A New Home?

Following a telephone conversation with my landlord on Thursday I have had a lot to think about. I was sent a letter by the company who deals with the ins and outs of renting my apartment something like 6 months about informing me that my landlord was looking to sell my apartment and offering me the first chance to buy it in accordance with the rules here. I then received a short visit from the landlord himself (the first and only time I have met him) who came by to check out the place and take some photos and measurements....more

with separation from child: allow no cry, some cry, or let cry?

We had a rough one last night, Lilly whimpering, clinging to me all night. While I was lying there hugging and comforting her, I couldn't make up my mind if I'd rather it wasn't physical or emotional. Yesterday we had our second ECFE class of this semester with new kids in her class, several of whom will cry during separation. And that makes both me and my little Lilly sad. On top of it all, her best friend Anna took a spill head down the stairs from the little doll area. ...more

Winter Cold (Green) Survival Kit

Currently  my family and I are deep in battle with  a nasty  cold which inevitability comes around  this time every year.  With all my eco changes in place  my ‘Must Have’ list for cold season had to also be updated. Here is my drug free updated list. To Eat/Drink...more

A Girl Raising a Boy: What I Want for My Son

 I’m a girl whose raising a boy. He’s six now; I’m 34. How can I control the programming for a gender for which I hold no code?...more

Hello, My Name is________: Does Your Name Affect Your Life?

What's In a Name? Have you ever fantasized about having a different name? Would your life be different with a different name?...more

I'm just hoping to survive the burns

Everywhere you look it seems there are constant admonishments to put “Me” first. We have become a very selfish society in some aspects. So what do you do when a child AND your ex need you to put “THEM” first?...more

When the other woman bails

I married my first husband 10 years ago naively believing we would be together forever. I was raised with the belief you stayed together through everything and, at least back then, divorce was unheard of in my family. This was quite a difference from my husband. His parents divorced when he was around a year old. His father would remarry about 4 years later and over 20 years later is still with her. His mother on the other hand would remarry and divorce so often you'd think she was training for a new Olympic sport....more

Motherly Advice

An apology is the superglue of life.  It can repair just about anything.  ~Lynn Johnston       ...more

The Quest for Peace on Earth: Domestic Violence & the Holidays

Missing Boys I recently read a heart wrenching story about three young brothers from Michigan who are now missing after a court-ordered visit with ...more

Want to Make a Holiday Gift? Knit a Malabrigo Hat

Here's a super quick pattern for a child's hat made of Malabrigo worsted yarn -- or any other worsted yarn that will get you 4.5 stitches to the inch. It's so fast to knit up -- perfect for time-challenged, perpetually busy people like me. This is a good way to practice knitting in the round if you're a beginning knitter, and it would make a nice handmade holiday gift! ...more