freakin. awesome. yoga

Sorry that I've been MIA the last week. I was prepping for a garage sale at my house and wow, I didn't realize how much work it was going to be!! However, we got rid of so much stuff and I made quite a bit of money just in time for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.   The end of a very tiring week was perfect because I had plans with two friends to attend Soul Pose on Sunday morning. It turned out to be just like the organizers said it would: Freakin. Awesome. Yoga....more

My Passion

My passion is writing. Everyone who knows me knows I'm 'the writer.' I've been writing since I was a teenager, and this year my first major novel debuted from Kensington Books. The sequel comes out November 10th of this year. I have a bunch of other stuff published or about to be published this year, too--everything seemed to happen all at once, after all those years of waiting, working, dreaming, and hoping. It's an amazing feeling, and a little scary, too. ...more
em_987 Thank you! It's been a crazy ride!more

The Color of Crime

Do the majority of people perceive violent crime as an African-American creation because it is most often true or because it is most often shown?...more

A few things I learned about Chicago

 Downtown ChicagoAlthough my most recent trip to Chicago for the Nat...more

The pretty things I see while lost

 A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directi...more

A grateful heart: My favorite tour guide

 Nothing like a little 20-something weather with snow flurries to make a<...more

Where to Take Your Toddler on a Rainy or Cold Day

I don’t think any of us are ready to hunker down for winter yet, but here we are on November 8 with temperatures in the 40s and a polar vortex headed toward Chicagoland. As the parent of a toddler, the threat of winter so early seems particularly soul crushing—being stuck indoors with a constant force of energy tends to be detrimental to a parent’s mental health....more

A Tourist in My Own Hometown

I've lived in the Chicago area for most of my life and I've loved every season of it that doesn't start with the letter "W". Luckily for me, I'm also married to a European native which has afforded me the opportunity to have lived for two year stints in England and Germany....more

Home Town Tourist: Chicago's Navy Pier

I've lived in Chicago for going on 12 years now. And although I've lived here for so long there are quite a few touristy (and even local) things that I haven't done. I've never been to a Cubs game (I know GASP!) nor a Bears game. I've never gone to the Southside St. Patricks Day Parade. Last year was my first time going to the Festival of Lights Parade and I've never gone to a music festival here in the city. I typically stay away from touristy things in the city because it truly is part of my love/hate relationship with Chicago....more