Free Kid's Printable Clean-up "Game"

// ...more

Moment of the Week - Halloween

The girls had a great Halloween, this year. Here are some of the pictures!   ...more

Types Of Mommies- 1

Make time for kids!“My mother seems to have taken over the CBI. She acts skeptical all the time. She’s been constantly interrogating me.”...more

8 Things I Learned From Kids (& Being One)

8 Things I Learned From Kids (& Being One)...more

Pumpkins, Corn and Smiles

 To me, one of the greatest joys of being a Mom so far is watching my child explore and experience things for the first time. Today was one of those days. We went to the 'pumpkin patch and corn maze'. We went last year, and he enjoyed himself. But he was still a little young to appreciate it all....more

No Means No

My twins are only five years old, but that doesn’t mean I’m in any way smarter than they are. In fact, most days, it feels like quite the opposite.See, I’m not so good at the “because I said so” line. I always hated it when I was a kid, and I went into this whole mom thing having made the conscious decision that I was never going to do that to my children.I was wrong.I was so wrong....more


Recently someone I love very much disappointed me. This of course is a given. If you ever have a relationship with anyone at some point they will disappoint you and make you angry.This does not mean they don’t love you, it means they are human. In my disappointment I try to remember that I too have disappointed people.  I didn’t set out to hurt the ones I love and neither did my loved one....more

My child got injured in school – what should I do?

Being a parent is really tough work. There are lots of things that you have to worry about constantly and there is no break to help you keep going. It is a 24/7 activity that will occupy most of your attention. Even when you send your kid away to an educational institution, like a school, you, as a mother, will be worried about your kid’s safety because you know that children can be a bit clumsy and irresponsible and that some injury may befall them while they are not near you. When a child gets injured at school, there are certain things that a mother can do....more

What am I missing?

When did this happen? This morning, I called my son closer in order to correct some inappropriate behaviour, and I ended up totally amazed. At ten years old, he is almost as tall as I am with my shoes off!...more
The surprise almost made me forget what I was going to scold him about. Afterwards, I turned to ...more

Kindergarten Kids - Put Emphasis in the Right Place