One Dollar of Christmas Spirit

We parked, and my 4 year old son asked for the backpack he takes to preschool. He said he wanted the dollar we'd put in there the day before. The dollar was for show and share at school. He needed to bring a rectangle, so I'd put the dollar in his backpack. I reminded him, but he persisted. He wanted that dollar. At 4, it is time that he learns about money. That it is finite. That a dollar can only stretch so far. I let him take the dollar so that he could buy something in the store with it. But he didn't take it into the store......more

My top charities.

Our wold is full of people who need help. This time of year is a great time to give a gift to someone less fortunate. For just a few dollars you can give a child clean water, or supply a family with a goat. I have made a list of some charities that I feel do real good in the world. Check them out. If you see a charity that you would like to give to, please do. Giving a gift on someone else’s behalf is a great idea for the holidays. Let us get to it then. Here is a list of a few charities that I feel would help the most.1. World Vision

Selfless Giving

This time of year is a busy time for many families.  School has started, and the holidays are back to back it seems.  In my family we have a birthday every few weeks from September through December.  It is amazing how much money can be spent without even noticing when you have so much going on.  I started thinking about this post when my daughter approached me with a long list of what she would like for not only her birthday, but for Christmas too.  I mean, can we do one list at a time?  The items she asked for were not cheap and ranged from gift cards to...more

Charitable Contributions on Facebook Gifts

With what happened with Sandi Hurricane it’s good to know that Facebook Team just launched a new feature on Facebook Gifts: Charitable Contributions, now you can use Facebook to make a charitable contribution in celebration of a friend or a family member....more

Give up a Gift for Africa

Give up a Gift for AfricaWhen I was little I wanted to change the world, a little Lisa Simpson in the flesh.It was all so simple to me back then, why can’t everyone just share what they have? Then no one would be poor, no children would go hungry and everyone would have a house.Simple, right? A humble solution in my infant mind.My thoughts then turned into actions.I sent my football shirts to Africa (yes, I was a tom boy for a while, who’d of thought it?) and sent shoe boxes of presents to others at Christmas time....more
Hi Lisa - Many thanks for your kind comment. I am trying to get this campaign out to as many ...more

Holiday Giving

I think my favorite part of this time of year is how there are so many opportunities to give back.Even in our daughter's school there are at least 3 different collections... that I can think of off the top of my head... that are going on right now. They are such easy things too contribute that there is no way you can't. The simplest things can make a big impact too. ...more

Countdown to Christmas 67 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 67 Days and Counting Well, most holidays revolve around togetherness with those we love and we spend time making memories. If this is you I hope that you realize just how blessed you are maybe it’s time to thank of ways to bless others. For ways to help other in your community through coupoing check out our couponing for charity page. Maybe you can brain storm with your family about ways you can serve other as a family....more

Operation Christmas Child: an Opportunity to Give

What could be better than giving the one gift this Christmas that would bring a smile to child's face?  In our land of plenty, it's a joy to know that many children are not just satisfied but elated over one small shoe box filled with small gifts....more

Hey Frangelico, meet me after dinner!!

Sofia has been at it again! This time she sent me a wonderful bottle of Frangelico. I was pleased to learn that Frangelico, in conjunction with celebrity Chocolatier MarieBelle, is set to unveil a limited edition truffle for the holiday season....more

Rhea Lana's Consignment Event

Do you consign?  Do you shop at consignment stores?  I do, and I have found that it is not only a great way to SAVE money on clothes and accessories but an even better way to MAKE money from items that are no longer the right size or are no longer being used. ...more