Do Social Good by Using Social Networks: Be a Micro-Community Organizer

All of us are looking for ways to make the world a better place. But how? You hear a lot about social good. Doing good. Social media doing good. And, it’s an abstract idea. Or you went on Jumo (the social network for doing good founded by the co-founder of Facebook) and you can’t figure out how it really impacts your life.  We have an idea....more

Rock the Red Pump: Women & Children HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe I'm going to make selecting your outfit for tomorrow a little bit easie...more

Groupon for Non-Profits

We all have heard of sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and the myriad of similar deal-of-the-day shopping sites, but have you heard of ...more


A couple months ago I literally stumbled into my closet to find that I had (surprise, surprise) “nothing to wear”. As I rummaged through the ridiculous amount of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes, underwear etc, I realized that 50% of those items had not been used in over a year. I had shirts hanging in my closet that were never appropriate to wear in public at the age of 27 and somehow I managed to keep since high school. Was it the memories?...more

Just because the ad says “Declutter”...

I find it very frustrating when companies try to jump on board with New Year's Resolutions people make to “get organized” or “declutter”. Granted, there are very handy tools that can help get organized, namely file folders, shelving, etc but at the end of the day, you cannot organize can only get rid of it. Getting rid of it could include either giving it to other family members (it becomes their storage “problem” then, right?), to charity, recycle it, or throw it away....more

Some great ideas Bev! Thanks for sharing!


I'm Sort of Connected to a Nobel Peace Prize

Today I found out that a charity I have volunteered with for the last two years has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. WOW. I am so thrilled with this news! Wings of Hope is a truly wonderful organization that deserves all of the attention and honor this nomination brings. They are on a short list of 150 nominees, and I sincerely hope that they are awarded the prize in September....more

Buy Me Something! My Opinion Of Weddings

In 2010 the cost of the average wedding was over $20, 000. The National Divorce Rate was 50%.When I think of marriage, these are the thoughts that go through my head.Though I have been in a long term relationship for many years I do not feel the need to get married, or have children and doubt that will change....more


My office participates in the Adopt-a-school program where twice a year, we gather needed school supplies from employees who are in a charitable mood and donate them to a local school. The school always gives a list of what supplies they need. That makes sense.  We don’t want to give them 400 Webkins dolls, Mardi Gras beads and ketchup packets because that’s all people could think to bring. The list is pretty specific.  Crayola crayons, large size (8 count), Glue sticks (Elmers or Scotch), Small pairs of FISKAR Brand Scissors. A girl who sits close ...more