Get Out of My Car and Into The House, Kid!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Whenever we arrive somewhere to play with friends, my son (nearly 6) refuses to come inside. It is quite embarrassing and awkward while the host tries to help. I have tried ignoring and simply saying that he can come in when he's ready, but he prefers to stay outside even if it's freezing cold. Then the host's children normally get involved and try to coax him in. ...more

Kids on the Plane!!

Two friends of mine were flying on medium length flights across North America today. One was on a full flight with a large amount of elementary school kids. The other was held up in an airport lounge on a delayed flight with several babies around. Both were having their nerves tested - including the friend with three kids of her own at home! It made me think of my own experiences with kids on planes....more

The Thoughtful Parent's Guide to Positive Parenting Guides

Whether you are an expectant parent, a new parent, or a seasoned parent, looking for a parenting book that resonates with your beliefs can be almost as overwhelming as parenting itself. The choices are practically endless when it comes to mainstream (read: punitive) parenting guides. In fact, if you go to the library or browse the shelves at Barnes & Noble or check out Amazon's best-sellers in the parenting genre, you will find a predominance of popular, punishment-based, obedience-focused parenting guides....more

Scientific Institute for the Study of the Existence of Physical Impossibilities in Regards to Children and Messes

Crop Circles, the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and Easter Island, are but a few of the world's phenomena which boggle our minds. How did they get there? What is their purpose? What do they mean? But these pale in comparison to the day-to-day anomalies, nay, scientific impossibilities, which I encounter on a regular basis (insert X-Files theme song here). ...more

Drugging Einstein

I haven't written in a while but last night I was telling Luke that Albert Einstein was dyslexic and yet he was one of the smartest people known and he came up with brilliant ideas. And then today I ran across this article and it seemed so fitting. So I wanted to share.... it definitely makes you wonder....more

Do Your Kids Know More Than You Do?

@SharonUleryRuggieri Oh, I think we're all saying the same thing, only we use different words or ...more

Zeal is Necessary, Be Zealous for Your Children

It is terrific to be zealous about something and to have your zeal rewarded with the outcome you desire. There are some people who spend a lot of time going off on crusades and run back and forth from cause to cause stirring up attention and action. There are other people who may only fight hard for one thing their entire lives, but everything those people have is put into the fight. When I worked as an attorney, I was required to zealously work to represent the interests of my clients....more

Drunk Love: Drinking Up My Kids

Having kids changes things. It forces you to think beyond yourself, beyond coffee, beyond 4:00 pm, beyond dinner, beyond bedtime. You are planning and praying and cooking and cleaning, and then the next day you just hit repeat with different color t-shirts and different vegetables. ...more
Enjoyed reading this! Beautifully written!more

Public High School Survival Guide for gifted students

How can gifted students get the most out of public high school? What does it take to create an inviting, supportive learning environment? Can a highly gifted student survive public school and feel confident, happy and socially engaged? Most public schools scramble to meet the educational needs of gifted individuals (see link for an example of necessary educational goals)....more

5 New Summer Reads for Preschoolers

Looking for books for an upcoming preschooler or kindergarten student? Here are five fun titles that were released since last summer. For more summer reads for kids, go to