Looking Back from a Milestone

My son finished elementary school last month, and while he seems to be approaching the idea of middle school with aplomb (or at least with an 11-year-old's casual coolness), I’m having a bad case of nostalgia right now. We’re at a family milestone, but I remind myself that such milestones are only the most prominent markers along a path full of signs and wonders....more

Why I Stopped Making Plans

Maybe it comes from all those beautiful summers as a child where both days and nights seemed endless,but every summer since my first was born, I seem to be under some unbroken illusion that I will finally have the time to complete those projects I've been meaning to get to all year long... You'd think I'd learn after nearly a decade, but ever the optimist within holds onto the hope that big things will happen each summer!! What I'm really starting to realize now is that they are happening......more

Siblings and Rivalry: Will They Ever Just Get Along?

As my daughter cuddled with me on the couch while I caught up on the latest General Hospital episode {gotta have my soaps, don't judge me!}, her younger brother came downstairs and started in on a meltdown.He complained about his transformer toys that weren't where he left them, and accused his sister of throwing them around because she was "always touching his stuff."Once he finished with all that extra-ness, he begged to play video games - and... well... that ain't happening while I'm watching my soaps!...more

Just Tryin' To Make Her Purdy

I and the munchkins went to my parent’s house last week. Since my mom takes care of Gozer and Gamer as many as 5 out of 7 days some weeks we got to see both of them. Spock was very happy to see Gozer and there was much playing of games. That first night, they decided to share a bed because sleepover!This was, in hindsight, a mistake on Spock’s part....more
Wow, I just happened across your posts for the first time today. I wll read what you have to say ...more

Having a Child: Thumbs up...or Thumbs Down?

To have -- or not to have children -- that is the question.by sybil sage...more

Working On It

“I need a break.”Both girls were crying. One didn’t want to take a bath and the other just wanted to be held. My husband had just gotten out of the shower after a long day at work and an hour commute home. In traffic.I walked downstairs and sat on the couch, listening to my husband stomp around in the room above. I hear the bath running and him trying to coax #1 into the tub. He runs back to #2 to give her the pacifier. It works for 10 seconds. She is crying again. He puts white noise on. #1 is now screaming, “Mommy!”...more

ode to my children

just kidding i have no idea what an ode is... ...more

3 times I accidentally shoplifted

Ok I know accidentally shoplifting 3 times may sound like a lot and it sounds like its not accidental, but this is over the course of my whole life and at very different times....more

To Scream or Not To Scream

I may or may not want to scream into a pillow.No. I take that back. I do want to scream into a pillow.Today, has been one of those days that my children can’t seem to function effectively without requesting something every two minutes. I really want a second alone. I really want space. It is getting close to their bedtimes and I have this unnerving sense that it will not go down when scheduled....more

Is Parenthood Frowned Upon?

There are times in history and places in the world where being childless was just about the worst thing a woman could be....more