One Huge Little Word

The other night, while C and I were busying ourselves with evening chores (packing Em’s lunch, cooking dinner, briefly contemplating folding massive amounts of laundry, trying to scrape unidentifiable gook off the coffee table…) Emmy was entertaining herself with one of her beloved toys....more

a child shall lead them...

A new routine has begun in our home.It all started when a friend of ours sent her usual Christmas gift to our kids...books. {Happy dancing all around!} One of those books was a devotional, Jesus Calling, for kids. The irony's the exact same devotional I started reading this year. {Well, the 'adult' version, that is.}...more

Did I Say It Was Okay To Use A Nickname?

My friends insist on using a nickname for my son “Alex” but I prefer the full name “Alexander.” Should I just give up? ...more
When I was a child, my parents did not want nicknames for me or my siblings. My father in ...more

Please Sleep

Z has taken up a new hobby.She likes to get up as early as possible, say, oh, 4:30 AM. She doesn't wake us up like she used to. No, now she gets up, goes to the only TV in the house, turns on the Playstation, logs in to Netflix and watches shows that she is not allowed to watch.Shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and, recently, Ren & Stimpy....more

Dear Red One and Blue One

It should come as no surprise that I find you repulsive. Both of you. You're nothing more than soiled, foul-smelling loops of cheap terrycloth. Red, you're pretty much a joke. You were part of a four-pack sold at the Dollar Store! The baseball emblem that was so feebly embroidered upon you will soon be completely unraveled.  Blue, you were a resented purchase. You were expensive and in my eyes, unnecessary. Look at you now: The white half of the Pokeball isn't even white anymore. Despicable. ...more

Funny Girl

The things that Z says are always pretty funny and several people have told me that I should write it down so that I can remember it as she gets older.Z likes to play with a miniature measuring tape. When she sees boys that she thinks are interesting, she attempts to measure them. The boys typically will take an interest in her measuring tape and measure her.Proudly they will announce, "You are 48."Z will snap around, snatch the measuring tape and declare, "No, I am 3 and a half." Then she will stomp off....more

School Rule: No Kids Left Behind

When I was a child, we didn’t have a school rule requiring parents to designate student emergency contacts.  If our parents weren’t available to pick us up from school, we simply waited in the nurse’s office until they were.I once waited the entire day.  By the time my mom finally showed up, my stomach flu had passed....more

Would You Let Your Child Wear This?

  When I see a leash, I think of a dog. Or at least I used to. If you asked years ago what I thought of children on leashes, I was armed with many quips and smirks about bad/irresponsible parenting. What, these people couldn’t control their own kid? Are they so horrible that they need to stick a leash on them? How demeaning to the child!...more
I had two children twenty months apart and yes I used a leash for my own sanity. I found it ...more

In Third Person

Z has taken to talking about herself in the third person."Z does not want to eat cereal. Z would like a popsicle instead."It feels a lot like banging my head against a wall. I use words like "you" and "your", so that she understands that she possesses these feelings.It also feels a bit regressive that a child with such an extensive vocabulary feels the need to dumb down her wants and needs into an almost baby-speak....more

My Parents Ate My Homework

It’s back to school time and you know what that means—conquering that immense stack of school forms before it conquers you.Schools say they are going green and then send home volunteer forms, medical forms, and forms on how to fill out forms....more