4 Secrets to Improving your Child's Behaviour


Brain Developement In Children

Your eight-month old is sitting in her high chair. A bowl of pasta is in front of her and she is exploring the squiggly texture with her tiny fingers. She picks up a handful of it and it has almost reached her mouth. You’re mentally willing her to eat it. She looks up at you and smiles. A naughty sparkle creeps into her eyes and she promptly drops the pasta to the floor. She stares at it happily and laughs. Every parent faces this challenge at dinner time. But have you ever wondered why your child does this?...more

What Does A Bucket List Look Like For A 5-Year-Old?

Today I did something I had never before even considered; I contemplated the activities that might comprise a bucket list for my 5-year-old daughter.If that sounds morbid, then … well, it should....more

Donald Trump: My Son Heres You

The other day, my son brought up a conversation he had had with this friends about presidential candidate, Donald Trump. He told me his friends at school said that Trump was racist. I thought it was interesting that kids his age were talking about politics and that they knew that Trump had publicly made bigoted comments about various ethnicities and religions. We discussed Trump in a very matter-of-fact way and moved on with the day....more

How To Get Through Holidays When Your Child Is In Jail For Drug Use

How To Get Through Holidays When Your Child Is In Jail For Drug Use...more

Only the loner

I have a feeling Small Human is a loner....more

The little sound that turned my world upside down

A little more than a year ago, a strange sound turned my entire world upside down. Why, you ask? Because the sound was emanating from inside my son`s head.Yes, you read that right. My son`s head.It was late July and my dad was looking after my little boy, who was four at the time, while I was at work. Just before lunch my phone rang and I saw it was my home number. My stomach flipped and flopped and a feeling of dread enveloped me....more

Your child's growing brain vs. growing body

Just ran across this interesting article about young children's brains. Here are some highlights:1. Young kids grow slower than other young mammals because their brains require so much energy for development. Growth of the body needs to take a backseat to growth of the brain.2. A 5-year-old's brain uses 2X the glucose as an adult. This peaks when they're around 4, and the body growth slows way down.  It's around this age that the brain uses 2/3 the energy that the ENTIRE body uses at rest....more

Is Your Garden Toddler Proof?

It’s almost summer, which means your toddler will soon be running around the backyard in bare feet ready to explore and get dirty. This time of year is great for kids since they can run and play and soak up the sun to their heart’s content. The problem is that many parents work hard to baby proof their home but don’t think to make sure their yard is safe....more