It's Teething. Trust Me.

My husband laughs at me.  My babies are teething.  That's no laughing matter, of course, as anyone who has dealt with a teething baby can tell you.  He laughs at me because, in my opinion, my babies are always teething.  My babies have been teething since day one, or at least since month three.  As soon as the experts gave me a ready-made, go-to excuse for their seemingly uncalled for tears and distress, I took it and ran.Crying because they don't want to eat?   Teething.  Crying because they're overtired?  Teething.  Crying bec...more

Atmospheric Pressure

 Taking two babies anywhere is a hassle.  Taking them out to dinner is usually a disaster.  In a restaurant, your attention is divided.  You can only dote upon your children while you're not choosing something to eat from the menu, speaking to the waiter, or accepting and clearing dishes.  God forbid you actually try to eat anything.  The minute your eyes drift to your plate and your lips close around the fork, your kids may or may not be dumping out the salt, sliding off their boosters, tearing open the sugar packets, knocking over your beer, or, worst of...more

Competence Compensation

Thank you. I'm glad you have slowly found the balance you need to feel your feelings for what ...more

Everything is a Toy

 I was reminded yesterday of one of the many habits of babies that I've known for years, and, yet, somehow always manage to forget: they can turn anything into a toy - and not only turn it into a toy, but turn it into the best toy ever.Last night, I got a flashlight out of storage.  Amazingly, my two year olds had never seen a flashlight.  They were intrigued.  More than intrigued.  In fact, I have rarely seen anything delight and confuse them more.  (Thank you, Home Depot, for selling flashlights in a two-pack.)"Light!  Light on!  Fla...more

Making Magic: Homemade Fairy House

For a long time I have been enamored with the type of fabulous creations that are found in toy catalogs like Magic Cabin. When they appear in my mailbox I hide them from my children until I’ve had a chance to drool over the gorgeous spreads depicted on the glossy pages. Oh, the lovely absence of plastic! The loose concepts leaving lots of room for childish ideas! The enticing colors and knobby shapes just right for little hands! ...more
Oh, and my daughter's latest project is making a paper version of the Los Angeles Johnny ...more

The Tale of the Broken Smacker

 There were indicators along the way that signaled Rosie's spectrum status. No so-big. No patty-cake. A refusal to say sorry. Peekaboo-fuggedabout it! But the one thing that bounced us all out of our complacency was when she was three and and the kisses went away and the lack of eye contact became overt. In other words, it was the broken smacker that did it for us....more

Thankgiving Day

All my life, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say I wanted to be a wife and a mother. Even when I went back to finish my bachelor's degree, all of my classmates knew that I wanted to have babies after I graduated.Well, I have achieved my dream. I have been a wife for 10 years and a mom for almost 4 years. I live in a house with a backyard and I get to stay home and take care of my family and household. I love my life....more

Imposing our Norms on our Children

Imposing our Norms on our Children It is interesting to me how we impose our norms (things we consider normal) onto our children....more

Sibbling Squabbles

Sibling Squabbles My kids are starting to fight with each other. It is usually the older one taking something from the younger one....more

Ten Years Later

Last Friday, a large percentage of the other hundred people that graduated with me in 2000 dressed up in their fancy finery, glad-handed their old pals, tried desperately to one-up each other, and drank themselves into oblivion.At least, that's what I say happened at our 10-year reunion.  I wasn't at there.  In fact, I hear they chose to play laser tag, instead.  Maybe my graduating class is even cooler than I remember it being.I have mixed feelings on missing the reunion.  On the one hand, it would have been great to see the children (because we were chi...more