It's a journey, man....

Last year I posted a Facebook status that said, “What I learned this year.” I received a lot of responses that were funny, insightful and telling. I sprinkled in my own nuggets from the year within the list of snarky and sarcastic (which seems to be my trademark style). This year I thought I’d make my list a blog post and let the readers comment at will again....more

New Year's Resolutions- Made to be Broken?

always thought that New Year’s resolutions were made to be broken and so I always half-heartedly made them and then broke them. These days, I still think that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken- well, most of them are, anyway. With the most difficult year of my life drawing to an end, it doesn’t seem right not to have learnt anything from it or to simply move into the next year without even considering things that I can change, being who I am now. So I’m dividing my resolutions....more

Holiday Intensity

 Christmas is for the memories.  Christmas is for the anticipation.  Christmas, at least when you're the parent of two year olds, is not for the day, itself.On Christmas Eve, I excitedly brought down my horribly wrapped presents and placed them carefully under the tree in the most eye-pleasing manner I could manage.  I stepped back to view my work, envisioning the happy day that was surely awaiting us. ...more

The Border Between Babyhood and Childhood: An Amazing Place

I have decided that I would like my twins to stay four years old forever. I have yet to figure out to whom I make this request, but I am working on it. I am not asking for them to stay small for life. I would just like time to stand still for a couple more years. I don't think that is an irrational request. With seven and a half years of parenting experience under my belt, I have come to the conclusion that four years old is the age of pure perfection....more

The Santa Concept

 Christmas has been so hectic.  Dragging babies across the country, presents, presents, different foods, different people, presents, a massive snow storm, and, well, presents. It's amazing how quickly the girls took to the idea of Santa.  We hadn't prepared them for it throughout the season.  We mentioned Chr...more

Boxer Day or Boxing Day?

This holiday season, there is a battle raging on the internet, and it has nothing to do with Julian Assange against all the governments on earth.  Instead, it's a dog fight with so many pawns & paws, you don't know quite on whom to put your money....more

Mama's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird

Today's Reverb10 prompt is "Everything's OK" -December 24 Prompt – Everything’s OK What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?Family blog and all, but if your family is reading over your shoulder and involved in certain myths of the season, you might choose to read this later. Just sayin'....more

Dear Santa: A Parent's Un-wish List

Dear Santa, Some time in the next few days, you will receive a letter detailing an extensive list of wishes from my children. Before acting on it in any manner, please carefully consider my preemptive list of un-wishes. ...more

My son received the game Battleship for Christmas. I've already lost count of how many of those ...more

My Rights as a Mom

Rights are found everywhere; human rights, civil rights, animal rights, child rights, patient rights, criminal rights... but what about Mommy Rights? I actually googled 'Mom rights' before starting this article (see, I do research for my blog), and the only thing that really came up were rights that single moms had. There are 'parental rights' out there, but they are more for making sure the kids are taken care of and what happens if they aren't....more

Think About What You Say

 After two intense weeks of tantrums, screaming, flopping, crying and whining, my kids have finally had a language breakthrough.  For the past four days or so, they have not only been pointing at objects and telling me what they are, but they have been connecting abstract ideas together, using adjectives and nouns to specify their meaning, and using verbs and nouns to create basic sentences and to tell me what they are doing.They've got the command down pat."Look, mama.""Dance with me, mama.""Wait for me.""Help mama clean up."It's ha...more

I expect how you say it will be the next big linguistic breakthrough for them!

Amazing how we ...more