Conversation Stopper

"Hi!  Have I cut your hair before?""No.  This is my first time here.""Oh, okay.  So, where do you work?""I don't.  I'm a stay at home mom."...That's right.  It's a conversation stopper.  I can't imagine what effect it would have had on a woman whose dream in life was to become a stay at home mom.  I think it would be even more insulting than it was to me, a woman who questions her choice weekly.  I know, in my case, it caused worry and self-doubt.  I wondered, yet again, if I was doing the right thing ...more

On Choice, in Honor of Election Day

My older twin, Dulce, wants the brown hat.  No, now she wants the pink hat.  Now she wants no hat, but she definitely wants a coat - the green coat.  No, not the green coat, but the polka-dotted coat with buttons.  We make similar personal choices everyday as adults.  We don't think about them anymore because choosing is our right and our habit - so that when I matched my black top to my jeans and heels, the clothing choices didn't register in my mind.  When I ordered my Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, the hundreds of other drink...more

When no one understands your kid in school...

Moving beyond the labels and achieving great things is a big dream for children with learning difficulties....more


Around a year of age, your child will probably choose what's known in parenting circles as a lovey.  My children chose theirs carefully at 14 months.  At first, Dulce tried to make a hot pink plastic watering can her lovey, but it just wasn't cuddly enough.  She settled on a pink blanket.  Natalina took to a bear with which the twins had shared their infancy. ...more

Busted: I’m a Nuk Sucker

Busted: I’m a Nuk Sucker 11-2-2010 “You know that is for the baby right?” The Schwan’s man throws this causal comment my way as I prepare to put Darren down for the night at my parents place. I don’t even have to turn to know what he is talking about. Pretty sure Darren’s nuk is residing in my mouth at the moment. And yes, I am casually sucking it as I flip the lights off. How embarrassing. The sad thing is it happens all the time. I mean, I suck on Darren’s nuk all the time, but strangers usually don’t see this habit....more

My daughter throws her binki as far as she can and then cries desperately because she wants it. ...more

Those Who Don't Know

On Saturday, I was at a hair salon for the first time in a long time.  A little boy came in.  He must have been about three.  He walked in with his mom, a frazzled-looking woman holding a big soft drink cup - I assume a reward for the haircut.  He was cute.  He was smiling.  He was lovely. His mother sat him up on the high salon chair.  Immediate chaos."No, mommy.  No, mommy!  Down.  Please, down, mommy, please down!  Down!"My heart broke.  I was almost in tears for this little boy who was obv...more

I L-O-V-E this post. I totally have been that woman. In fact, my husband and I have gone ...more

Parents - Do You

It's 7 a.m.; your newborn is crying.  Time for a morning feed, then you may as well get up for the day.  Struggle to get the pot on the boil, rub your eyes, and start getting breakfast ready.It's 7 a.m.; your alarm goes off, blasting you out of bed.  It's just as well; you heard your baby stirring anyway.  Stumble into the nursery, change baby and get him milk, toss on your business wear, kiss baby goodbye, brush your hair in the car, and get to work 10 minutes late, anyway....more

Thank you, Patty.

You have no idea how much your comment means to me.more

Moment of the Week - 11

My babies know who to call, do you?  Rocking out to Ghostbusters Theme.  Why?  Because they are awesome. Cutest Halloween ever....more

In Defense of Childless “Mothers”

A recent blog entry caused a bit of a stir among readers. In the entry, I confess that a friendship ended because my friend’s children were impossible for me to be around. Some of the comments in response to the entry were quite critical of me. Some expressed solidarity with the “I can’t stand your kids” sentiment. But most of the responses, either way, expressed the unfortunate and often wrong perception that if a woman does not have a child, she just doesn’t understand what it takes to parent one—or what it’s like to parent one....more

Toddler Tricks - 11

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Once your baby sees her Halloween costume, she's not going to want to wear anything else.  Ever.  You don't want her to eat or sleep in it; you don't want parts lost or stained.  But it will be very difficult to save the costume for Halloween, itself.  Especially if your child goes to daycare or preschool.  They probably have already worn it at some party or parade. ...more