The Day The President Died

THE DAY THE PRESIDENT DIED The skies were cloudy and it was cold. My feet slipped on cold floors.My mother was dressing my baby sister and reminded me to bundle up for school later in the morning.In the meantime, would I like to watch cartoons?Why yes I would. ...more

This Is A Birth Story

I’d like to tell you a birth story.  But this is not a story about a baby.  This is a story about a woman.Megan, my little sister, has had two babies and I was in the labor and delivery room for both births, a girl, named Vivi, and a boy, named Milo.  While their births were, like most births, little miracles, it was while watching my sister labor that I saw the rarest of beauties....more

Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway $200 For Mommy & Child

Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway $200 For Mommy & ChildHosted By: Mom ‘N Daughter SavingsSome awesome bloggers have teamed up with me to bring you this Holiday Gift Guide for Mommy and Child!Thank you to these  bloggers –  Lil_Mis_Saver, Profit From Sweepstakes, ...more

A Closer Look At Your Child's School


Single Moms: You're Stronger Than You Think You Are

This is what single-motherhood looks like: 8-year-old in the back seat, bleeding profusely from a bone-deep gash on her knee, paper towels soaked in her blood beneath a dish towel I tied in a hasty knot around her leg. Her 6-year-old sister, so queasy from the sight of the wound that her face is not green but grey, holding a mixing bowl in her lap and a wad of napkins in her hand. It's nearing their bedtime, we never got to eat the dinner I made, I'm nursing a burn on my forearm from my haste to get the dinner out of the oven, the sleepover guest was sent home in a tearful, frightened rush, and I'm racing toward the clinic that will stitch my daughter up, all the while reassuring her that she's fine, it isn't that bad, it won't hurt much. ...more
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Those Who Forget History are Surprised When It Repeats

Almost everyone has heard the expression, "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it."  I say, those who forget their history are surprised when it repeats itself. When the verdict in the George Zimmerman case was announced the reactions were typical. Those who thought he was guilty were saddened or outraged by the verdict. Those who thought he was innocent were relieved and celebratory. I had neither reaction. The verdict was not a surprise to me. I live in the United States of America, aka the land of the free and the home of the brave....more

Banana Bread, Eian's Favorite

My step son Eian, loves banana bread. His favorite bread, and snack is Banana Bread. Him and I have been making this for a few months now. With a little bit of playing around with the recipe, I have finally found the one. He gobbles this stuff up like candy. This recipe for banana bread is so easy and good you will want to make a new loaf every day. Without fresh pumpkins, and I am out of zucchini, this recipe is great for chilly winter evenings. Ingredients 4 ripe bananas 1/3 cup melted butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg ...more

I Will Not Take These Things for Granted

My daughter beat me yesterday.  She hit me so hard I got the wind taken out of me for an hour.  Tears welled in my eyes, but I didn’t let them fall.  Okay, she didn’t hit me physically, but she beat me with her words.   No need to call me, CPS, it was innocent.  Innocent for her, but complex and painstaking for me.  It’s a sign of what’s yet to come when she is a tween or, even worse, a teenager.  She said, “I don’t want to sit with you, Mommy.  I want to sit with my Daddy.” (There was a strong and loud emphasis on “my”.)   ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You ? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century Tate Publishing 2012 , Amazon This caught my attention! Child in the news, sang his address for 911 operator... This is how I recommend you teach toddlers, preschoolers to memorize a favored number or address, use a known tune with your rhymed word to make a safety song. My grandson uses his Dad's cell number, the number ends in a one, so we ended the song with" that's my Daddy I'm his son!" Try it, let me know how it works! ...more

New Labels: Widow, Single Parent

When a spouse dies and you have children two things happen at once. You become a widow(er), and a single parent. Simultaneously.Overnight I adopted new labels. One moment I was married. The next I was not only widowed, but the sole care provider for our daughter.What do these new labels mean? Do they mean anything at all? I would say it depends on the day. If I am missing my husband, my friend, I feel quite widowed. Other days I accept that he is gone and I embrace that I am single. Single-with-experience....more
I hate the word widow.  That one word makes me feel so powerless.  I hate the single status too ...more