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Ways To Discard Old Toys

Make time for kids!...more

Why Moms Might Not Talk to Each Other

Here's how it sometimes feels to be a mom, and why we can't seem to call on our support group of other moms when we most need to....- Everyone else's kids seem perfect. They're so good, quiet, smart, well-behaved. Often your tales of having to drag your spawn out of the grocery store while they screamed bloody murder are met with blank stares.- Since your kids are only kids, you are betting you are the problem. That's embarrassing....more

Free Money

My son has been adding up the money that he feels entitled to, for the minor chores that he has been doing around the house, but he was informed that he would not be paid any money, because of his rent-free status, among other things.So both he and his sister became enamored with the tooth fairy. Both don’t mind losing a tooth or two because they know that a lost tooth means some filler for the piggy bank. My daughter actually tries to coax the tooth out of her mouth before it is quite ready – so eager is she for the spoils that will follow....more

Privacy, What Privacy?

I wrote this three years ago and sadly nothing (much) has changed..... ...more

You get to use it, but it's still mine

You may have heard about a news item that went viral maaaany months ago. The one about a mother who gave her young teenage son a contract for an iPhone that he got for Christmas, after he had been begging for it all year?...more

Craft Cool CD Coasters With Decoupage

Make time for kids!The other day I was helping my niece find her favorite Barbie Doll. We landed up a cleaning a whole lot of drawers and in the interim founds loads of long lost things. We had almost forgotten that we had them. One such thing was CDs. My crafty mind thought, in this age we don't really use CDs anymore. So why not make something useful and creative from them....more

My Hope

  “If I knew, I’d try to change the world I brought you to Now there isn’t much more that I can do But I would, if I could.” ...more

"Walk on Water" by Michael Ruhlman

Some books pull you in from the opening pages, grabbing your attention before you even know you’re hooked. Others build your interest over time, weaving fact and narrative into an engrossing tapestry that subtly wraps you in their grasp.A few do both....more

Six Reasons Why Mr. Rogers Was Probably the Best Person Ever

In the wake of the Boston bombings, this Mr. Rogers meme made its way around the Intertron:This made me happy for two reasons. One, Mr. Rogers was basically the mascot of my entire childhood and nostalgia is my kryptonite. All you have to do is show me a clip of the Duck Tales theme song and I will become your slave. Guys, it’s bad....more
Mr. Rogers was the best! I'm glad @motherhoodandmore said her kids are watching it on Amazon-I ...more