depressed mommy

I am a mother of 4,I am feeling depressed lately as I realize I dont have long left and they will all be out in their own lives and that thought crushes me and I know it shouldnt.My oldest is already gone and lives in another state,who knows when I will ever see her again.Although my youngest is autistic and will be 12 this year I know there is possibility he will always be home,but I always dreamed of my house always full with my kids,friends,family,grandkids one day and just everyone flocking to my home,But now I feel this pain inside as we have moved so far away from any family and frien...more

I Believe

Daily Prompt: I Believe by Krista on March 16, 2014For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.~~~~~~~~Three things that I believe in my heart to be true:1. There is a Higher Power.2. We are all meant to love one another.3. Children are our future.Three things I believe in my heart to be false:1. Most everything I read on the internet.2. Most everything I watch on the news.3. Most everything I hear on talk radio....more

10 Reasons to Ban Handheld Devices for Kids 12 and Under

First let me say that I'm not posting this because I agree with everything, though there are some valid points backed by research. But I do want to share the article and let you make your own decisions. In this piece, pediatric occupational therapist Cris Rowan does a great job laying out 10 arguments on the dangers of handheld devices to children under 12. She cites sources and definitely knows a thing or two about the subject....more

Sharing Your Past with Kids…Would You Do It?

Recently, I provided comment to a CNN story that followed up on President Barack Obama’s announcement of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. During the announcement, he stated that when he met the young men of the “Becoming a Man” program, he shared his story (including drug use) and admitted that he had made bad choices. The focus of the CNN story was would you share stories of your past with your children or others....more

Parenting Twins: A Narrative

Dulce and Natalina want to watch a show....more


I don't often have time to go on wacky adventures with my kids anymore. We're all busy, unlike the lazy and horrific days of yore when I had to spend all day walking them two miles to the library and two miles back because they were babies and I didn't have a car, or a life, or any friends. So, if you were wondering why I hadn't posted any adventures, lately, that is (thankfully) why.Anyway, that ended today when we went to mail out our Valentines.But it's February 24th, you say. Why on Earth are you sending out Valentines now?...more

Those Cute Little Write-Offs: How Your Family Really Affects Your Taxes

I remember seeing those cute little onesies around the time my daughter was born: Tax Write-Off. And yes, your kid is one -- for a while. But what about your disabled mother who doesn't live with you? Should your child file her own tax return? What about that 529 plan? I can hear you screaming and rending your clothes from here, you know. ...more
The Frugal Girl  I used H&R Block. I got a little stuck on my K-1, which had an amount in a box ...more

Silent Witness

Statistics reveal that one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. But what is rarely discussed is the impact that this has on children.  The silent witnesses who hear or witness violence against their mothers....more

When Lives Are Linked

There is so so much that goes into a life. So many things to sort through. So many things that keep life going. For many people, at some point there's a melding of two lives into a rather singular one.Either way, removing only one name or one person leaving the home could mean the difference between keeping the electricity on, cancelling an insurance policy, or access to funds that the other earned and deposited. It's a wonder how separations can end amicably even without emotional attachments.It takes work, but I do stay, by choice....more

Enough already! Get rid of whining today… once and for all

 Whining. It makes you want to cringe. Or scream. Or put your hands over your ears. Like a high-pitched, constant drilling or a broken fire alarm that just won’t quit, a child’s whine makes you want to run for the hills. Children whine for a variety of reasons; they could be hungry, tired, too hot, too cold, lacking attention, or most commonly, they want something....more