Getting a "Grip"

Well, Rachel's meeting is in 2 days -- Monday morning.  This is the first meeting I'm attending since each of the twins were officially placed in their respective programs last December.  For Rachel's meeting 10.5 months ago, I was terrified, but prepared.  We knew where she was, what she needed and everything went pretty much exactly as predicted.  And from that point forward, things have gone so well for her.  But has it gone too well? ...more

Is my title "Mom" or is it "Selfish, Guilt-Ridden Crab?"

I watched a movie today called Motherhood.  Wow!  I’m not in New York City as Uma Thurman’s character was set, but I sure do understand how she feels.  She’s got so many things on her list that needs to be done that day and the movie takes you through her pressure of accomplishing those items to be checked off.  In the meantime, there’s just one thing she wants to do for herself that she continues to try to get to, but she just can’t seem to get the cooperation from her husband, the support from her friends, or the quiet time to let her mind become removed from the ...more

This is exactly how I feel with my 3 kids and husband, almost everyday! Thanks so much for ...more


Pleasures and hapiness in life can be counted since at times they come so far and few in between…I make no apologies with the ability I have developed in seeing what is right in front of me… life is filled with pressure… everyday new problems, new situations, that at times can leave us overwhelmed… but it is right then when I try to change the flow and look for those things that fill me up with happiness… the appreciation of certain pleasures is my anchor to humanity… the way I mend my soul… this is not selfishness but an obligation… to follow some of my daily bliss… ...more

Another day of gray

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt it. My body was a million pounds heavier, my eyes seemed too many days sleep deprived, and yet I knew it was all a lie. When depression hits, I've felt it's burden so many times that I knew what I had to do....more

Toddler Tricks - 9

 Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Your baby likes to get up with the sun!  She's happy to start a new day as soon as possible.  She didn't stay up all night writing blogs and cleaning, no!  She's well rested and ready to go at the crack of dawn.  But you may not be.  She's also hungry.  It's been a long ten hours, and she's ready for breakfast.Solution:  Leave some strategically-placed unbreakable bowls of cereal out for them, so that they can find and reach them in the morning for a pre-breakfast snack....more

Get Rid of It

I have a hard time believing my children are growing up.  They're starting to speak now, and every time I'm shocked because I feel like I should still be burping them and putting them down for two naps.  They're pulling off expertly choreographed twirls, and I'm worried I should still be holding their hands up the stairs.  And where did their newborn onesies go? Time flies.As kids grow, they grow out of things.  Objects that were once a part of everyday life soon become obsolete items, crowding your house - an odd sort of decoration.  But I do...more

Can I Tuck You In?

Live with Flair! night, a dear friend of mine agrees to visit my children around bedtime to read stories and "tuck them in."  It's so whimsical and comforting:  a loving friend stops by, has a bedtime snack with you, reads you your favorite book, says bedtime prayers, and leaves you sleeping soundly by 8:30 PM.  That's a great tuck-in. ...more

Hands-On CPR (not for kids)

With summer in the rear view mirror, and winter ahead of us, please remember to keep your attention on your children, where water is present.  It would seem to make sense that with the change in the weather, it is less than likely for a child to find their way to an open body of water.  However, as we may not be spending time playing in the backyard swimming pool, there are still temptations out there, and if anything, as parents we tend to put our guard down this during the winter months....more

The Art of Leaving

Timing is everything.  It's always a challenge leaving a fun place with toddlers, but you can't let that keep you from taking them places (although I'd like to just stay home using that as an excuse).  One of the ways to successfully leave is to follow your toddlers' lead.  This requires a lot of time and flexibility, but sometimes it can be pulled off flawlessly.First, you have to wait until your children just barely start to get bored.  When the pauses between activities become just a little longer than they were, start subtley packing up.  If your kids ar...more

Sit Back and Relax

Yesterday it happened again…I had the day off and filled it with a whole list of “To-Do’s”. Instead of actually taking the day off to relax and take advantage of an empty house, I ended up more exhausted than I would have been on an actual work day. But I had it all planned out. I was going to take my oldest son to the doctor at 8am, drop him off at school at 9am, go home and have breakfast, lounge on the couch catching up with Dexter, Mad Men, and whatever else was On Demand, maybe do a load or two of laundry, and take a much-needed nap....more