The Common Denominator

 What do teachers and students have in common?  They're all people.  Too often, this similarity is overlooked if not entirely forgotten.  Teachers good and bad fall into their roles, and students, often with some resistance, follow suit.  Ignoring humanity in our school systems does no one any favors, and it only gets worse as the government focuses on test scores and statistics instead of on students.As I considered who to highlight here, the choices seemed endless.  I could choose the tech teacher, who let me come to class late if I brought him coffee...more

On Fire

This morning I was on fire on the treadmill.  These poor shoes and my feet got a workout for sure.  I did a 5K this morning!  I'm pretty pumped I can tell ya!  With the Weight Watchers a...more

A Piece of Plastic Makes Injections Easier & Less Painful

There is also a device called the V.A.D. that I've heard of and it does about the same thing. ...more

As Twins Grow Up

My girls are identical twins.  I have kept them on the same schedule since birth.  They sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, watch TV at the same time, play at the same time.  Everything is the same.  They even play on the same playground toys at the same time....more

I Will Die on Every Hill

The moment you start fighting with a toddler, you have already lost.  Everyone loses, but the parent especially.  The main problem is that a toddler will treat every minor infraction with the same amount of vigor.  It doesn't matter if they have just broken their leg or if you gave them cheerios in the wrong bowl.  When your toddler has the fighting spirit, nothing can stop them.  So the question is, how hard should we try?  Read More:...more

The Hanging Carrot

 Packing up, leaving the house in a cluttered disarray of wrapping paper and toy pieces, and hurrying off to the airport at 8 a.m....more

Moment of the Week - 20

A Christmas breakfast sing-a-long.  We're taking it on the road, so look for tickets in 2011.  Hah. Cute video....more

Toddler Tricks - 20

Ways to Trick Your Baby:Problem:  You have something important to do in a timely fashion.  You'll quickly find that nothing turns normally self-entertained, quiet babies or toddlers into snivelling, whiny, needy messes than the knowledge that their mommy or daddy might actually have something to do that doesn't involve them.Solution:  Tread softly.  Let nothing in your attitude or demeanor betray that you might have something important to do.  Try not to let your impatience show as you set them up with a toy or game or even the television.  Stay...more

A New Year

New Year's Eve has always been a disappointment in my life.  I'm not sure if that's because it's coming after the enormity that is Christmas, or if the expectations of the night are just too high....more