Six Peculiar Things That Kids Do

 When is the last time you reached you finger up your nose, picked out a big booger, and then smeared it all over the wall?  Or found yourself swimming in freezing cold water for fun? Have you recently found yourself laughing hysterically at the mere mention of the word poop and fart (ok, I will admit to this)?  Kids do a lot of strange things that leave us scratching our heads. ...more

I Am Not A Perfect Mother

Every day I wake up and either consciously or subconsciously say to myself, today I am going to be a great mom.  Today I will do everything right and everyone will be happy.Then I make a thousand small mistakes, and a few bigger ones.  Many days I go to bed wishing I had done better.  Another day has passed and I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be. ...more

A Week of Medieval Pestilence

Not to many weeks ago in the Sky Cloud household, we were treated to a week of medieval pestilence on a rather extraordinary scale. First came the nits, then the worms, then the pox, and then to top it all off, a nice friendly dose of Impetigo....more

I'm supposed to be the funny one

A few weeks ago at lunch, my coworker and I played a game of "we can guess your birth order" with the rest of our team. ...more

Valentine’s Day Eligibility Quiz

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My Child Won't Talk to Me: Conversations with My Son

This post orginally appeared on I have two children with very different personalities. ...more

Momma, Princesses do NOT wear blue jeans!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014...more
rushedmommy Well everybody knows that everything on the internet is true!!!more

Why We Need to Stop Circumcising Our Children


My Daughter Asks Why 'American Idol' Contestants Are Judged on Their Looks

On Saturday night I let the kids stay up a little later. We were all kind of lazy and didn't feel like playing a game so we thought we might watch a movie. But it was past 8:30 p.m. and too late to start a movie, so instead I decided to check out the DVR to see what we had waiting for us. ...more