Kids Coping With Death-Loss: Year-round Support Groups - Boston

The Souper   Jeff's Place: Year-round support groups in Metro-Boston for kids coping with death-loss. Summer Camp Week affiliated with The Manitou Experience. Join Facebook for Jeff's Place to learn more and share this link with others. Jeff's Place Grief support 4 kids coping with death-loss....more

Bringing up Baby: Tips for Raising "Good People"

A Parent's Worst Fear Aside from the all-consuming desire to keep my kids safe from any number of terrible tragedies that I can imagine in my mind's eye, my biggest fear as a parent is that my Darling Boys will grow up and do something horrible and violent. Think about the news stories you hear about on TV or read about in magazines involving wayward, outcast, or misfit teens that bring guns to school or the ill-adjusted, irrational men who shoot their former colleagues after losing a job. It's almost always males who commit such crimes. Why this is I don't know. Nonetheless, this image scares me. ...more

I'm a Bad Mom ... to my Dog!

Every mom I know worries about whether she is doing a good enough job raising her children....more

Do You Really Need One? California For-Profit Hospitals Are Performing More C-Sections

For-profit hospitals across the state of California are performing Cesarean sections at higher rates than nonprofit hospitals, a California Watch analysis has found. A database compiled from state birthing records revealed that, all factors considered, women are at least 17 percent more likely to have a Cesarean section at a for-profit hospital than at one that operates as a non-profit. A surgical birth can bring in twice the revenue of a vaginal delivery. ...more

Ok, since when are LA County and Riverside County essentially the same population? The hospitals ...more

How to Score a Free Balloon

   I have long said that any tantrum thrown in a supermarket is well-deserved.  The grocery stores are asking for it with their pretty displays of shiny plastic things glittering down every aisle a parent turns. The employees and other patrons of the place must simply be collateral damage in their eyes.  As if it is not hard enough to strap a child or two into their strange-looking carts and keep them calm during an entire hour of checking the ripeness of melons and the expiration date of hamburger, the advertising committee thought it would be a g...more

Moment of the Week - 4

My babies sing and dance to TMBG.  And they’re on key!...more

Toddler Tricks - 4

 Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  My toddlers love to "help" me do chores.  They especially love to help me cook.  With a hot stove, bubbling oil, or a burning oven broiling, this can be really dangerous.Solution:  Give your kid something related to cooking that's safe.  Let them play with it, figure it out, and then have them hand it to you at a safe moment.  Discovering every aspect of the new object will keep them occupied while you flip the french fries, put the roast in, or boil the water. ...more

Tricks of the Trade

 One of the greatest joys of toddlerhood is their ability to see each fraction of each activity with new eyes and no preconceptions.  The innocence a toddler applies to every experience makes each part of that experience special and unique and just as important as every other part.  This can be a huge asset to a savvy parent.Once, long ago, when the babies and I first went to the mall, I came up with a little game we could play on the ramps on the way to the Playland.  As we approached a ramp, I would look at the kids - one holding each hand&n...more


My house, one Thursday night, after putting the babies to sleep.  I'm sharing a bottle of wine with my husband when an internet article by a woman who does not know me assaults my way of life.  Polly Vernon begins her article for Marie Claire by essentially complaining that she has more work to do because a fellow coworker is out on maternity leave.  I understand where she is coming from when she says she bristled and acted in defense when some&nb...more

Parent Your Kid

 Have you ever stared down an 18 month old that you've never seen before in your life?  We went to the mall again this weekend.  Playland on a Sunday afternoon; every parent's worst nightmare.The babies were playing on the slide. ...more