An open letter to parents and coaches: You are under surveillance

Related to my somewhat recent post about mothering in front of one's mother, while at several different kid sporting events today, I had occasion to reflect on something similar. It's not just my mother who is watching me. My kids are laser focused on me while I'm at their sporting events. And not just me, but every other parent there, and particularly parent-shaped coaches (my kids are young enough that all their coaches are parents of a player on their teams.)...more

Fall Festival Fun

I love fall. There’s just something about the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing, and the approach of Thanksgiving that will lift a weight off one’s shoulders from a too busy schedule, and it reminds us to slow down. It reminds us to remember the moments that pass us, take mental pictures of events that fly by too fast, and to sit back and enjoy this life that we have, despite obstacles it may contain....more

Little Artists Making A Difference & Some (Literal) Change

Kids are amazing. The way that they view and approach life never ceases to amaze me. That's why the story of Aidan touches my heart. Aidan is a five-year-old boy recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. To help combat medical costs, Aidan, with the help of his parents, is selling his artwork online. ...more

Moment of the Week - 10

Memories from the beach: ...more

Toddler Tricks - 10

Ways to Trick Your Baby:Problem:  Baby is growing up and doesn't want to drink out of a sippy cup when she sees her parents using mugs and glasses.  But she, of course, can't use a mug or a glass because she will most definitely drop it on the hard tile of the kitchen and smash it to bits.Solution:  To give baby a break from her tired old sippy, you can use little dixie cups for a treat every once in a while.  We use plastic ones.  They last longer, and there is no chance of the bottom falling out. ...more

The Purple Dress

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.A little girl, with a cheap-ass father.Realistically, I don't actually know that this is true. It's true in the sense that it's how I remember my childhood. Anything I really wanted was too expensive, and a "suitable" replacement was found at the local dollar store. I was the poorly dressed, sloppy child, with out the confidence to wear it well.In today's terms, you would say I was a victim of bullying. Although, in the past twenty years, I really haven't looked back at that. I like to think I'm truly fabulous....more

Thank you for sharing it.more

Lasting Impression

Last week, my husband and I gave in and bought the babies a pair of bicycles.  For months prior, every place we saw a bike became a 20-minute rest stop for us."Bike!" they'd say.  "Bike!  Mine!  My bike!...more

Should I Feel Old at 40++? (Do you?)

The reality of being 40+++  is every where.  And even at times when you don't think you are nowhere near old, you feel old, just because of society telling you, you are. Well are we really old at 40+++ ???  Should I feel old at 40++?Read more of my latest entry at