Do Good for Kids

Do Good Today Help a great cause increase their donations just by searching the Net. Use today for your internet searches and Micro Greens Project will receive $.01 for every query!

Dear Overzealous Room Parent

Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of this, would like to state emphatically that I mean this woman no ill-will, I don't think she's a horrible person, I don't think room parents in general is a bad idea, etc. etc. I'm just annoyed. That's all. ...more

You've Got a Walker! Quick, Babyproof Everything!

It’s the moment you love and dread the most: the moment your precious baby goes from stationary to mobile. It’s a moment filled with joy and pride - maybe even a few tears.Yes, it’s a beautiful moment that just might immediately be followed by pure panic. Why? Because now, you can’t limit your baby to just what you want him or her to have. Now, everything within reach is fair game.It’s a first-time parent’s worst nightmare....more

I Don't Know How Mommy Bloggers Do It: Are They Neglecting Their Kids?

I really don't know how mommy bloggers do it.  They must be neglecting their kids.  I am a SAHM with one child in college and one who is a senior in high school.  My time should...more

Sweet Memories to Touch Your Heart -- Love Between Mom and Child

Sweet Memories:  I have a treasure box filled with little rocks my son picked up for me on the playground so many years ago. He did it even thought he knew he could be punished by the teacher (which he was from time to time, but he kept on doing it). Isn't love extraordinary?...more

The Ultimate Chicken Pox Survival Guide!

We’ve been blighted!! Chicken pox has struck Sprout’s House!! We awoke on Thursday morning to find that Sprout had a couple of red patches on her face....more

When your youngest turns 18...

"Let me see. If Adam is turning 18 today, and  I was X  when he was born. Then X  + 18 = my age now.""Really? I'm only X  + 18?"(Foolishly, I had been adding a year to that since my birthday in August. I'm not as old as I thought? ... I better double check my math.)"If this is 2014, and I was born in 19_ _; then 2000 - 19_ _ = _ _+ 14 = how old I will be in August. Not now. I've been saying I already was X  + 18 + 1!"...more

Jumping Jacks

There was a little girl who liked to play jacks. Playing jacks was the best. She could play by herself and have fun, or she could play with a friend or several friends. There were different variations of the game, continue reading ...more

Oh to be needed....

Once upon a time, I had time for myself.  Now, my toe nails need some love.  My hair is neglected.  I can’t take a shower without an audience. Proof that somebody needs me....more

No Child Should Go Hungry!

When I was a little girl I never knew that my mother was struggling to put food on the table. I didn't know how painful that must have been for her until I found myself in a similar circumstance several years ago....more