The Bloggess and Her Christmas Miracle

A few days ago I put up a post offering $30 gift cards to the first twenty people who didn’t know how they were going to give their kids Christmas gifts this year. They went frighteningly quickly. When I got to the twentieth person, I saw that there were still a few more people who needed help and my heart sunk. Then a few comments in, one person said, “I’ll take care of the 21st person”. Then another person offered a card for the 22nd. Then another. Then it avalanched. ...more
This is truly a Christmas miracle.    What a wonderful way to rejuvenate the Christmas spirit ...more

Our Kind of Christmas

Sometimes I feel like we are missing out on all of the holiday fun. We don't have a tree up (3 cats), no lights grace the deck (bad weather lately), and we have done no Christmas shopping. It's kind of a two-edged sword because my spouse and I made a decision a couple of years ago to donate to various causes in lieu of giving material gifts for Christmas....more

Dear Midnightbliss,
I agree totally that we all have different ways of celebrating, and making ...more

Giving from the Heart: Tips for Raising Thoughtful, Generous Kids

Giving My All My earliest memory of donating my own money was when I was about 8 years old....more

In the Spirit of the Holidays: Donating to Charities and Avoiding Scams

A Giving Spirit Once upon a time, I volunteered, freely giving of my time and money, as much as possible....more

I Won't Pick Up a Guitar if You Won't Run a Charity

As we again come upon the busiest fund-raising season of the year I, again urge you to know your charity and donate locally. We are a generous and empathetic people who react with our hearts when seeing the ravages of an earthquake on the news, or expensive television ads of forlorn children and injured animals. We respond with our purses when celebrities beg for donations and plead with viewers to join them in giving. I do too - but I worry about how often we can be disappointed and develop charity fatigue....more

Living and Giving with an Open Heart

The life lessons learned in yoga are endless.  One basic concept that seems very relevant this holiday season is to live with an open heart.   Physically and energetically a backbend is an amazing pose to open the heart.  I ...more

The View from My Rose-Colored Glasses

  Once upon a time in a not so distant past, people would go door to door, campaigning for their special charity. Many people would answer their doors to strangers, listen to their cause, and donate a small token. But times have changed. Rarely, people campaign door to door, and rarely people donate to strangers....more

They were very polite and earnest - everything singled that they were doing a good deed by ...more

Clutter-less Gift Giving

Let's face it, December is an expensive time of year! This is my first Christmas season as a single mom so needless to say, I've been thinking about the cost of gift giving a bit more this year. I've actually even been considering craft-type gifts for those on my list and trust me, I'm not a craft person. With a little bit of thought, I'm going to try to keep my spending and clutter-giving Christmas to a minimum this year....more

I like the idea of delaying an expense this way but in general I feel a majority of people have ...more

I admit it...I need a Home Organizer too!

Even Home Organizers need help too!  The kids and I moved 6 months ago and, although the majority of our home is set up and organized, there are still those "spots" that we all have...the ones that every time I look at them, I start thinking "I should really do something about that".  They silently nag at me each time they catch my eye.  They also seem to multiply overnight! It's the 3 cardboard boxes my mom gave me from my childhood home that I stacked neatly in the kitchen, beside the stove, thinking that they will drive me crazy being there so that will mo...more

Own Your Beauty, Month Two: Not the Perfect Coach, Just Coach Caitlin

I serve as an assistant coach, and once a week, I get together with my sixteen girls and we talk about life, homework, cooking, families, and – of course – running. I was so nervous the night before our first meeting. I have very little experience with girls of this age, and I wanted so badly to be a Perfect Coach. I wanted to present the lesson plans in the most perfect way and inspire my girls to run perfectly even splits. I wanted the girls to run to their parents after our workout and exclaim, “Mom! I had the most PERFECT day!” (Image from BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty Flickr group) ...more

I loved this post, and not feeling so great about my own beauty, I decided to dust my running ...more