My Childs 'Twerking' Role Model

Since the uproar of the 'Twerking' done so infamously by Miley Cyrus, it got me thinking who will my son have as a role model? Now granted he is a mere 4 months old, but seriously, look at who we consider role models these days! What happened to the days of having Batman (still not the best because of the violence ... but at least he isn't 'twerking'), or Princess Diana as a role model....more

My Kid's Got the Kindergarten Blues

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My son started Kindergarten last week and he cries every day when I drop him off. The teachers say he does okay after I leave, but it's killing me to see him so sad every morning. I thought it'd be done by now, but he's still freaking out. Advice? Signed,Heartbroken Mom ______________________ ...more

I hope you're uncomfortable

To my future children, and the currently growing up generation of kids and teenagers, Welcome....more

DIY Button Rings With Your Kids

Make time for kids! ...more

Motherhood For Me Ain't Been No Crystal Stair

For many of us, the second Sunday in May is a source of pain and suffering. Between the run up to Mother's Day and the 24-hour span that constitutes Mother's Day, many of us smile through the pain that we endure....more

Kindergarten Kids - Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Problem: ...more

Happy Birthday, Little Guy

He is asleep now, but when he wakes up, he will be 5.  Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy....more

You Are The Change You Were Waiting For

It is fantastic to come up with ideas to make your children's school district a better place by participating in planning meetings and coming up with solutions. In August each year for the past several years, Lower Merion Township School District has a meeting to  discuss cultural proficiency and look for ways to build a more culturally proficient school district. Each school in the district is represented at the table....more

Birch Birds and Masticating Boats

We’re in New Hampshire. I packed for summer. You know, shorts, bathing suits...for hot weather. It’s freezing. Gale winds. Whistling around the corners of this cute little cottage, a prelude to some freak summer nor'easter. It’s August. ...more

My Migraine Story