Where the Heck is the Tape?

I am the worst wrapper in the history of present wrapping.  I always start out with such good intentions.  I'm going to cut my lines straight and even.  I'm going to line the corners up and crease my folds.  I'm going to use very little tape so that you can't even see it.  I'm going to put ribbons and bows on every present.  They are going to be beautiful.These ideals last only until I lose the scissors the first time, which is to say, the first time I put them down.  They're scissors.  They're big and heavy and bright red.  How did I los...more

Well, I heartily thank you both for your support in my wrapping-challenged life! I figure I'll ...more

Third Time is the Charm

A few months ago, I defended my decision to stop potty training by saying that quitting and failing are not the same thing.  Turns out, I was right.We are now on day five of potty training, for the third time.  At 17 months, my kids did not even understand what the potty was.  They pushed them around as toys and tried to take them apart and put them back together like puzzles.  At 24 months, they understood that mommy would like the...more

It's a Process...

  If there's one thing I've learned from this whole selling our house saga, it's that our realtor, Suzanne Gallup, was absolutely correct when she said that it's a process. When Jim and I first talked about selling our home I was heartbroken. This was a house we bought after seven months of marriage, the house we came to as newlyweds on August 20, 1983....more

You know, Karinya - I almost took that "schmaltzy" line out - thanks!more

An Early Christmas Gift for a Stay at Home Mom

The diner was well lit and cheery.  The orange tiles reminded me of my own childhood days and delighted the babies as they scampered about.  The outside wall was lined with windows at baby height, so that as we struggled to get from the parking lot inside, the babies falsely thought we'd made it before we reached the door."Uh, oh!" they said, tapping on the windows.  "Locked, locked.  Key!  Ope!  Ope door!"...more

and a gift for them. Sounds like your babies brought smiles to others that night. :)

I had ...more

Children, Learning and E-books: Why the Controversy?

From EmpowHER.com www.empowHER.com Yesterday I learned that buying children e-books or e-readers is a hot topic. As in, a really hot topic. Many people are very (very!) against them and blogs are filled with reasons why they are so bad for kids. Meanwhile, as I learn of this controversy, my 5-year-old’s e-book is hidden upstairs until she gets to open it for Christmas. I’m thinking about the debate – who knew?!...more

Your points about what makes physical books great for children are great! Kids definitely seem ...more

Moment of the Week - 17

Is there anything cuter than reading babies? ...more

School Fundraising Not Fair to Households with Multiple Children

School is now back in full force. I can always tell that by the Fundraiser packets that come home in September. I have three kids, all 17 months apart, in grade 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, so I receive 3 fundraiser packets and all three want the prizes for selling the most products....more

My main problems with those kinds of school fundraising incentives are that they make children ...more

Day Dreaming! Wake Up! Watch the Traffic!

Lately, Cece, Yun and a few friends are talking about the issues of a child’s  psychological safety during their tender growing years.  It is disheartening to witness, directly or indirectly, h...more

Toddler Tricks - 17

Ways you can trick your baby: Problem:  Naptime disappears in the blink of an eye, and all those things you were going to get done are somehow still looming on your to-do list.  But now you have spritely toddlers in the way, bent on nothing but stopping you from doing your duties. Solution:  I already showed you some toddler-friendly chores.  But what about craft time?  As your kids get older, they might enjoy helping you guss...more

Shh - This is the Library!

I have a proposed change for the library.  Move the kids’ corner.  It needs to be near the door - right next to the door, in fact.  Is there any good reason why the kids’ section is always in some far off corner toward the back?  I understand wanting to keep it as far from the real library as possible, but making toddlers walk through endless aisles of books and movies and manuever their way past kiosks and study desks just to get to the cardboard-paged picture books?  It seems counter-productive to me.Sure, it’s all smiles and giggles and “aren’t ...more