Depression and the Autism Parent

I'm at Starbucks typing this blog post at the insistence of my husband, who saw a dark cloud settling over me and knew I needed some time alone. For most of this year, I've had a decently positive attitude about my son's autism diagnosis....more

A Reluctant Autism Mom -- and So Much More

People think of autism moms as fierce advocates. Women who know exactly what to say when someone criticizes their child or their parenting, that perfect combination of words that both educates and shames the person who dared speak up. We’re angry, but with a purpose. We’re protective. We’re ready to take on the world. We suffer, but it’s noble suffering. Well, that may be true, but this is truer: ...more
Your story could be mine. Your words could be mine. It's been three years since my son was ...more

How to Drive Yourself Crazy in One Easy Lesson

Let’s say that on Monday, Jimmy is frustrated. He is totally losing it. No, actually, he has totally lost it. For whatever reason, he just cannot do something – maybe it’s a homework problem, maybe it’s tying his shoes, maybe it’s just finding a way to calm himself down. And he is rapidly heading toward the edge, with you very close behind....more

Stream of Consciousness on Loneliness...

I think I have always been a lonely person.  No one would guess that from meeting me – I think I usually come across as friendly and outgoing, if a bit loud.  I’m one of those people that always needs to be in a room full of people, yet can still feel lonely among them – among friends, loved ones.  I’m someone who needs to “gather the troops” constantly – when something amazing, tragic, life-altering, special, memorable, or just silly happens – I need to call everyone.  Not someone. Everyone....more

To Tell or Not: When to Tell People Your Child Is Adopted

One of the typical challenges I find as an adoptive mother is when to tell people my son Jed is adopted and when not to. I’m not talking about family members or close friends here, and I’m certainly not talking about small talk at an office holiday party. No, I mean neighbors, teachers, bus drivers, doctors, babysitters; people you know and trust but maybe aren’t really in the "let’s share secrets" circle. Now, normally I wouldn’t really care to tell anyone Jed is adopted, mostly because it’s personal and really nobody’s business....more

Embracing Chaos

Here's the thing, while I wish I was more adventurous, the truth is  I am more a creature of habit.This was a huge challenge for me in the early days of becoming a "stay at home mom". Prior to having children I had fantasies of being the "perfect" mom and wife. I dreamt of babies who always smelled like powder and of eating hot home cooked meals( made by me of course) and so on and so forth. You get the point. In truth, my reality was babies that smelled of spit up and as for home cooked meals......more
Whatever it takes Girl, you love your children and that's all that matters!! xox smile!! we are ...more

Stuff I Did in the Past Few Days and Random Stories

He's Not Smiling Much

This evening our home was hit by what some might categorize as an F1 tornado…no real structural damage but it certainly shifted our belongings around with the sound of a freight train.  Of course, I’m not referring to an off-season catastrophic meteorological event, rather one of my 5 year old son’s “tantrums”.   I hesitate to use that word…”tantrum”.  To me, it suggests that such behavior is performed by a spoiled little baby.  From the outside that may very well appear to be the case.  In my heart, however, and based on multiple visits to various counselors a...more

Call to Action: Disabled Student Left on Outskirts at Concert

A friend of mine on Facebook shared the photo that shows young Alex Pollard, a sixth grader at Cooper Middle School in Austell, GA , being sidelined during the singing of two songs at a choir concert. His mother, Arla Jan Wilson, wrote: "As Mr. Grevstead directed the children into position, Alex waited patiently on the sideline to be positioned with the rest of the group. All of this took about five minutes. As the chorus began to sing, I realized that Alex would not be placed with the others. The picture that you see was taken after the first song was over and the second began, I assure you Alex was in that location the entire time his class performed." ...more
FYI, Alex's mother has secured an advocate, Mr. Nelms, and is starting to collect all of Alex's ...more