Moment of the Week - 6

My gymnast twins tumblesalt for the first time!...more

A List Of Ailments


Swimming alone (drownings continued)

This coming Monday, I would like to conclude my 'week of drownings' with a happy ending and the story of my own son's plunge into water.  In the meantime however, I will share with all of you out there two particular cases of adults who have drowned.  We all know by now, that anybody can become a victim to a water emergency.  Toddlers, adults, non-swimmers and yes, even avid swimmers can fall prey to situations in the water, where their lives are jeopardized.  I have chosen to share some stories over others this week because of my philosophy that common sens...more

Toddler Tricks - 6

 Ways to trick your baby:Problem: Toddlers tend to be too busy running around the house, watching videos or pretending to read books to want to sit down and eat.  If you try to feed them on the go - on their terms - you'll usually end up with a carpet full of scrambled eggs and a couch sopping with juice.Solution:  Toddlers love attention.  I'm able to get my little ones to sit down in their seats (on top of a blue tarp protecting the carpet) if I line up their stuffed animals to watch them.  Sometimes Elmo even gets a bite! ...more

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Fertile

When my husband and I were first married, the topic of children was vaguely touched on although agreed on but not discussed much. Very quickly I found out I was pregnant and expecting our first little girl and I dived into this world of reproduction and everything it entailed....more

I respect what you have done with your family. If you can provide for them in every way. Even ...more

When Lives Collide

 There are many times when I forget myself, when I fall back into a time without babies, a time of movement, and freedom, and fluidity.  A time of trains, and subways, and coffee shops.  Days of waking up at 10 a.m....more

Carpet Stains of Doom

I have a raging headache right now.  The cause?  The carpet cleaner I used this afternoon.  I can hardly focus - my head, it pounds.  You know what I am going to do in the next few days, though?I'm going to buy two more bottles of carpet cleaner and finish the job.  That's how good this stuff is.  See for yourself. ...more

Please Don't Ask Me How it Feels to be an "Empty-Nester"

Maybe I'd feel better if the question everyone's been asking me lately was, "How does it feel to be a $2 million lottery winner?" or  "How does it feel to be the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model?"...more

An Ice Chest and an 18 month old

This week I have specifically commited myself to blog about drownings, due to the one fact that it happens quite frequently and by using common sense and vigilance, most drownings should never have occured.  This next tragedy took place in September of 2008, and is by far one of the most disturbing instances of a drowning I have ever read about.  When we think about these accidents, we assume they take place in large bodies of water, such as lakes, swimming pools, the ocean and rivers.  But every now and then the headlines in our morning paper take us directly into the family...more

Letting Go

 One of the most touching attributes of toddlers is how quickly they let go of anger.  They are intense in happiness and intense in sadness or frustration, but quick to change from one to the other.  This shows how fleeting our actual emotions, even in our adult lives, are.So many people hold intellectual grudges.  Sisters don't talk for years.  Children separate themselves from their parents.  Phone numbers are changed, hostilities exchanged at family holidays.  Friends disappear.  Connections are lost.  And for what?Granted, the...more