Brought to tears by a lawnmower

If a woman said she received a lawn mower as a gift and it made her cry, most people would assume the tears were because she felt it was impersonal or she loathed practical gifts. The thing is, this particular woman (me) happens to love practical gifts, and she knew the people who gave it (my parents) did so out of a simple desire to help. The baffling part was my tears....more

I Bought a Barbie :: Confessions of a Mother Who Got Sucked In

I think the rapture may have passed us by, but somehow, today, at about 3:15 PM (est) I must have had an out-of-body-experience. Nothing else explains it (except maybe temporary insanity?). Can strep throat become strep brain? Because. I. Bought. A. Barbie. (Actual that makes a cool acronym. BIBAB. As in "I was struck with an overwhelming case of BIBAB" OR "when the BIBAB gets ahold of me, I do crazy irrational things"). Stinking BIBAB....more

We all have our soft barbie spot...However, I have an Aunt who collects Barbies. And I'm not ...more

The Working Mum

 Milo riding the hoover like a car! ...more

28 Again

This evening I wrote on my Facebook status update that ''it's good to remind myself that I'm 28 every once in a while'' and that couldn't be more true right now. Following a very stressful couple of months and a stressful week despite the lack of toddler tantrums and co-parenting negotiations, it was great this evening to take some time to go out and enjoy myself a little and to dance the night away, around the handbags (much to the joy of a group of onlookers who couldn't quite believe what they were seeing) and to basically feel my age for once....more

Unexpected Realities of Parenthood

 Milo post visit to the playground!Whilst pregnant with Milo and in the days pre-pregnancy when I would sporadically (once a year at most I'd say!) imagine what i...more

I guess the fact that I can't drive and we live in a big city with plenty of transport options ...more

Music lessons as a kid = better cognitive function as a senior

I've been thinking about putting my daughter in piano lessons. We just got a FREE upright piano from my husband's co-worker that's in great shape (the piano, not the co-worker) and right now all she does is bang on it. (She's 5 and my son is 3, so that's about why I expect at this age.)...more

I have both my daughters (13 & 7) in music lessons.

Eldest is learning Drum Kit - I think it ...more

Princess Proofing (Part One) :: Don't Call Me 'Princess'

Welcome to Princess Proofing 101 ~ there is no prerequisite for this course, and it is open to all parents of girls and boys.  If you are currently dressed in any of the following, by command of the High Princess of your household: tutu, tiara, cape, crown, jewels ~ you should calmly remove them and set them aside.  If you are dressed in any of the above by your own choice, carry on. Because it is all about the choice....more