 Great Sports Legend Dinner

In its 29th year, the annual Great Sports Legends Dinner, hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti and his son Marc, raised funds to support the ground-breaking spinal cord injury research. Researchers at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis are the world’s most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center which is based at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The evening started off with a VIP reception, that included a silent auction of some great sports memorabilia.  Now on to the actual dinner and awards reception....more

#Destination- A Celebration of 30 Years

Broward Meals on Wheels Hosts 30th Anniversary Cocktail Reception, #Destination Plantation, Fla. – In 2014, Broward Meals on Wheels is celebrating 30 years of providing more than a meal to seniors who are hungry and at-risk of hunger in the community. With the support of the community they are able to provide essential services that improve health, reduce  isolation, and promote independent living for seniors in the community....more

Miley Cyrus VMA Stunt Raised Big Money Online For Homeless Youth Non-Profit

Miley Cyrus Showed off her real "assets" this time at the VMA's and shined a light  on the issue of poverty and homelessness in America. Even though her date has legal issues that are now out in the media and some people consider it just another PR stunt....more