Don't Show or Tell

 There is no sometimes for a toddler.  Conditions are too abstract a concept for them.  Adults seem to forget that to see something new for one moment, and to stand five feet away from it and ooh and ahh and otherwise behave appropriately is too much for a two year old.  In my house, we solve this by never showing them anything that we think they might like if we cannot give it to them 100 percent.  People who do not have two year olds cannot understand.  We just look mean.  But, really, we are being kind.Parents of toddlers mus...more


Robert Schimmel, 60, comedian and frequent guest of Howard Stern and Conan O’Brien, died in a Phoenix hospital last night after suffering serious injuries in a car accident.  ...more


Given my own family and personal history, I confess that I often focus on women’s cancers.  An email from a customer last year prompted me to take a closer look at children’s cancers and National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I’ve always been slightly shattered by my conversations with mothers of young girls confronting cancer and in ...more

Millions of people are benefiting from new consumer rights today! Here's a great link to a blog ...more

The water balloon experiment

As we know, children are very hands-on people, and like to have visuals to get the most out of learning, so I bring you an experiement that you can share with your children when it comes to how our bodies work in the water.  This experiment is effective in helping young children get over their fear of believing that they will sink to the bottom of a pool, etc... if they are let go of in the water, or don't have a flotation device....more

Potty Choices - A Bad Review

I am currently soaking two potties in my bathtub with bleach.  Usually they look like this: Today, they look like this: And I can’t think of a better time to go over w...more

Confessions of a Teenaged Bitch

I have this friend -- we'll call her "Lisa" -- who has a teenaged son. She told me the teenaged-ness had come on very suddenly, and she was, in a word, maddened by the shift from a child with whom she'd previously had a mindmeld relationship to one whom she barely recognized. ...more

I have a 14 year old daughter. One of the moms said to me one day, "At this stage, you really ...more

Risk Management: Tips for Preventing Choking and What to Do if Someone is Choking

Bed Diving "OK, so Brother can go down head first." That was our first clue we should check to see what the Darling Boys were doing in their room....more

Fitness: Are You Sitting Yourself To Death?

What are you doing right now? Aside from reading this post, you are most likely sitting somewhere. On your couch? At your desk? In a chair? Wherever you find yourself sitting, I'm sure that it won't come as a surprise to you that sitting isn't good for your health. But did you know that it is so bad for your health that it could be taking years off of your life? It's true. ...more

Keep up the great work! These are all great suggestions. CIBC is doing the annual Canadian ...more

Toddler Logic

As my twins and I got ready to walk to the library, I handed them each a hat. As I handed Dulce her hat, I realized that it was slightly smaller than Natalina’s hat, but it was the only one left within arm’s reach, and I wanted to get going as soon as possible, so I put it on her head and off we went. This was a mistake.  As we started down the first stretch of road, Dulce started fiddling with her hat. It was too small for her liking. She noticed that it didn’t cover her ears, whereas Natalina’s hat did....more

Children's fears when learning to swim

Over the past fifteen years that I have taught children to swim, there have been three constant fears that children have shared with me with trepidation. You see, they are not only afraid that these fears will prove true, but feel moreso, speaking them out loud....more