Shouldn't a singing contest be about singing? A 9 year old's perspective.

It is Saturday night, so I let the kids stay up a little later. We were all kind of lazy and didn't feel like playing a game so we thought we might watch a movie. It was past 8:30 and too late to start a movie, so I decided to check out the DVR to see what we had waiting for us....more

Tips on encouraging your mini Picasso

Want to encourage your kids to be creative but not sure how? This week art teacher Aki Berry shares her teaching techniques, ways to improve your kids skills and get them to really enjoy making art!Hi! I’m Aki. Before having my kids, I taught art to a bunch of little ones, all different ages from Kindergarten to fifth grade. I had a great time getting to know my students and bonding with them. ...more

Great Quotes About Raising a Child to Inspire You

I recently gave birth to my second child, and it has caused me to think seriously about the ways in which I want to raise my children and the type of childhood that I want them to have. I've reflected on the philosophies that guide my thinking about children, and I've chosen five quotes that I love which best define my own personal philosophy about teaching and raising children. ...more
pinesandpalmettos That's a good one! Taking risks is important. :)more

National Puzzle Day: Which brain skills do puzzles help?

January 29, 2015 is National Puzzle Day and by celebrating the day, you may be helping your child's cognitive skills (e.g., visual processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed, attention, memory and auditory processing)....more

You need a medical ID bracelet...


Wordless Wednesday: Growing Up

*This post is Day Fourteen of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer....more

five picture books you should recycle immediately

This post originally appeared on I am a book lover. I love picture books. I love reading to my kids. Stacks of books from the library are the highlight of my week. I never get sick of Go, Dog. Go! (Go around again!) or watching Curious George get high on ether or helping that little bird find his mother. I tear up every time Mike Mulligan retires MaryAnn to the town hall basement. ...more

parenting amnesia - it's real people

This post originally appeared on The other day I was getting ready to leave my yoga studio, and I experienced a flare up of parenting amnesia. I overheard a conversation between two women about infant sleep. The mother of the infant was distraught about everything–her unsleeping child, her husband's reaction to the situation, her own exhaustion. ...more

3 Easy Steps to Surviving New Year's Eve with a Toddler

I thought about writing a snazzy post with adorable New Year's Eve outfits for all the fabulous parties and fun times that will be happening tomorrow.Then I realized that it would be pretty hypocritical of me to do so, since the most glamour that I will be a part of will be my fantasies of having a reason to wear a sparkly dress....more

Kids Conquering Stress 4 Life

It probably sounds completely obnoxious for me to share that people often ask me how I got such great kids. I know that sounds very pompous, but the truth is that I am asked that question or something similar at least a couple of times per month and the older my girls get, the more often I hear these statements or questions....more