5 Steps Toward a Nontoxic Home

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the lotions we decide to put on our bodies and the products that surround us.The degree to which we potentially put our children’s health at risk depends on the different products we decide to bring into the house. Their exposure to toxins begins before they are even born. Whatever we inhale or ingest can have a lasting effect on our children....more
LOVE Dr. Bronner's!  I use it on everything!more

Love Measured 3 Kids Deep

I can't believe it. It is the middle of the afternoon and all THREE kids are probably sleeping. At the same time....more
Oh, you beautiful mommy! Wow. That you are able to write during this phase is impressive. Bless ...more

Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to Your Children

 It breaks my heart to see women chatting, texting and surfing the web on their phones in the grocery store, restaurants and other places while their childr...more

When we turn into oppressors: Internalised racism and parenting

The privilege of being lighter skinnedI am a lighter skinned Black woman. I am light enough to enjoy some of shadism’s privileges but dark enough to still be accepted as Black.  A uniquely privileged position. Throughout my upbringing I have received messages in my environment that this made me more desirable, more worthy, and/or more significant than my darker skinned counterparts....more

I am a Tired Mom

The old “but it’s a good tired,” is here.This is like telling someone in Hell that it’s a dry heat.I am so tired I am typing this through sheer will and a last spurt of final dying breath to get the word out to you, my readers, that I love you, and it’s been good and all, but holy hot sauce, this Momsie is no more. I have ceased to be. I’m expired, late, stiff… bereft of life. THIS IS an EX-Momsie.If this were a Disney movie, we are all at the last twenty minutes of Old Yeller....more

Make a Yoda Sensory Bin for Your Littlest Star Wars Fans

My boys love Star Wars. Little brother is the biggest fan at our house. You will even notice he had his Star Wars shirt on while playin, and that was not planned. That is just what he had on that day. ...more
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How Music Made Our Mornings FUN!

Lilu and I have always bonded over music.  Ever since she could talk, we have made time during every day to sing and dance to our “jams” (generally super-cheesy 80’s music.)...more

Children are People Too

Every Sunday I share a bloom – a small idea of how to improve our world.Tend the garden of humanity with me by blogging with your own idea on any Sunday.If you do, feel free to pingback here so we can keep the conversation going....more

Ten reasons why I'm better off post-children (than pre-children)

Ten reasons why I'm better off post-children (than pre-children) 1. Clumsiness ...more

14 life skills for my daughters

Being a parent is daunting....more