Fourth Of July Photo Time Capsule

Happy July 4th my friends! I am sure you will be celebrating with cookouts, parades, and fireworks today. I was thinking about writing a blog post about Independence Day and started looking at July 4th pictures for inspiration. It’s funny how if you do the same things year after year you start to create a photo time capsule of your yearly traditions....more

To Binky or not to Binky, that is the question...

So I'm in the lovely swimming lesson observation room again talking to one of the other mothers.  She had her two year old with her in the room.  The two year old had a binky in her mouth.  I also have a two year old son who still uses his binky.  We were talking about our different excuses to why our two year olds still used a binky.  The other mom said she wanted to wait until her family had gone on vacation to quit the binky.  I really don't have an excuse, I just want to sleep at night and my son screams without a binky. ...more

Rules Vs. Freedom: Exploring the Play Paradigm

Seemingly the easiest part of any child’s life is that which includes play.  It’s a natural, built in method of exploration, learning and, sometimes, even exercise.  Kids live to play – outdoors, in groups, even by themselves.  Sometimes, though, children’s ability to play freely can be hampered by their parents’ desire to control the way their children spend their time.  A child’s mind is like a sponge, so it is said, a fact which fuels a desire to ensure that a child’s time is spent optimizing the use of that sponge through purposeful, useful kinds of play. ...more

A (Social) Circus Unlike Any Other

When you think of the circus, most people would think of Barnum & Bailey or Cirque du Soleil. Circus acts are usually comprised of acrobats, clowns, animals and death-defying acts. Most people go to the circus to be wowed and entertained, but what if a circus gave back to the performers as well as the audience?...more

‘I want to be White’: Fostering self-love amongst children of African Descent

Guilaine Kinouani Founder of  I want to be White’: Fostering self-love amongst children of African Descent...more

My Kid Was Bitten by a Tick, Now What?!

My family spends a great deal of time outside. We run through the woods, we play in the gardens; we dig holes and look for worms. Not much has changed in the analog version of childhood fun since I was a kid. Except for ticks. ...more
There are so many cases here that many labs are back logged. It is easier to treat with meds and ...more

I 'm a Special Google Mommy

Mom! Mum! Mummy! Mommy! Mom!...I about fell over when I first heard the Google commercial with the child standing by the mother saying Mommy! over and over. It was a script straight from my life. There are days my special needs son says the word Mommy, it seems, 500 times or more. A day home from a funny tummy meant I was the center of his activities. Where school fills him with stimulation, on days like this, it's all me. ...more

Pink Princessy Party Favors

Here's a great idea for creating pink princess inspired party favours!! ...more

Ikea Hack ~ Sprout's New Play Kitchen

Are you on the look out for a play kitchen, but can't find what you're looking for? How about trying this simple Ikea hack?.... ...more

Taking the Training Wheels Off

On Mothers Day, I had an epiphany. In five years, my oldest daughter probably won't be sharing this day with me. Because she will be away at college. And it hit me like a thud right where my heart and stomach meet. ...more