Father To The Fatherless

 “But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.”-Psalms 10:14...more

Because The Partridge Family Needed Me

Have you ever listened to your child as they asked a question that was completely off the wall, rolled your eyes and then proceeded to respond in a way that made even you cringe when you later thought back about your reaction?  I may have done this once or twice when my kids were young and I could just kick myself for it now.  Kids can come up with some crazy ideas when they are little but their hearts and their minds were so full of excitement and wonder and they want to share everything with us – for a time.  I wasn’t always good about stopping to pay attention each time but I did try. ...more

Tough Love

Lately, it feels like my husband and I have been negotiating with Red to get him to cooperate. "If you eat all your dinner, we will give you a piece of chocolate," or "If you continue to yell at your brother, we will take away your car" (the Cozy Coupe). Just yesterday, we actually took away the Cozy Coupe for 5 minutes (but, feels like eternity to Red!) after he grunted and yelled at Blondie yet again for getting too close to the car. That started an epic meltdown, which I never like to see. Red screamed, dropped to the floor, and cried. Consequently, Blondie started crying....more

Are Childhood Allergies Linked to Chronic Ear Infections?

My four year old started his first year of preschool last fall. We were at the doctor every 3-4 weeks with either an ear infection or strep throat. If it wasn't one, it was the other. Often times, he had both at the same time. Initially, I attributed his chronic ear infections and strep to the fact that he was in his first year of preschool. At one point, his doctor said to me, "If he continues to get ear infections, we may need to refer him to an ENT for further evaluation." That made my heart sink - I really didn't want to resort to putting tubes in my otherwise healthy child....more

When the roles reverse...

On this lazy Summer morning, I awoke with a start noticing that the su8n was streaming just a little too brightly through the windows...more

30 character traits I wish for my daughters

When I started my blog almost a year ago (whaaaa?!), I wrote down an idea for a post I wanted to do, but am just now getting around to it....more

Manic Mama

Manic mama? That's pretty much how I feel these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dangerous, just insanely busy with this thing called Life....more

My 7 different things about being a SAHM after having been a Work All Day mom.

A list of things I have found to be monumentally different about me and my kids now that I have left my job in Peru and come to Asia to raise my kids.About myself:1. As a working mom, I was fashionableNow all my clothes revolve around how easily I can breastfeed2. My hair looked good and properly coloredNow I have five inches of dark roots and no interesting shape3. I used to use a purse ...more