Love Hormones

The rise and fall of hormones in women who have just given birth as they continue to interact with their infant as it grows has been well documented.  But what about those same hormones in dads?A new study, just released, shows that fathers also experience a rise in the love hormone as they interact with their child.  It also shows a correlation between the mother's hormone level and the father's.  If a woman is experiencing PPD, the father's hormone level tends to stay low as well, which may explain some of the ...more

Baby Is Sick

Toddlers cry.  A lot.  They tantrum, they yell, they toss themselves on the floor.  They have all of these emotions, and not only do they not understand the effect of emotion on a person, they don't even know what an emotion is.  On top of all of these feelings they have to learn and learn about, they also are still trying to learn language.  This is a recipe for disaster.  This is the cornerstone of the terrible twos.  Almost no parent is a bad parent to a two year old, even when they seem out of control.  Even the wisest among us cannot teach a baby...more

Moment of the Week - 7

My babies finally decide to give spoons a try!  It's amazing to me that I even have to teach them to eat!

Toddler Tricks - 7

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  As a parent, you need to keep your house in a somewhat orderly and clean fashion, and you also need to look after your toddlers at all times because as you clean the last mess they made, you can be sure they're off making the next one if they're not in your direct line of sight.Solution:  Toddlers love to help.  Talk to them excitedly about what you're going to be doing.  Let them help by holding things or putting objects away for you.  Then, give them a turn to clean. ...more

Learn As You Go

Welcome to my Momster Diaries Blog. I started this as a result of an assignment in my MSU New Media Class. As I was reading how to get started and being advised to write about a subject I was passionate about; something that would make me marvel at my own brilliance, I’ll admit not a lot of things were coming to mind that weren’t immediately crossed off the list. There were content limitations, subjects that felt more like work, and costs limitations....more

The Morning Lineup

 My toddlers know the PBS line up by heart because in this family, we wake up when the babies wake up, and that can be any time from 7 a.m....more

Do We Really Need to Panic Over the Fisher Price Recall?

It's not that I don't worry about choking hazards and stabby parts and sick-making paint on the things that my children use and play with. On the contrary, I've been known to worry too much. I've done so much hand-wringing over my childrens' safety since they were born that it's a wonder that my fingers haven't fallen off. I have worried and worried and worried again. And honestly, it's getting a little exhausting, and I'm kind of wishing that I could just stop. ...more

I don't think we should panic about this recent recall, every couple month's I brace myself ...more

Bye Bye

 Toddlers love to show off their newly-learned knowledge, and as they learn to communicate, parents can use this to their advantage.  This is a trick that I'm sure will not last for long, but, right now, it's one of the easiest ways to get my toddlers to mentally let go of something.  I tell them to tell it "bye bye."Bicycles are entrancing to my babies, right now, and last week my husband and I took them to our town center where everyone had decided to ride their bike that day.  Gainesville is set up to accommodate this with bicycle racks installed every few fee...more

Who's the Boss/

I often joke that my toddlers are my boss, but really it's very true, and, sometimes, I have to use workplace tricks to get anything done at all.  Common phrases in my house include, "I'll do that right now," and "Yes, yes, right now, yes, in a minute, yes, of course."  I'm pretty sure I used those daily in the workplace, and I'm pretty sure they meant the same thing they do now - "No, I'll get to it later," and "I forgot, but I'm babbling at you while I get my stuff together so it looks like I was on top of it all along."One of the key transferable skills is making the bo...more

God really doesn't care.


From Jim Wallis:

"At times I think the truest image of God today is a black inner-city ...more