Photo Friday: Big

Today's Photo Friday word - "Big" - left me a bit stumped at first, but as I scrolled through my photo archives I found what I realized would be the perfect response to the prompt! ...more

Our Chicago vacation using CityPASS

This past week, our family went to Chicago and used the CityPASS, which is a ticket booklet with discounts from five area attractions. City Pass claims to save you 50%, and you are also allowed to skip the main line and get a VIP entry. CityPASS is also available in other cities, such as New York City, Boston and Atlanta. Here is a run-down of each attraction that we visited in Chicago. Also read below for restaurant reviews.1. Shedd Aquarium...more

Victory's Banner: Good & Healthy in Chicago

Victory's Banner2100 W Roscoe St., Chicago, IL 60618 (773)

Travel Photos of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

Are you a huge fan of science? Does learning about how things work get your creative mind flowing? Piano Man’s really taken to learning about science in school, such as learning the states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas), so we decided to take our boys to visit Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. We spent about five hours at the museum, and we could have stayed for another five more. The experience was that good....more

Heading West...

I am on the brink of leaving Chicago, the city I have lived in my entire life [minus college and a brief stint studying aboad] and figured this would be an excellent time to start a blog to track my adventures + workouts. I packing all my stuff and heading west--specifically, Seattle....a town I don't know very well. Since I will know 2 people, including my best friend who I am moving with, this could be very interesting! ...more

Chicago, IL vs. Moline, IL

Chicago, IL vs. Moline, IL Which would you pick? You might be surprised by my answer but first let me give you some background information.The Husband is spectacular at planning for birthdays, etc.  I really am quite jealous of his planning skills and wish I could be as good as him.  Shhhh...don't tell him I said that....more
I live so close, but rarely go. Chicago is my kind of town :)more

eat chicago: yolk

we are big breakfast food people. like “will-drag-ourselves-out-of-bed-at-the-crack-of-dawn” for a good breakfast, type of people. so when we were in the city this past weekend, we had the opportunity to expand on our usual breakfast haunts and try some place new! we stumbled upon a cute diner called yolk located in the river north neighborhood of the city. obviously, from the name you can tell that eggs are their big thang. and it showed....more

Bravo has a new reality show in Chicago, but where's the diversity?

Chicago has had it’s fair share of reality shows blow through our city, and it seems like networks are having a hard time getting it right. The saga continues with Bravo’s new series “100 Days of Summer” based in the Windy City....more

Cross Country Road Trip: Day 2 and 3

Day 2:...more

10 things I Didn't Do at BlogHer13

I can’t believe a whole week has already passed since BlogHer13.  I’ve seen dozens of posts on what attendees did and learned at the conference.  I’m going to tell you what I didn’t do instead.10 things I didn’t do at BlogHer 13:...more
I'm a fan of your didn't do list. I'm a big fan of it, actually!   (I'm a NY Pizza girl, too!)more