New finding in how sleep helps your child's brain

New research from the University of Colorado Boulder shows that when young children (ages 2-5 in this particular study) sleep, connections weaken WITHIN hemispheres, but strengthen between the two hemispheres. In fact, the connections increased by as much as 20% in one night....more

No Matter How Hard You Try There Are Times As A Parent When You Just Can’t Have It All

I was away from home for an entire week, travelling on business.  What this meant was that I would be missing my son’s participation in an annual international judo competition being hosted by Barbados over the weekend.  I had helped with securing media coverage of the event over the last few months and usually operated the score board during the matches (volunteers are usually at a premium).  I couldn’t believe the clash in dates, but had no choice....more

Chewing Coffee Grounds

My Facebook status update today read:  I’m just going to start chewing coffee grounds....more

To those who comment on my Christmas posts...

Christmas 2012...more

Kindergarten Kids - Don't Try to Be Your Own Friend

Problem:These kids get everything. They get TV time, video game time, coloring time, outside time, board game time, time to use their imaginations, time to read, time to play, you facilitate their every fun loving moment.And yet they're still right up your butt. Why?When you were a kid, you would have killed for this life. At least I know I would have.Solution:...more

My Kids Are Not the Center of My World and I Somehow Still Manage not to Be a Complete Jerk

What did she say? Yeah, you read that right.(I'll also not stop here and put a disclaimer in about how this post is a rant and all over the place because 1) this is the internet and duh, and 2) I'll shoulder the fault should my writing not flow as a normal blogger's writing should.)...more
I guess it's all about perspective, isn't it? Clearly Stephanie has never been really bullied. ...more

A LABOR OF LOVE, a project comes to fruition

It's been a labor of love and a long time coming. One of my goals has been to bring things "off the backburner"  and to work on those projects that are near and dear to my heart, allowing me to create and inspire!So here it is, a children's Christmas book that I wrote in 2007!...more

Library Sounds

The library is a happening place these days. At the risk of sounding, well, you know, old, I remember when "Shhhhh!!!!" was a byword. I actually used a card catalog to look up book locations. (*Gasp!* Remember them?) And when you checked out materials, the librarian used an ink stamp to put the book's due date on a card in a little front pocket. My children will never experience this....more

A Curve of Love

In the first few days after Munchkin's birth I could put him on my shrunken, deflated belly and see how he'd curled up inside me. He fit just so, in that space between my hips and my ribcage. As he grew I carried him in a sling, his head resting just below my heart....more

Types Of Mommies- 2

Make time for kids!As promised, here I come up with some more types of mommies. Try and remember which ones have you seen around recently.Forgetful Mama...more