5 pieces of advice all parents should follow

Part of the territory that comes with being a parent is receiving loads and loads of advice. ...more

How to Dress Your Child Like a Kardashian

If the Kardashians know two things best, it’s fashion and babies. With Kourtney’s third child on the way, I can’t wait to see what he or she will be wearing.Today, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, Kardashian Kids, which is sold at Babies “R” Us nationwide, announced that it is launching a toddlers collection on September 19th.After hearing the news, I had to check out the existing children’s collection! I learned that it is both adorable and affordable.As for my top picks:All photos are courtesy of Babies “R” Us and Kardashian Kids...more

Can You Scold Another Mother's Child?

Original Post: http://thepinterestedparent.com/2014/09/17/can-you-scold-an-other-mothers-child/Being a first time mom at 38, I was the last in my line of my friends to have a child. I had a difficult time relating with all of these friends when I was childless. There were many things I just did not understand....more

You Asked For It!

I'm telling you, right from the start, this post is gross.  It is the nastiest thing I ever wrote and it's not for the weak-of-stomach. I wouldn't have written it at all except you asked for it!Last night I posted this on my Facebook page: ...more

Why parents aren't teaching their kids responsibility

Surely you have seen this before. ...more

I Had a Plan-I Wanted a Girl

I Had a Plan-I Wanted a GirlPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2014...more

Child Labor Day

DanaBowman @momsieblog.com...more

5 Reasons Why Being Sexually Abused as a Child can Change You as a Parent

5 Reasons Why Being Sexually Abused as a Child can Change you as a Parent.08/22/2014...more

Father is actually the mother, and mother is actually the father?

I just read an article about a transgender couple who gave birth to two children, and that the father is actually the birth mother and the mother is actually the birth father.  The transgender couple still have their original sex organs because they cannot afford reconstructive surgery.  The couple plan to tell the children when they are older. ...more

6 Assumptions NOT to Make About the Child-Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child-free men and women out there, so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me....more
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