Helping the Homeless (In Chicago's Suburbs)

I noticed this week that a lot of people are talking about the homeless in the US.While some are complaining, or saying it's just a scapegoat for other issues, I personally think it's great that we are talking about it and that so many people seem interested in helping.So, I sat down and made a list of places in our area that help provide help to those who are homeless or are on the brink of being homeless. Some of these places I already knew about, but some are new to me (thanks to doing some internet searched!)....more

Dove's Lunchonette Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Green Chile Chorizo Gravy

 This is my version of a dish was inspired by a recent visit to the Dove's Lunchonette in Chicago, Illinois....more

5 Fun Things To Do in Chicago!

#BlogHerFood15 takes place in the Windy City this year. As a Chicago native, I might be The! Most! Excited! person on the BlogHer team....more
Sounds fabulous! Wish I could be at BlogHer Food, but I'll definitely keep this list in mind for ...more

Announcing the #BlogHerFood15 Closing Party!

Foodie heaven, art and architecture, museums and a vibrant nightlife are just a few of the best things about Chicago. We're going to try to bottle the city's energy and release it (in controlled amounts, of course!) at the #BlogHerFood15: Experts Among Us Closing Party!...more
lauren_inspires Yay I hope you do!! #BlogHerFood15more

freakin. awesome. yoga

Sorry that I've been MIA the last week. I was prepping for a garage sale at my house and wow, I didn't realize how much work it was going to be!! However, we got rid of so much stuff and I made quite a bit of money just in time for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.   The end of a very tiring week was perfect because I had plans with two friends to attend Soul Pose on Sunday morning. It turned out to be just like the organizers said it would: Freakin. Awesome. Yoga....more

My Passion

My passion is writing. Everyone who knows me knows I'm 'the writer.' I've been writing since I was a teenager, and this year my first major novel debuted from Kensington Books. The sequel comes out November 10th of this year. I have a bunch of other stuff published or about to be published this year, too--everything seemed to happen all at once, after all those years of waiting, working, dreaming, and hoping. It's an amazing feeling, and a little scary, too. ...more
em_987 Thank you! It's been a crazy ride!more

The Color of Crime

Do the majority of people perceive violent crime as an African-American creation because it is most often true or because it is most often shown?...more

A few things I learned about Chicago

 Downtown ChicagoAlthough my most recent trip to Chicago for the Nat...more

The pretty things I see while lost

 A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directi...more