A Letter to the Mother of My Stepdaughters

In the beginning when I came onto the scene, it was really hard. All of the sudden, not only did a new man come into my life, but two beautiful little blonde girls came with him. I was living in an apartment, single in my thirties, and independently successful. The girls were sweet at 5 and 7 years old, such unassuming ages that they welcomed me right away. ...more

Dear Everyone...Please Stop Telling Me To Cherish These Moments

There is nothing on earth I love more than my children.  These four little girls are the driving force behind every breath I take. They are also the reason I am on a heavy dose of Zoloft and have to dye my hair every six weeks.  Considering I have four young girls, including identical toddler twins, I tend to draw a crowd and a flurry of comments and advice from every stranger we pass. ...more

Another One Bites the Dusty

My first boyfriend and I lasted exactly five days. ...more

When Anxiety Strikes Your Fruit Bowl

I’m typically an easy going person. I try not to raise my voice above speaking level. I volunteer occasionally.  I’m tolerant and understanding. I am, for the most part, level-headed and kind. But every person has her breaking point and, well, mine was the stupid fruit bowl....more
danielledayney Denise  My advice has always been to post a combination of styles, on ...more

Wrightsville Beach, NC

We put our toes in the water and ass in the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina last month for the lowest key beach adventure in HISTORY! ...more


Two little girls, with freshly chlorinated hair and bare feet squished into laceless shoes, circled my husband and me on rust speckled pink and blue bicycles as we walked through the wet evening air to watch the full moon rise early over the Wando. ...more
Thank you for reading! Glad it touched a chord.more

Sometimes I Regret Becoming A Mother

I feel pretty shitty about it, if I’m being honest.“Mom.”“Mommy.”“Mama.”“MOMMY.”Me: “WHAT? JESUS GOD, MAX. WHAT.”Max: “I’m awake.”Me: ...Sunday morning. 4:54 am. Public Domain Image via Pixabay There is the smallest sliver of light blinding me through the gap between our blackout curtains, the only indication that morning is coming....more
I remember mornings when I woke up and wondered why, how? Or when I had post partum depression ...more

Dangerous Fairy Tale

BlogHer Writing Lab August 2016The theme for August’s NaBloPoMo is TALESWednesday, August 3, 2016 What do you think is the most dangerous fairy tale we tell kids?Fairy tales are meant to be fun. They are meant to delight. Some even carry lessons. I think the danger comes when we fail to point out to our children what is fantasy and what is reality....more

I'm In My 20s And I Know I Don't Want Kids

We’re never the same people at the end of a day that we were at the beginning. That’s simply just a fact of life — regardless of how uneventful your day-to-day life may seem, the little lessons and social interactions we have on a daily basis continue to fundamentally change us as people. This is no truer than in the “not a girl, not yet a woman” phase of your early 20s, as you struggle to define yourself as well as your impact on the world around you....more